EBF4: Moving saves from Kongregate to Steam

Here’s a walkthrough of how to transfer saved games from the web version of EBF4, to the Steam version. Any version of the game should work, but only the Kongregate version is up to date, so the rest have a tiny chance of causing problems.

Here’s the basics:

• Flash files save data in .sol files, or Flash cookies, and puts them in hard to find folders, which are different for each operating system.
• EBF4 on Steam uses .meow files to save data, and puts them in the installation folder. It will try to load .sol files if no .meow files are found.
• The save files are always called “EBF4file[1-7]”, in both .sol and .meow formats.

Here’s what to do:

1. Create a save file in the Steam version. This will create a .meow file and a temporary .sol file. This will help identify which folder is being used for .sol files.

2. You’ll need at least one empty save slot in the Steam version. If you don’t have any, you’ll have to delete some saves by going into the installation folder, and deleting some .meow files. Do this while the game is running, otherwise Steam Cloud will redownload the .meow files when you start the game.

3. Search your whole computer (including hidden folders) for files starting with “EBF4file”, and open the two folders containing the Kongregate and Steam .sol files. The folder for the Steam files should have “localhost” in the path name, while the Kongregate folder should have “assets.kongregate.com/gamez”, or something like that.

4. Move the files you want from the Kongregate folder to the Steam folder.
Rename them if you have to. Remember to only use slots that aren’t used by .meow files in the installation folder.

5. Your files should now appear in the Steam version when you try to continue a game. To convert them to .meow files, just load them, and save them.

Your achievements and options will not be transferred, btw.

I hope that all made sense!

43 thoughts on “EBF4: Moving saves from Kongregate to Steam

  1. Chris

    Sorry to bother you with even more questions, Matt, but I have this situation where my game will only load files under the 1st save file. I.e. When a file is named “EBF4file1.sol”, the game will load that file under File 1. But If I try “EBF4file2.sol”, the game will not load it at all.

    This only includes files that I try to import. Save files created from the Steam version have no problem.

    Much thanks in advance. <3

  2. Azorius Gamer

    Can anyone do a YouTube tutorial for this on Windows XP or similar ❓ I seem to do better with those.

  3. Andres Jss

    if i already completed the game on kongregate, and i buy the complete version, does my save file transfer? :wut:

  4. TheJazMaster

    I got it! Don’t put save files in the EBF4 steam instalation file. Instead, search localhost and navigate through until you find EBF4 stuff. Put the flash save files in there. Also, if you can’t delete .meow files just delete them when the game is running and they will be gone forever.

    1. TheJazMaster

      Btw before this I moved my armor games files into my konegrate folder so stuff would screw up less.
      P.S. Konegrate sux hail Armor games :hurray:

  5. Wowiki

    I just got the steam version, which says that it has all the premium things. In the premium on Kongregate (which I had for like 2 days until some account stuff that I still don’t understand happened) I got all of the extra spells which were in the special section. Is there something missing I don’t unserstand? I’m still pretty happy anyways though. :smirk:

    1. Wowiki

      Also… Since I accidentally deleted the local content, I don’t have the art or the soundtrack. Is there any way that I can get it again? I really liked the music from the game.

    2. Wowiki

      Nevermind the music part, I fixed that. But every time I try to start the game after I choose a language it says I have to restart the game even though every file seems to be in order. If I redownload it from steam it happens again. I have no idea why this is happening now.

      1. Matt Roszak Post author

        The saves are probably corrupted. Disable Steam cloud and delete the .meow files in the installation folder.

  6. Juush

    So, wait, does this mean I have to have the steam version of the game in order to transfer my web saves to steam? ❓

  7. Devlin

    Uhh… I can’t get save transfer to work. I copied EBF4file7.sol from it’s save folder to EBF 4’s folder on steam (Steam/SteamApps/common/Epic Battle Fantasy 4), but it’s not showing up when I try to load the game. Is this because I already have a save file in slots 1 and 2?

    On a side note, I dont see why this would make a difference, but this is a save from Armorgames, not Kongregate, and I was using the free version.

    I’ll see if I cacn work some voodoo magic, and get it to work.

    1. Devlin

      Edit: Tried this. No luck.

      Uninstall app (remove local content)

      Right click on the library entry for the game
      Properties>Updates>uncheck “Enable Steam Cloud Synchronization for this game”


      copy in the files

      It not only retained my old saves that I deleted (and then uninstalled the game!), but also my settings. -_-; Any help? Steam must have a backup of files or something.

  8. tsukukirai

    Idk where I can find EBF4file[1-7].sol 🙁 I play EBF4 of armorgames by Google chrome 🙂 Do u know where I can find it 🙁

    1. Devlin

      If you use a PC, it’s in
      User/Appdata/Roaming/Macromedia/Flash Player

      Do a search from there.

  9. sabrehawk90

    Woh woh woh, I just bought the steam version and it’s not converting the .sol files into .meow files. What do I do?

      1. sabrehawk90

        No, the files are manually moved into the EBF4 folder which contains all the saves. It doesn’t show up in the game though, and for some reason the game file 7 I used to locate the steam folder is not deleting itself from the game, despite being nonexistent in the actual game folder.

        1. sabrehawk90

          Hm might be something with steam cloud. Would you perhaps know how to load a game without steam cloud?

          1. Devlin

            Even in offline mode, the game loads saves 1 and 2 (which I generated), even though I have deleted the files. :\ And save 7.sol, which I copied, is not showing up.

  10. Eff

    Sorry Matt but the Steam game folder doesn’t create any temporary .sol files so I can’t convert my old gamesave in the new Steam version, is there any way to circumvent this?

    1. Eff

      Yeah Matt, you could have been more specific about the localhost folder of Steam. It took me nearly two hours to figure out that sream stores everything double on my computer. :ooo:
      Also during the process I simply renamed my .sol files into .meow files which resulted in the game not booting up and displaying the ‘Something went wrong, please restart the game’ message, which got stuck into Steamcloud and continued to loop at each startup. This nearly got me a heartattack, but deleting the entire folder fixed the issue.

      To not so technosavvy people like me: the temporary Steam folder containing the .sol files Matt refers to is located approximately under: C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\YMDFSB4Z\localhost

      The YMDFSB4Z map might be called differently on your computer, but the approximate location should be same.

      Thanks again Matt for releasing this game on Steam, I will continue to support your future endeavours.

      Rock on ❗

  11. Anonymous

    and please don’t ask how i am not a codemonkey so i don’t know what went wrong i must’ve deleted a file by accident…..i guess i am not getting my EBF 4

    oh well i still have Kong…i guess

  12. Moondrag

    So, when we transfer the save, would we unlock any achievements like the upgrading equipment if they are already upgraded? (I’m gonna play my first play-through fresh, but once I beat the final boss, I’m gonna load my old save.)

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Some achievements will unlock right away, but others will require you to restart the game. (or do Newgame+)

  13. kkots

    Good old manual file locating and transferring.
    Sigh… I just can’t get an AIR app running from FlashDevelop.
    That’s it, I’ll go end my life, I’ll go install Ubuntu Server edition now and end this misery

  14. Qick question.

    When do you think the game will be realeased? In 1-2 weeks time? Looking at how far the game’s done, it has to be done around that time, right? :hurray:


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