45 thoughts on “EBF5: Pink Gif

  1. arachnoidRoyalty

    for those who want to remeber the days of candyland and chutes & ladders… mostly candyland though…

  2. Reemus

    Greetings Matt,
    it’s me again, I just wanted to remind you that if you would like to include a Russian/Czech (Russian preferably) translation in your game, I would be honoured to work on it. Just let me know when the time comes if you need a helping hand with it.
    Best regards,
    Danila Naumov

    1. vhunter

      I’m not surprised that EBF series has so many Russian-speaking fans, but i’m still feel strange seeing them here. Btw, I’m also Russian. I’m not a pro in English, but good enough to voluntarily help to translate to Russian too :smirk:

  3. Halfbeasty

    Why do I have a feeling that black castle comes before the pink area, to build up some suspense thinking you’re at the final area, but then suddenly you reach that pink area and let your guard down only to end up getting owned by some extremely dangerous, yet cute, enemies. :scared:

    1. Levi Obvious

      Because the only other entrances are the dock/bridge in the top right corner, in between the squid and the coral block, and the water

  4. Bug

    Such fluffy, cute, and pink area, only signaling impending problem. Will the enemies in there use charm?
    Oh, yeah, different topic, but would you consider to add critical version of the characters signature limit break (example: Matt’s cleaver, he summons all of his sword and dance around the enemies, slashing with different sword). :smirk:

    1. Levi Obvious

      Likely, coming out of, due to the fact that the only other entrances I see are the water area, and the small bridge/dock at the far top right corner, next to the squid and the coral block.

    1. Tanaka

      If you did the map demo, there’s no “Super Hammer,” or “Ultra Hammer.” Just the hammer and the big hammer. And the shovel, candle, raft, ladder, and “ALL THE BOOTS.”

  5. JB546

    If there´s going to be secrets in the meadle of the water, the secrets like when you find moeny or someting in rocks or in the sides of the screen. I going to be more time playing this awesome game

  6. Frankie Rozsa

    Hey Matt! If you need any spanish translations for your game, I can speak both english and spanish fluently. give me a shout if you need any help with that

  7. Number6iswaiting

    MAKE AN EBF6! DO IT! DO IT AFTER YOU COMPLETE THIS! (Or after you get some rest from lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of typing)

    1. Altarius

      Bro, let him finish EBF 5 first. Don’t ask for EBF 6 already, it might just put pressure on him. However, in my opinion it could stop at EBF 5
      I don’t need more and to ask for more would be “disrespectful”, because it says “oh I already don’t like EBF 5, Make the next part, because this one
      is boring and sh*t”. Be happy that he is able to finish EBF 5, a sequel to an already perfect story line and game. Appreciate what he is doing
      and what he did.

  8. Scarfitt

    I really want this to be the hardest of the optional dungeons. You walk in thinking it’s going to be nice and relaxed when suddenly you get demolished by living candy canes and an octopus pink slimes.

  9. Drake

    Yo Matt, something came to my mind, how would it be to offer a collectors edition which could be right another way to directly support you aside of patreon/donations? I feel like 10-15 €/$ extra might be fair. Just not sure what you would put in it what shouldn’t be also available for others. Here a few thoughts which could be interesting:

    - Music from the previous EBF games
    - Some cosmetics from previous EBF games for equipment which can be equipped over original gear so they won’t affect any properties of the equipment
    - Adventure map cosmetics, like using a sprite of some characters from the previous games
    - EBF 5 bundled with other games from you (prequels, Bullet Heaven or any?)
    - Listening the galleries music during gameplay
    - Some hilarious poses, enemy taunting or others in battle or adventure map (like when pressing a certain key)
    - …

    Did run out of ideas for now, but what do you think about giving us an option to get a collectors edition? :smirk:
    Happy New Year btw, maybe a very late one :tongue:


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