Fanart: EBF Anna

Hi Folks!

I’m back home in rainy Scotland once more, and boy is it nice to get to relax. My Finland trip only lasted a week, but it was certainly a busy one. Matt’s still occupied with drawing fakemon, and I’m diving back into work with a couple new things as well.

Here’s some fanart from 在咕咕咕的凌風.



5 thoughts on “Fanart: EBF Anna

    1. alproy

      that COULD be nice when thinking about it, but then i wonder, is the shiny summon replace the normal one with extra hits/damage? is it random chance you’ll encounter those
      or you’ll meet them in specific battles? what foes can be shiny…and so on….

  1. alproy

    thinking of reviving the unleash of EBF3: unleash to all characters, and some can debuff foe/buff/buff x2 the unleash user

    ahh bring back memories of easy perma-syphon and stun, and also dooming everything with natalie death staff :hurray:


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