Privacy Policy

The apps made by the developer “Kupo Games” for the Google Play Store do NOT collect any personal user data, such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, search history, etc.

There are no user accounts, and no sign-in process. All of our apps can only be used anonymously.

Our apps use Google’s services, including AdMob, to serve un-targeted advertisements, and Google Play, to unlock achievements. But no personal information is collected or processed by us in order to do so.

Advertisements are optional, and can be skipped entirely, but in-game awards are given for watching them. They can also be skipped by disabling the internet on your device.

We use Google’s Payment API to facilitate in-app purchases – Google will collect and handle your payment information, and let us know if a payment was successful. We only have access to your payment address, payment amount, currency, order date, and order number, for the purposes of fulfilling refunds. We do not manage any of this data – it is provided to us, when needed, by Google.