EBF5: Japan Gif

There’s an interesting little quest here, where you bring slimes to a ninja, which you can later use as combo-testing punching-bags with infinite HP. There’s a bunch of other secrets too.japan gif

8 thoughts on “EBF5: Japan Gif

  1. Joseph Howard

    Awesome! How are the slimes going to be punching bags? Are they unkillable or something? Looking forward to the new game!

  2. Shraderc.inc

    is the pikachu in japan for a reason?

    it really seems like your going around the world to different cultures this game, is there like a plane travel thing?

  3. DanZTheLittleWriter

    I think there will be some anime references here. Maybe Naruto, DragonBall and Pokemon

    Matt learns Rasengan? HECK YEAH! :stars:


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