EBF5: Foe Map Sprites

So these took a lot longer than I would have liked, but I think they turned out well and will make the maps looks much more lively. I definitely put more effort into them this time than in previous games.
map system

28 thoughts on “EBF5: Foe Map Sprites

  1. Simone

    mmm i like it, but also i think it miss something really bad or evi :mad: l… it looks like very cute and happy for an enemies hahaha :stars:

  2. Shraderc.inc

    maybe you could take a leaf out of table top gaming and make it so that dragons, mamoths and other large creature take up 4 squares instead of 1 to give a sense of scale

    1. Dewayne Thomas

      You mean there can only be one large enemy and one small enemy at the same time because there is only 5 spots… This isn’t a grid based rpg.

        1. Dewayne Thomas

          Not sure why I didn’t realize that, sorry:) It got me thinking about multi part bttles though. I think he’s already done with all the monsters so I’m not gonna bother. I agree with the 4 spaces for bosses though.

    2. Spirare

      It’s kinda odd that the Fallen don’t have any of their bodies on them.

      Also, there’s no regular hovertank or golems here…

  3. Nara

    This is really cool. However.

    *checks on EBF5 after waiting a month to check progress*

    *Sees bar has moved from 61% to 63%. Screams internally*

    1. Bladesinger

      Ehhh, well, he did take a two-week vacay. Based on what he’s said in the past, the game should be completed within the next year.

  4. Ariel Neidorf

    someone just found their new wallpaper for next week! eeee! I’m damn curious as to what the bottom right sprite is.. :ooo:

      1. Jeffrey Webb

        That is an earthquake bomb. the bomb family of foes have only one powerful (but suicidal) attack they pull off after a set number of turns after appearing.

        although they most likely will be summoned by some bosses, they are there own entity.

  5. Necrotoy

    wow that looks cool. I just wonder if it’s the foe list here show all the foes you’ll meet or just a part of it :wut: it’s just I didn’t see the birds and I really loved fighting the swordslingers and the gunslingers. :cry:
    anyway, I looking forward plying the game, there are some of the foes I’dd like to fight in that list too :evil:
    keep good work :yay:


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