6 thoughts on “Drinks!

  1. gameipedia

    Seems fun though if you could add some form of hot chocolate and tea you would have a full list of drinks

    1. kupo707 Post author

      Oh yeah, those would have been good. I probably won’t need more than 6, but I’ll add those if I do.

  2. Guy

    Just a question for EBF4, are weapon skills (i.e. Magma Hammer/ Fume, Destroyer/Bamboo trap) based on the level of weapon or the actual skill?

    1. kupo707 Post author

      Their power is based on the power of the skill that summons them (Normal Attack, Legend, etc).

  3. SirBlackMage

    They all look quite cool.
    And I bet “Nip” has nothing to do with Monster.
    And “Catsi” is totally not a reference to Pepsi. *cough cough*
    Are there any more references in there?
    If so, I am simply to stupid to see them.
    (Me <3 Moo)


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