Monthly Archives: June 2021

Indie Bundle for Palestinian Aid

Hey guys, Bullet Heaven 2 is part of this massive bundle on
For $5 you get hundreds of games, and while not everything in there is a masterpiece, there’s definitely a bunch of great indie games worth picking up. Minit, GNOG, VVVVVV, Nuclear Throne, and Anodyne are some good games that I recognized in there. And well, it’s for charity, so the games aren’t the point.

I’m gonna dig into it today and see if I find any hidden gems.

Fanart: Lance do be Evil

Hiya Folks!

We’ve been enjoying the absolutely gorgeous summer weather over the past week with lots of garden hangs, bbqs, and taking some time off of work. Hope you’ve all had a great time as we’ve been a bit more quiet! And to join the long list of Caring Corporations: Happy Pride Month everyone!

Here’s some great fanart of Lance and the party from Phillia.