Christmas of Dog

Hey guys! Hope you’ve all had a good Christmas!
I spent 3 days playing with Lego and dogs. I can’t really ask for anything more than that.
My parents and my brother each got a puppy, and they’re all temporarily living together, so it’s crazy over there.

Our landlord gave me and Ronja a big box of snacks and wine, which was unexpected. I guess that’s a good way of getting us to stay around. Only got a Christmas card from one of the neighbours despite giving them out to everyone, so it looks like only our nextdoors are cool people. Everyone else is obviously a scumbag.

The Steam Winter sale has also been treating me well. EBF4 is 3 years old on Steam, and thousands of people are still buying it for some reason. Thanks everyone!

I’m gonna start reading all the comments on the Christmas giveaway, and emailing the winners. It might still take a few days, as there’s a LOT to read there.

lego ages

I got all sorts of Lego, from up to 20 years ago! Look at the difference there

11 thoughts on “Christmas of Dog

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I’ve got a big glass cabinet for them, but it’s full now so I’m gonna slow down with the Lego.

  1. Dutczar

    Thousands of people buying it for some reason
    Because it’s good.
    And 75% of them are people like me to stingy to buy it for whole price and can wait a whole year to buy it on a steam sale.
    Will be buying it myself too, if I don’t win the giveaway.

    1. QwertyStan

      I’d never beat 3 or 4 played so decidedwhat the hell imgoing to beat them I’ve already beat 3asIsaid in cristmas giveaway, then i went well i only played the free version of 4 so what the hell I’m going to buy 4 and beat it to!


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