Scottish Borders

I spent the weekend in a tiny village in the Scottish countryside with Ronja and 12 best friends. It was a bit rough for a spoiled city brat like myself, but I managed.

The highlight of the trip was a bunch of us bathing in a freezing river, and trying to mount an unstable unicorn float while battling against the current. Fun stuff.

There was also a field of donkeys next to our house, which provided some amusement as they stared at us and made silly donkey sounds.

I think the most striking realisation from the trip was how much healthier life is without internet and hundreds of distractions. Whenever I had a moment to spare, I’d either take a walk, clean up a bit, or find some silly traditional game to play with my friends. Much better use of time than checking my phone constantly like an addict. There was much less on my mind, which I think is something many people need these days.

I need to incorporate more of that feeling into my regular city life.

4 thoughts on “Scottish Borders

  1. A Pretty Much Random Guy (or an APMRG)

    yap. I approve. throw ‘em all out *remembering that a computer needed to end ebf5* *remembering that no one will ever know it was finished without internet*


    WAIT!!! NO!!! DON’T THROW THEM OUT YET! WE NEEEEED THEEEEEEEEEEM :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull:

  2. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Even with the distractions of modern life, I find I don’t often use em. My phone is almost strictly for communication (which is rare for me), and otherwise for Final Fantasy Record Keeper, which has that free-to-play stamina system in place.

    I don’t deal in social media too terribly much. Tho I suppose I do spend a lot of time watching youtube. :neutral:


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