BH2: Eyeball Boss Preview

This boss has been pretty fun to work on.
The satellites make it really easy to come up with interesting patterns.

He’s also quite interesting to fight, because how you take out the satellites is up to you.
You get points for time, so concentrating on attacking the body will usually get you the most points, but will also be the hardest approach.

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14 thoughts on “BH2: Eyeball Boss Preview

  1. Starkill619

    This has probably already been asked but…are we going to get this on flash or is it just mobile? All those bullets are just making me anxious :stars:

    1. Kkots

      I strongly suspect that there will be a free flash version which is smaller, the full version will be sold on Steam (bundled with the first game) and on Apple app store and on Google Play (might be bundled on both stores, but the first game might not run on mobile phones without hardware acceleration, which demands time invested into reprogramming the old game) 😐
      I may be wrong

  2. ebflover777

    Sorry, but if u notice, you have miiverse imposters 😡 . Also, I’m ebflover777 on ng :yay: . Y’know, the 1 that keeps trolling you :skull: ! Srry. I couldn’t resist. 👿

  3. Jhon

    I don’t know if you can do this but, Could you make the key customizable so that 2 players could play on the keyboard? just a suggestion. Good luck on the Game

  4. Random Person

    I recently replayed Enigmata 2: Genu’s Revenge, a space shooter, and I was amazed. Such an old flash game is still better than almost everything released nowadays.

    What I like the most about it is the upgrade system. Most upgrades by themselves will barely make a difference but you can keep upgrading even long after beating the game and over time they make a difference. This really adds longevity to the game. I hate nothing more than useless grinding, having lots of money and being unable to do anything with it, killing ‘trash mobs’ for no benefit, because then I feel like ‘wasting my time’. In my opinion a lack of upgrades only works in multiplayer PvP, when the uniqueness of every encounter in itself is enough variety and too many or powerful upgrades would lead to bad balance, grind- (or even worse: money-) instead of skill-dependence. In single player a realistically ‘infinite’ upgrade system, that makes very sublte changes, encourages me to keep coming back and play the game, because I always feel like I progress, even if it is for example just a few % more damage after several hours of playing.

    What I dislike the most is how blunt the combat is. You neither need nor can dodge all the enemy fire but instead just spam skills and bruteforce your way through every encounter. This is where BH is much better. I never upgraded my health, everything could be dodged with enough practice. Dodging is very active and challenging and therefore a lot of fun. Nothing is more rewarding than a very skill dependent game.

    More about BH: the boss encounters are my favorite part of the game. They are everything I could possibly wish for, beautiful, epic, challenging, diverse. All the BH2 boss previews so far look amazing and highly promising, great job! I can’t wait to play BH2.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Thanks dude!
      I wasn’t a fan of Enigmata, it seemed more about building your ship instead of skillful playing.

  5. omt8

    Can I ask a question?

    How do you know when a lot of games aren’t being released so your own game would stand out on Kongregate?

    1. randomfan1929

      i have spent a significant amount of time on kongregate, and a good, straight (by which i mean twist-free) bullet hell game with decent graphics and a shift function (which should be common sense, i mean, really- how am i supposed to fit through holes half the size of my minimum movement with the keyboard?) seems to be quite rare. as long as he keeps up quality, it’ll stand out in it’s genre, especially for free game. (outside of it’s genre it may not stand out, but well, EBF4 doesn’t for me, so that’s a personal taste thing.)

      also, as he said, new games are always being released. (doesn’t mean they’re any good, most of them aren’t.)

      1. omt8

        So a good game like EBF4 would stand out much more on Kongregate due to the lack of good games being released?

        Thats good to know. :yay: According to that data then if I release a game there is a chance of it actually being seen?

        1. randomfan1929

          much more? IDK, i don’t know how much it normally stands out, and i thought you were specifically asking about BH2 (bullet hell genre). still, yes, a good game will likely stand out- though take my words with grains of salt, i’ve only played like 20 games there. still, i haven’t seen any 4-star bullet hell games that’re close to tradition.

  6. Kkots

    How about making the player fight against his clone as the final boss, or, if multiple people are playing, against clones of all the players?

    1. randomfan1929

      well, that sounds hard to code- especially since it’d either require making touhou-boss style bullet patterns for each of the characters, or be a sudden near-genre swap, since i’m not sure our bullets are actually dodge-able. of course, it’d be cool- but so would a revenge of godcat, or a new boss we’ve never seen before, or whatever. also, if it’s run in multiplayer, it’s kinda a sudden dificulty spike- before, you had 1 boss and x players, but now you’ve got 1 boss per player, and each is hard enough to be a final boss on single player.

      either way, thanks for the update matt, can’t wait for the game~ :stars: (well, i can, but i’m really hyped- looks like it can be a lot harder than it’s predecessor.)


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