EBF5: Puzzle Mechanics done!

All the puzzle mechanics are more or less finished and the test area feels like a solid level.
There’s still a lot of map-related stuff I want to do before I put it out for testing, including NPCs and animals, and maybe the saving system. Doing all the puzzles so far in one go without hints or saving may be a bit hard for most people…

I would have liked to reuse the NPC graphics from EBF4, but alas, I think I have to draw better ones for consistency with the other new sprites. (I didn’t even redraw the equips for the forward facing view, as you can see in the gif)


22 thoughts on “EBF5: Puzzle Mechanics done!

  1. Shraderc.inc

    Cool beans, good on you for making it harder, it used to be SO EASY to finish any of the puzzles and this will add so much needed length onto the game

  2. Dewayne Thomas

    Most puzzle games tend to ease you into it with simple quick puzzles that force you to learn it without actually telling you how. I think you can accomplish this with how you design the environment around the puzzles. Like say forcing you into one of those water current things that redirects you as you anturally go through the area, then the next area have it used in a puzzle. Or use eye catching set pieces to avert there attention in the right direction. There’s always sign posts and player dialog too? I’m sure lance can make a crack about the wetness of it all :tongue:

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Yeah, there will be a lot of that in the actual game. But not so much in this little test area.

  3. Dragonfire

    Hi,i just wanna say that you do a really great work with all that ebf 5 stuff and u can’t stop surprising me so thanks for being here and doing such epic stuff :love: :love: i’m still waiting so hard for you to release the game i think that if this game comes to us in the middle of the holidays i’m gonna just say:Who cares about the holidays and then my mom is gonna say me :you’ll sleep in the basement for 1 mounth but who cares i’m gonna take there my laptop and then i’ll finish ebf 5 in my basement, hope she’s gonna give me a pillow and a quilt because i think it’s pretty cold down there,at least im gonna play with pickles ok nvm you are such awesome and …just.. keep up the great work :love2: :love2: :smirk: :smirk:

  4. KilljoyThePessimist

    You can take as much time as you want on this, my dude. take it easy. I MUCH rather have a full-done game than a rushed one. I’m planning on buying this one when it comes out, so I’d like it to be as awesome as it can. Epic Battle Fantasy 4′s Gallery with Fan-made enemies were amazing to look at, will it come back?. :stars: :smirk: I am REALLY looking forward to this, as with the full Crosscode from RadicalFishGames. :evil: :skull: :coffee: :bacon: Thank you and good luck on it

  5. Flashlight237

    I’d probably handle the save feature first unless you can somehow go through map testing in one go (considering the game’s predicted length).

    1. Dewayne Thomas

      I wonder if he can jsut break the game into chunks that are a couple hours long for the testing. Regardless, i’m sure many people wouldn’t mind just leaving the game open instead of saving it. And if your reaidng this Matt, you can add me to the list of people more then happy to test any part of the game you want. I’ll even do it naked if your really testy about bugs. Well, I’ll be wearing sunglasses and maybe a tie :shades:

  6. Shraderc.inc

    Hay matt will there be modding for this game? like will you open the game to the community so they can alter it using your amazing base, if so it would defiantly expand the life span of the game

    1. Dewayne Thomas

      I really like that idea. This series, it feels like it has a secret cult following. Could see this game getting mods on the level of super mario bros if it was easily accessible. If I even knew where to start I would make hard mods of 3 and 4. I thought the balance of Epic diffaculty was perfect for most fights but I crave losing 10x on every enemy insanity.


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