Monthly Archives: October 2020

EBF Collection: Launcher

Hey guys, I’m working on the launcher for the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection. It essentially functions like a Flash games website, letting you select a game, view some information, and then launch it. I think it looks pretty cool so far, and it’s coming along quickly.

I suspect the most frustrating part is going to be getting different game resolutions running correctly, especially since every game has a different, and often nonsensical, aspect ratio. None of them were designed to be played in full-screen mode.

Not sure how I’m gonna handle that.

Pixel Golems

Hey guys, I was wondering if tracing over EBF art would make drawing pixel art faster… but nope, not really. If you set a swf file to low quality and scale it down, you’ve essentially got aliased pixel art, but it’s very messy and requires so much clean up, that I basically ended up redrawing everything. These golems are the biggest pixel creatures I’ve drawn so far, and they took way longer than all the others for sure. I really wonder if pixel artists get much faster with practice, cause what you see below took a little more than a day to do. Animating pixel art of this quality must take a painful amount of time, especially since you often can’t motion tween it like with other 2D art. I can see why most games doing pixel art stick to Terraria levels of detail and animation quality.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll eventually make a game using all the pixel art I’ve been doing, but the foes definitely won’t have more than 2 animation frames.

Anyone tried doing pixel art? How long does it take for you?

Team Fungus

Hey guys. I went for a walk and documented some of the wildlife and plants that I encountered. I’ve also started using GIMP for pixel art, mainly because my incredibly old version of Photoshop does not allow me to change hotkey bindings. It’s a cool app and has all the features an artist needs, but some of the small differences in how tools work compared to Photoshop will take some getting used to. (I miss the hand tool – pan just ain’t the same)

Fanart: Party

Hello Folksters,

TGIF! Our wild wild weekend look to contain lots of relaxing and games. We’re currently playing or replaying lots of LISA, The Witcher 3, Among Us, and DnD. What are you playing this weekend?

Here’s some lovely fanart of the EBF party from Blind.