24 thoughts on “EBF5: Trailer version 2!

  1. TyloThorn

    So you also were of the opinion this trailer needed a more “aggressive/epic” voice. I felt from the start like the music wasn’t gonna go well with Josh Tomar’s voice, also isn’t that him featured in the end? His comment adds very nicely to the overall effect/impression of the trailer!

    Anyway back to the new voice: I like your choice and… even though it is not AS good as expected… I’m gonna be honest here, i think with all these talents on youtube i’m actually just waaaay too spoiled.
    But listening to it, i feel like your new talent has more potential. I am actually pretty sure he can do even better! But no pressure to anyone, gratz on getting selected epic-voice-man^^ good job!

  2. Nick

    the word “huge” is left out of the voice-over when talking about bosses, encase you didn’t already know

  3. Sicarius

    I said in on the last trailer, but I’ll say it again… I think the new Kyun should be an easter egg after clicking on Nat 5 – 10 times in one battle, not the default. I’ll also restate another comment, that the innuendo would work a lot better if it were pictures of opening treasure chests, then a quick shot of Kyun before the next line.

    1. TeKett

      the new kyun has already been talked about allot in the past so it seams he isnt going to change it, but personally i dont know why he changed it. sure the new one is a fan creation and he wants to show that he cares about his fans, but still, nat was better being cute then sexy, and it would be much better as a thing you can just toggle, pleasing both sides of the argument.

  4. skeptic

    Not huge on the voice over. Great voice, but it just doesn’t fit in a game with no voice acting. If anything, it dulls the effect of the magical, enrapturing music. I already know the game will be great, but people can be pretty skeptical. I feel like using just the text does the game more justice and brings out the music more.

    Have a skeptical day. :meh:

  5. Desert Maiden

    WHAT WAS THAT AT THE END?!?!?!? I hope that’s a new secret boss or something and not just a red herring.

  6. Fanboy#3

    I don’t know…. I feel like the ebf series is more fantasy-like for any legible voice to portray that… I like the opening cinematic of ebf 4 a lot more.

    I prefer music, skill sound effects, and maybe pigs squealing or nolegs meowing to some event shown on the screen with words floating around. It leaves the actual voice of the character to my own imagination, and cuts away the phantom narrator that seems really out of place in this trailer.


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