Bowls and Cats

My pottery classes are finished and here’s the final results. I didn’t quite manage to make a Zelda pot, but some of my bowls turned out okay. I guess I can use some of them for snacks.

I’m not very happy with the figures though. Making them bigger would have made them a lot easier to paint neatly (the tallest are about 2 inches). Also you really need some practice with the glazes to see how they turn out, as only the black came out as thick as I wanted.

I’d like to try using coloured clay at some point to make figures again. I think skipping the step of painting might lead to better results for me.

6 thoughts on “Bowls and Cats

  1. NancyC

    Hey, at least your glazes are all shiny. The last time I made something out of clay, I didn’t realize that some paint would come out shiny after the cooking process and others wouldn’t. I ended up with projects that had shiny patches of paint intermixed with plain, dull patches :bleh: . The figure that I really wanted to come out exploded in the cooking process. :scared:


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