Fanart: Matt

Hiya Folks!

Exactly a year ago we were crunching out the final touches to EBF5 getting it ready for release, and now here we are again smoothing out v2. We’ve both been varying degrees of sick recently, but we’ve managed to power through and keep up a good pace with work to keep v2 moving along.

Here’s a cute fanart of Matt from hkbk-camb.

2 thoughts on “Fanart: Matt

  1. GligaAlin28

    Matt Roszak you make Epic Battle Fantasy 5 version 2.0 on Android Phones?
    And for Public Beta? (like an update)

    1. Ronja Post author

      Matt has said that he will look into porting the EBF games over to mobile once the v2 update is finished.
      The free public beta version of EBF5 isn’t getting any more updates or bug fixes anymore, so no – it won’t get the v2 update either.


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