17 thoughts on “EBF5: Battle Backgrounds 2

  1. Wasteland

    Soooo, What kind of pc do you need to play The new Ebf, my pc that i have is outdated *a gts 250 and e5200 processor with 4 gigs of ddr2 ram*
    I used to play ebf 4 on low settings in 480p on my laptop before i got my pc and i thought that it was still fun, honestly i can’t wait for it, lets hope that the hype train doesnt stop :yay:

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Why do you think the number of bits matters? The game doesn’t need a lot of memory.

      1. meower aka satancat

        Well x64 applications can’t run on pure x86, but we’re talking about Flash, plus if you care about that sort of thing (e.g. your CPU not supporting 64 bit), then your computer is probably too potato to play any Flash game anyway.

  2. Jmanx7

    This idea is a bit out there, but I would love to see Lazarus and Lancelot from One More Final Battle. Perhaps as an optional boss fight?

  3. Dewayne

    Some of the objects in the background looked blurry even though they aren’t any farther away then other objects that aren’t blurry. Bit weird, everything else looks great though. Especially like how you layered the trees and how you made the lava with the bits of rock layering the surface. And that seems like a lot of backgrounds, I never counted in the other ones but seems a lot higher. Always thought they needed a bit more variety, even just like a few random things in the background of the background for different battles so each one felt unique in a way. Been playing FF15 and pretty bored of it after like 10 hours but these games I can spend 100 hours in easy. And this one looks like it’s gonna take even longer to get my fill of. Can’t wait to see everything come together. Gonna lok so damn sexy.

  4. Oxybulyx

    Cute as always. Always a nice gift of you when I wake up and find some new stuff. Makes my day! :smirk:

  5. djcian

    After seeing the first two, was kinda hoping the third here would also have a cat-shaped thing in the background, lol. Great art, as always.

  6. Hotpies

    I wonder if the battle area is going to affect gameplay
    Probably not but it would be cool if like ice or water attack would fail in a fire area

    1. weatherly23

      Well, the battle area will at least be effected by weather, with different selections of weather for each one. There probably isn’t going to be constant effects for each area, though. So that enemies don’t have a constant advantage whenever you fight them… on second thought, maybe have constant area effects separate from weather for the harder difficulties? It would add to the challenge in ways besides higher stats, and could be utilized by smarter AI to do things they couldn’t in lower difficulties!

  7. Jon

    The backgrounds look like they might be good desktop wallpapers. Maybe high res versions bundled as cheap DLC or made available to Patreon supporters?


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