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Alright, I played through the whole world map and it took me almost 5 hours to collect everything and talk to everyone (and that’s without any battles)! So for the average player that would probably be closer to 10 hours. I’d say about 20% of that was in the premium areas – but if you struggle with the hardest puzzles it could be much bigger portion.

There’s a ton of little bugs to fix, like some NPCs showing up in two places at once.
I think I’ll also make things a bit easier for completionists, and make backtracking easier, and add some “spare” key items for quests. (For example, a quest needs 10 key items, but 11 exist in the game) The world is getting so big that I need to make completing everything a bit more forgiving this time.
temple gif

23 thoughts on “EBF5: Temple Gif

  1. meower aka satancat

    No need to make things easier, that just lowers the time :p or maybe just have the changes applied only in easy/medium mode

  2. Littlemrdoom

    You know what would make it easier on us complionists? NOT HAVING TO BEAT THE GAME 3 TIMES IN A ROW! :mad: Twice I can understand, but three times is too much! :mad:

    1. Paul

      Can you even do 30M damage before the 3rd playthrough? I’m halfway through the second and cant even deal 3M yet, and I’ve given Matt every single Ham I could =P

      1. Littlemrdoom

        Oh, I did that with revenge, two dead party members, one hp matt, 65 attack buff, 65 defense debuff on enemy. Useing a weapon with an element the was weak to. Took 4 tries and about half an hour but it wa worth it! :stars:

  3. Voidsword

    Unless some of the key items are ‘secrets’ rather than in treasure chests or as quest rewards, as a completionist, I’d actually rather there be exactly enough. For one, it gives a better sense of satisfaction to achieve a completion without a handout. Secondly, having an extra makes you wonder if you missed something that only required one key, so ends up being more stressful than not, inb4 you look up a walkthrough confirming it is in fact an extra – maybe it’s just my experience with puzzle games, but extra items seem to be less common than missed puzzles.

    1. Piono

      Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I think it’d be better to have the exact number of key items, but make none of them hidden or hard to get if you’re going for completionism.

  4. gimmethegepgun

    Some kind of way to make a note that a given map has things that need backtracking for would be really helpful.
    Like “come back with large hammer”.

  5. Demaar

    I think I asked that question before, when you started development but how are you planning on handling the Bestiary?
    Will it be saved in a global save like in EBF3 or per save file like in EBF4?
    I would prefer the former but I would also take the option to import your bestiary progress from a different save when you start a new game.

  6. DeadlyPhantom

    i think that it is okay if it is hard as it means more feeling of accomplishment after u do it
    ps the Temple looks amazing love how the floor sparkles :smirk:

  7. Danexing

    well the map is like 1.8x bigger then EBF4, and even that one was annoying to find everything…. im sure if theres 11 key items and you only need 10 sorta thing, its fine due to the fact that you already need so many. As long as he makes some sort of use for the extra for example one quest requires 10 *special* lumber to build a bridge, and theres 12 of them, maybe someone else will need the other 2 to make it so that you can complete the quests in a different order sorta thing… but im sure suggestions are very very unlikely to be implemented at this point. :smirk: :coffee:


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