Monthly Archives: December 2018

Crunch Time is Almost Over

Hey guys, EBF5 has been updated to version 1.2 on Steam. This mostly includes bug fixes and user interface improvements. Check the game News page on Steam to see a full list of changes.

With that update out, I’m almost finished doing launch maintenance. I’m still going to see if I can change the saving system to avoid using Flash .sol files completely, since those have been causing some problems. But it looks like things are finally starting to calm down, and I may get to enjoy the holidays without needing to work too hard. Maybe I’ll even get a Nintendo Switch.

In other news, I’m still trying to make interesting posts on Patreon, and revealing some secret stuff that I’m not ready to post publicly yet. I’m thinking of changing my settings so that new patrons are charged immediately, instead of needing to wait until the start of the next month. This was a huge problem when people were trying to pre-order EBF5 on Patreon, and they weren’t being charged in time. This change will make it easier for me to do Kickstarter-style rewards, as it allows big one-off payments to be made right away. I’m not sure what kind of rewards I’ll do yet, but I am considering a “Wall of Patrons” in the Grand Gallery, where for a hefty price you can have your name immortalised in the game forever. I know some people like perks like that, and it would fit with the theme of that area.

Anyway, here’s some fanart by TorresJesus.

EBF5: Steam Beta

Hey guys, if you own EBF5 on Steam, you can opt into a new beta version, by going into:
Steam Client > EBF5 > Properties > Betas > Select Beta 1.2
I need to test some new features before setting them live.

Changes include:
• Added a new fullscreen mode, “Best Fit”. It stretches the game to your current resolution. Performance will be terrible if your resolution is very high, but it should work well on different aspect ratios.
• The “NPC maker” tool is now included in the installation files, you’ll have to open it with a Flashplayer.
• You can rename your summons in the summon menu. (English only)
• Fast Text option makes text appear instantly, and also speeds up the battle Victory screen.
• You can change quantity by 10 when buying or selling items.
• 3 more window sizes added.
• The game shouldn’t try to reset your resolution on exit, if you’re playing in windowed mode.
• On the slime loading screen, you can now right-click to access Flashplayer settings, which may help those struggling with the Flashplayer pop up.
• Beast Tamer medal is harder, must catch at least a Chomper.
• Fixed a major bug where you can get stuck in a wall after going through a teleporter.
• Fixed the bug where NPC quest dialogue would be in the wrong language.
• Minor bug fixes.
• Translations not updated yet, but will be soon.

Changes that should already effect all versions:
• All 102 medals should now appear on Steam. (I’ll translate these later!)
• Store page updated to show Spanish Spanish as supported.

And here’s some fanart by SnowyDot.

EBF5 Launch Update!

Hey guys, the Epic Battle Fantasy 5 launch has been an overwhelming success. And I mean it’s been really overwhelming. I’m stuck at the computer non-stop doing tech support and trying to make sure almost everyone can run the game correctly. There’s a lot of problems with my hacky implementation of Fullscreen, for example. Hopefully this will start calming down soon, and I’ll have more time to work on bug and translation fixes, and even some quality-of-life improvements.

Sales have been incredibly high so far. The discount coupons really helped remind everyone that I’m still alive and making games. Sure there’s a lot of problems, but only because a lot of people are playing. People love the game overall, but the occasional person is having tech issues. It looks like EBF5 will earn back it’s development costs pretty quickly, and I’m happy to start working on more content for the game once I’ve sorted out the launch issues, and had some time to rest. I’ve got a lot of fun ideas planned.

Thanks, everyone!
You’ve made this project worth doing.

I should also mention that EBF5 won’t be discounted in the Winter sale, in case you’re waiting for that. Also, here’s some launch fanart by Lost-Pyromaniac.