EBF5: Fancy Textboxes

Undertale has inspired me to give monsters more personality, and I figured the easiest way of doing that was through text effects! Expect a bit of dialogue from some foes. I already did this with the final bosses, but I’ll expand it to all bosses and maybe some common enemies too.

text1 text2

44 thoughts on “EBF5: Fancy Textboxes

  1. Thrynity

    that what I wanted since EBF3′s akron’s dialogues !
    (I even tried to don’t kill him and survive 50 turn to read them all)

    More Hype !

  2. Stefan Kriechmus

    Okay, now I wonder if “we” also get short dialogs and discussions before the real boss battle starts… could be funny…

  3. Spirare

    I approve of this.

    Please don’t make the big angry lava demon boss actually say something stereotypical like “I am a big angry lava demon boss, pathetic humans, prepare to die”.

  4. Dutczar

    Well, it’s funny, but it sure doesn’t “give monsters more personality”, if anything, the opposite.
    Same with the 2nd one, starting with “I’m a robot!” You don’t say?

    1. Althaer

      I’m pretty sure this is just for the example, of course they won’t introduce themselves like this (or maybe one or two)
      I like the idea of monster-based way of writing/speaking, but be careful not to overuse it (use it only for a few bosses and “secret” foes, otherwise it may become boring)

  5. Firel

    I love the new text boxes! I was wondering if you could even go as far as box customization with this, like pokemon, or have different boxes for different enemies :D

  6. This guy

    I expect trash talking on both sides now. Or something like an argument with a slime before you one-shot it.

  7. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Hey Matt, a thought occurs. If you are trying some new stuff, how about some equipment only dropping from certain enemies? You want the Magma Armor? Only drops 1% from the Fire Turtles. What the Slime Trident? Gotta hit that 5% drop from the Big Slime enemies. I think that would be really neat. Maybe put them on enemies in areas that are grinding friendly. :yay:

    1. Dutczar

      I mean, I guess maybe some people would like that, but what I always loved in ebf4 is that I didn’t have to grind at all and just do each encounter in the game once (maybe because I’m good), even on epic difficulty. And the only thing you’d ever want to grind for are stat boosting items anyways, you can get plenty of materials and money by the time you need to focus on upgrading. Making grinding necessary to get 100% for achievements is a really bad idea imo

  8. TwistedSavant

    This is pretty flippin cool.
    I loved this at the end of EBF3 because it gave this big bad boss personality.
    I know that Bosses like Jack and Mighty Oak could have MUCH more important things with just a little bit of dialogue! (To this day I wonder so much about Jack in EBF3. Why is he in the forest? Why was he made? WHERE’D HE GET A CROWN!?)

    Can’t wait to see this in EBF5! :evil: :bacon:

  9. Crepo7351

    Wait, is the Hell Golem going to be the “regular” variant of that particular boss or is the Sea Golem the “regular” one? :?:

  10. RoxDeath

    Seems like a great idea but it feels weird when they say ‘I am a…’ Specially for bosses… Bosses will almost need no reason to say who they are cause am quite sure everyone knows the villains (from an in game questline or something). I have one idea: maybe have it so people need to scan them which shows their personality or if u scan a certain number it will unlock a quest for their background and stuff.


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