28 thoughts on “EBF5: Anna and Evil Anna

  1. Phil

    So there’s an off chance that she plays a horribly off-key note?
    You see this is why you need to constantly practice these things. :neutral:

  2. Daikenkini

    Hi I’m the guy who asked you to convert some of these into an .exe like you did for Steam. I’m afraid I have to annoy you a little while longer with this. You said you couldn’t use the same one as in EBF4 because the wrapper has gone out of business. Two things lol

    - well can you give us something / some sort of .exe. I guess you don’t have a contract with any of them but they should let you do it for free when youre the customer and ordering them a major flash game / a steam game.

    - do you really mean the wrapper from EBF4 and not the one from EBF3? The one from EBF3 didn’t do anything problematic (nearly no problems after the first couple days post release I believe)

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      If I do end up using the EBF4 one, I think it’s safe to assume it will have the same problems. I’d really rather not use it though – I would prefer that Adobe adds the features that I want to Adobe AIR – which is what EBF3 uses.

      1. Daikenkini

        People definitely prefer EBF3′s wrapper over the EBF 4 one. I used the word ‘mean’ incorrectly, meant to say ‘were you referring to’.

        Regarding Adobe Air features … you mean Steam integration? Anyway, I have no doubts EBF5 will turn out to be a great game and you will make the right choice when you’re ready.

        1. Matt Roszak Post author

          People with good computers do – but it doesn’t have the quality settings that most people need.
          I want Adobe to make desktop Air have the same features it has on mobile – LOW/MEDIUM stage quality and GPU accelerated bitmaps. These are very important for performance.

  3. CatLoverz03

    Why does when Anna wears the bunny hat & and I changed Anna into her evil version, one side of the bunny hat i still there :?:

  4. Hanna-Diana-Magic

    When I push the button of Shoot 4 with Evil Anna

    The arrows that fall down are not of her weapon

    Everything perfect except for that

      1. Prescott

        No, the arrows that fall down when Evil Anna uses Arrow Rain are the arrows for regular Anna’s bow, not the evil dark ones that she shot.

  5. long

    so basically
    dark matt is a zombie
    dark natalie is a corrupted priest
    dark lance is a robot
    dark anna is a spider queen
    and evil noleg is a super sayan?

  6. Kaida

    It’s been mentioned before, but Anna’s eyes briefly turn red during the cheer animation.

    Other than that, it looks great! :yay:

  7. Jawpp

    Now guys. If you try looking at a cheering Evil Anna’s both eyes, it goes Green and Red as well then to default Black+Red.
    And the hands.
    It’s a graphical error. Like in normal Anna.
    Annnnnnnnnnnddd it’s a testing phase. :neutral:

  8. Leroy

    LOL change a few things and she looks like a small breasted Natalie :yay:

    P.S. also her outfits are all censored versions of Natalie’s :sad:

  9. francisco javier

    Hi, do not you think that the epic fantasy battle looks pretty much like fire emblem rebecca? If they look for the end of rebecca is described as: wild flower and that is a girl of fourteen years :scared:


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