28 thoughts on “Fanart: Insanity

  1. Rein

    There’s a huge difference between cute little fanart of anna made by Hanna, then a fanart of freakin’ bloody lance with everyone dead in the background.

  2. abaresque

    can i just inform all of u that lance didnt kill them
    you the viewer killed everyone and gave lance a terrible beating up in the process and hence hes angry and beserk and wants to spend the last 10 minutes of his life doing his best to end u and avenge the three of them
    i actually gave no thought to nolegs while drawing this please pardon me
    i love lance okay – please stop assuming the worst of him

    1. Ayzev

      I think it’s the smile that makes him look like the evil-doer, needs more regret, sadness, anger or something like that in his expression.

  3. Hambaga

    Either lance mistook toxic waste for his energy drink or this is the party almost wiped out fighting against Akron and he’s the only one left.


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