Fanart: Be my girl

Hi Folks,

It’s finally September and we are all in on soup, stew, and spooky season shenanigans! Hope y’all have a lovely weekend.

Here’s some excellent fanart of one of the less popular EBF ships from Revon.

5 thoughts on “Fanart: Be my girl

  1. Anonymous

    Matt, how do I get unbanned from your server?
    I was banned because I had two Acs on the server and in this story I was considered a bot ;-;
    If you can help me with this I would be very happy
    My nick: Acs#7097

    1. Ronja Post author

      Why did you have several accounts on the server?
      You’ll need to make it so we can get in touch with you on Discord if you’d like to be unbanned. We currently can’t message you sincce we are not your Discord friends.


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