33 thoughts on “EBF5: Cats Cutscene

  1. Pizza

    This isn’t exactly my favourite cutscene :ooo: , but I LOVE the cutscene art style so much. The leaf pile monsters are adorable in them. Also, I’m a guy, nobody is immune to cuteness…

  2. Azorius Gamer

    So will/can there be alternate cutscene pics depending on content-filter settings? Because it wouldn’t make sense to be able to censor gameplay content but not cutscene content.

      1. Unkn0wn

        roszak noo! :cry: i want those cats to :skull: bleed :evil: in that cutscene. :cry: but can you remove adultery, but not blood, from the cutscenes.

  3. Solomon M

    You know what they say, it’s not cannibalism if you’re not the one eating dead members of your own species. :neutral:

    1. FafnirPrince

      Because he is a cat. Cats are innocent and can easily be taking advantage of. He is happy because everyone else is happy

      1. weatherly23

        Nah, it’s more like he’s taking sadistic glee in slaughtering all the other cats.
        Just like how regular cats gain satisfaction from murdering those that they despise.

  4. Konnor

    I’m more concerned at the fact that Nolegs is smiling.

    Knowing Lance, he may or may have not done something to him. :scared:

  5. A Different Matt

    I just recently got EBF3 on Steam after reading more about EBF5. It’s been so long since I played it in Flash originally, and pretty long since I last played EBF4 on Steam. Going back to 3 is like… sucky after the sweet sweet taste of improvement in these games. I 100%d it in about 13 hrs but now I’m even more anxious for EBF5.


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