Fanart: Merry Christmas

Hi Folks,

EBF5 for iOS is now live!
You can find it listed as Epic Battle Fantasy 5: RPG on the App Store. Please remember to leave us a review 🙂

We’ve been working hard to push out the iOS version of EBF5 as well as getting various other things out of the way before the holidays, and now that Christmas Week is here we’ll be taking it easy with work and focusing on the holidays. We’ll still share some fanart over the holiday period with you, and you should know we won’t be doing a Christmas Key giveaway this year.

PS. If you’ve not played EBF5 in a while, there’s a Holiday Event going on right now, where you can get your mitts on some unique equips. Happy hunting!

Here’s some lovely Christmas fanart we’ve been saving since the start of the year from Ggeishere.

5 thoughts on “Fanart: Merry Christmas

  1. Sticks

    Merry Christmas! Trying to go back and get all the medals, at least beat the strongest being on Epic a few days ago – actually way easier than I thought it’d be (although I was a lot more prepped this time than my original playthrough).

  2. Gloomy Night

    Hi Matt, thank you for the wonderfull time with EBF that you brough to us. I just completed every medals on EBF5 yesterday and I really want to post my achievement with the screenshot but can’t find any forum to share that. The games are really awesome. Took me 109 hrs to finish EBF5 all medals. Next I will replay and complete every single medals in EBF2 3 4. Once again, thanks you and your team for the wonderfull experience that nuture my imaginations. Not to put presure on you guys, but I do hope for a next EBF6, I will wait as long as it take.

    1. Matt Roszak

      The best place to share screenshots and chat about the game would be the #ebf5_general channel on the EBF Discord.


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