Fanart: Lino Cat

Hey guys, here’s a lino-cut I got for my birthday from a family member!

I’m not working much cause it’s the middle of summer and it’s super hot. I’m getting some gardening and relaxing done instead.

See ya.


14 thoughts on “Fanart: Lino Cat

  1. Connor

    Happy Birthday! I love your amiibos, I actually have that Isabelle one myself, and the art is really cute too!

  2. Asreal

    Hai.Happy birthday !
    I have a question about your characters if you don’t mind :sad:
    What’s each character’s sexual orientation? If you ever thought about it,and you probably did.I can guess Lance’s maybe,but what about the others?
    This question came from when I saw Natalie’s new limit break 7th Heaven,I mean it affected Anna too :smirk:
    Thanks for reading.


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