EBF5: Map System Progress

Working on the new map system mechanics!
It’s going slowly but well. (the EBF4 map system is so messily programmed that reverse-engineering it is somewhat troublesome)

Prepare to witness some cool new puzzles soon!
key blocks

33 thoughts on “EBF5: Map System Progress

  1. dragonmemo

    Wow! i’m so impressed of the difficulty of the puzzles that are coming, i already want to try them all! :hurray: :love: :stars:
    (if you don’t understand everything, it’s because i’m french)

      1. A Pretty Much Random Guy (or an APMRG)

        I think he meant “the battle mountain”(‘s) ice block challenge…. that one was a pain in the ass

        1. Ash

          Geez, I remember that last ice puzzle, it was insane! Took me almost an hour to solve it :mad: .
          I mean, it was very challenging, and frustrating, but I celebrated when I solved it. Dare-I-say It was kinda fun… I might be crazy though.
          If I’m being honest, I actually hope the puzzles in Epic Battle Fantasy 5 are harder than most of the ones in #4

  2. 1Laika

    Does this mean we can place and create blocks to create a whole new level of our own? Epic Battle Fantasy 5 Confirmed Open World!?!?!?!? :stars: :stars: :stars:

  3. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Those are some impressively high-quality LED floor panels to have surrounded by boxes and wood piles.

  4. Drake

    Good to see some new puzzles.

    It might be not that much needed but for those highly challenging puzzles it might be interesting to have a step-counter and maybe a “fewest-steps record”, so people might take the challenge to beat the puzzle even better at their next try. There’s no other reward needed, just for the records.

    1. A Pretty Much Random Guy (or an APMRG)

      but the fewest steps are the number of block. moreover, it’s the biggest number of steps you can do in a puzzle too….

  5. Blake

    Could you add some weather like rain and something else? It would make the game more cool :stars: :stars: :stars: ( sorry for the bad English )

  6. holden morrison

    this has nothing to do about this but i found a game exploiting glitch by useing the fire boots on having 150% or 200% fire res. and you get healed all the way.


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