46 thoughts on “First footage of EBF5!

  1. Daikenkini

    Hi Matt!,

    I hope I’m not coming across as the negative person, but I have a request because something is bothering me about EBF4 and I’m seeing the same thing here now [eventhough it's April 1st huh] and that is controls during combat: Many people still have the framerate issue with EBF4 when they are moving the cursor (my cursor is permanently blinking either and switching between windows applications even). Could you possibly add a keyboard-only control scheme to EBF5 so I can play with keyboard/controller only? (I know you are using different programs now but I still ask). Also, if it is still possible to update EBF4 (If I remember correctly you told us at some point that te rendering program you used went out of business), could you add such a control scheme for it? Basically you’re just navigating all the combat menus with UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT. Thank you for listening to my concerns, take your time with EBF5.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I don’t have plans for full keyboard/controller support, BUT that cursor issue should not be happening anymore in EBF5.

  2. Shraderc.inc

    i notice that brimstone you took from Binding of Isaac

    is that music going to be used for that fight or is it just what you had so you used it

    i think i would like this but i dont want it to spoil anything, no boss battles ples, also i dont really need it, ill buy anything you make (well maybe not ANYTHING)

    the resolution is ok though

    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK :stars: :stars: :stars:

    1. Period16

      FYI sulfur symbol is taken from real achemy, does not belong to isaac personally and totally has no coincidence between both game mechanics related to the symbol.

  3. 1Laika

    Something about how far away the players are from the enemies bothers me.
    Other than that though, this game is going to be legendary! :stars:

  4. Nikola Jarić

    Great!!!!!! You said that you’re gonna use Phyrnna’s Return of the Snow Queen somewhere, and is it here?? It kinda fits, I dunno, maybe bcoz the NoBackground or for something else. Just asking: Is it confirmed to be here?? :yay: :horray: :smirk:

  5. Squideer

    Assuming the buff stat cap is still 70%, Would this mean players could be afflicted with a -120% defence stat? :scared:

    1. Squideer

      Oh ok it converts applied buffs to debuffs, Rather than having them stack. That’s much less terrifying. :smirk:

  6. Phoenix

    Natalie has 3 new skills which are shown briefly :stars:
    Purging Flame: Dispels the Target and Debuffs their magic defence. High Accuracy.
    Enfeeble : Debuffs all foes magic defense. Has a 5 turn cooldown.
    Rainbow Blast : Targets all foes. Alternatively can be concentrated on a target. Elements and effects depend on current weapon
    Matt :love2:
    Surging Skewer: Water Type, 200 Power 60% chance to apply effect for two turns(*). Description- Expert water attack. May wet targets. High critical hit rate.
    Basically a remade waterfall with a critical hit chance added.
    Shredding Shrub: Expert Bio Attack. May poison targets
    Big Bullet: Expert bomb attack. High critical hit rate.
    NoLegs Skills :D :shades: :shades: :shades: :shades:
    Gives berserk status to players. Alternatively can be focused on one player or one foe for a stronger effect. Has a 2 turn cooldown. 3 turn on one foe? (*)
    Sushi Cat: Bounces around hitting 3 random foes and healing the two most injured players. Gives the player good luck. Has a 2 turn cooldown. (ALSO a reference to the game sushi cat )(unless it isnt)
    Divine Divide: Expert holy attack. Hits a new target if the original target is killed. Hits 3 times plus a extra hit for each foe killed. May Syphon targets
    (Divine Divide = Divine Dividing?)

    * The Number below the Chance of the move connecting is what im assuming to be no of turn the effect lasts
    Green Circle at 0:37 is Scan Foes (text bot appears for a very Short bit)(shows a bit more later)
    Matt seems to be come the most versatile in physical damage now as he seems to get access to Expert Physical attacks in nearly every type.
    Speaking of types Poison is now Bio and Bomb has a purple icon 0_0.
    At first i thought how you could make NoLegs unique. Seems to me that NoLegs is going to be a life stealer now at how it just leeched Demon Anna’s Soul (IDK how that happened but whatever) and fed it to Matt.
    Im Kinda sad that purging flame does not have a chance to burn but i guess dispel works as it is supposed to be a holy cleansing flame. Then again Natalie was always the person you went to deal massive holy and elemental special damage.
    Im sad didnt get to see more of Lance as being the one who is one with tech i was expecting him to pull out a Railgun or something XD. Same with Anna but she was in the end so it was slightly understandable.
    Also Multi hit attacks seem to show total damage now rather than individual hit damage.
    Also as some people already said. Phyrnna’s song oddly suites this.
    :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: More Hype For EBF5 :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:

  7. mew~mew89

    i got a question r we going to have to pay to fight the dark bosses this time :?:
    thx for reading if u do :smirk: have a wonderful day :!: :stars: :smirk: :yay:

    1. Dutczar

      It’s already on Phyrnna’s channel, “Return of the Snow Queen” I think. And yes, Matt mentioned it being in the game.

  8. SomaSam

    I take it the one new mechanic that is shown for a single frame is the capture mechanic, correct? That must be why those pictures of boxes were so super special secret.
    You also mentioned that summoning was going to be much more indepth and important in this game than previous ones. Does this capture mechanic mean we can capture ANY monster and use them as a summon in any battle? I figure if this is the case, summons will be a lot stronger and more varied, but only one use items before you need to capture another one. Looking forward to how this turns out.

    Also I noticed the Tire status icon showed up on Nolegs with “Tired”. You and your puns. That’s one less unknown status condition symbol at the very least.

    Never underestimate your fans’ abilities to frame-by-frame analyse everything you show to them. Just be glad GameXplain doesn’t cover your work or they’d have a 30 minute video for just this small battle segment.

  9. Rebekkafire

    Hi! I hope you will post som new videos on YouTube. I also hope that EBF5 becomes finnish faster than you than! I really love all of your games! I’m not good in EBF and Need some tips. Hope you can gave me that :sad: :smirk:


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