Snow Days!

Yesterday was the snowiest day in the UK in literally decades, and half the country shut down!
The police told everyone to stay home and car insurance companies voided everyone’s insurance!
People were panic buying and supermarkets ran out of bread and other supplies!
It was wonderful.

I got stranded at my parents house for two nights and built stuff. I made this fort with my mum, and expanded it with an archway once my brother arrived to help – that part was tricky. The fort seemed sturdy enough, but some of it collapsed overnight, and the rest was slowly on its way down, so I mercy-killed it for safety. In total the fort weighed 700kg. I’m super exhausted, but I have no regrets now. 
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5 thoughts on “Snow Days!

  1. Oxybulyx

    Glad you’re having a nice time, Matt. And could you say hi to your dogs for me please? It would be very kind.


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