Bullet Heaven 2 – Beta

Update: The final version is up on Kongregate now!
This beta is now outdated and you shouldn’t play here anymore.
Use the save transfer tool from the options menu to move your data.

The major changes since the last beta are:
• Languages have been added! If you speak Spanish, Portuguese, German, or French, please play in that language and let me know if there’s any major problems with the translation. Also let me know if the game doesn’t automatically select the correct language at the start.

• The final boss has been upgraded in difficulty and impressiveness, and some of the later levels have also been made slightly harder.

• Tons of controller related bugs have been fixed. Please try playing the game with an Xbox360/one or PS4 controller, and let me know how it goes.

• The look of the menus has changed, and there’s been a lot of small improvements to them.

• You can now backup your saves from the options menu, or move them between different versions of the game. Try it out!

• Tons of other bugs have been fixed. If you experienced a bug before, let me know if it still happens.

When giving feedback or reporting bugs, please give me as much related information as possible. (particularly what options you have set, what level you were playing, etc)
Screenshots can also be very helpful.

503 thoughts on “Bullet Heaven 2 – Beta

  1. Magatsu Izanagu

    not sure if its a bug only for me,but when i start up the game and hot play on the first screen where the slimes on,i cant do anything,cant hit play,options,etc,only the other games you’ve made that it shows on the screen,and on both the demo and full version,so idk really how to fix this :wut: 😥 :bacon:

  2. Rath

    I tried a couple of levels on hard difficulty (because I can’t master Heavenly difficulty :scared: ), and I really like how the game is presented. :yay: I would like to ask though: is it possible to give the cash an in-game benefit (aside from buying from the shop)? By which I mean that, in each level, the base recharge speed of both main and sub-weapons increases the more coins the player collects, capping off at, say, 60% increase?

    I ask because I have heard about the Touhou games, and ZUN has a mechanic with the power points in which collecting a lot of said points increases damage output by one level each time. Since you have the attack boost in the form of a cheat, I wonder if it is possible if you can add faster weapon recharge to the game mechanics.

    I don’t mean to sound picky; I really like all the games you made since the first Epic Battle Fantasy. I just want to make a request, and you are free to reject the idea for whatever reasons you have.

    Also, if you did read this, thank you. :ooo:

  3. Miryafa

    I hope this goes on Steam in time for the Christmas Steam sale. I’d rather buy it there than on Kongregate, where cookies determine if i have a save file or not.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      BH2 has a save backup feature, where you can backup your saves manually. If you use that there’s no chance of losing your saves.

  4. Jack

    Hi Matt! First of all, congratulations on releasing the game to Kongregate! I’m sure its been a very long journey…

    That being said, I was unaware that you would be taking it down from here so soon and as such was not able to export my save file or anything. Is there a way to import the saved data onto the kongregate version?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Search your computer for “bulletheaven2data” and you should find some .sol files, which will also show you which folders the game is using. Replace the file from the Kongregate folder with the one from the beta version. That should do it.

  5. Alplaza

    Yeah another Big glitch found . When fighting at the boss of world 7 , at the end of the 3rd bonus wave , I defeated it and put the cursor on the exact place where the final KABOOM bullet starts to shoot , and when it exploded it said BONUS FAILED , probably the system didn’t set the player to the blinking stat before it exploded ? or the glitch in EBF4 lives on ?


    If you let Anna’s second ability run down to 0, you still have one leaf orbiting you until you deactivate, and the Second weapon still recharges.

  7. Alplaza

    Oi bug : when I was playing sometimes the computer uses the bombs for me even I don’t touch c / space / right click / auto bomb . Plz fix this . (I’m going a perfect run and this bug really annoys me . When you to the last few waves , and then BOOM . Shit you have to start things over again)

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Any idea what triggers this? Are you sure you’re playing the latest version (0.6.1)? Got any more info about the problem?

  8. komodor

    I think Untachable and imperishable are not working. no hit at all but still not achievement also fast foes and weak players dont trigger and probably some more please fix this I love getting achievements.

  9. Bkd50

    both of the problems i had before were resolved by restarting by restarting my OS’s. sorry for the bothersome comments

  10. Bkd50

    unfortunately for me, the game’s version isn’t 6.01

    if there is a a fix for this, i’d love to know, i’ve been playing on a windows 10 64 bit os, and a chrome os

    the game says its V.0.5.2

    1. Bkd50

      now the game isn’t loading at all. i right click and options like play, forward, quality, and others are there, but its just a white space.. like that game isn’t there

  11. HubertYeh

    Hey! Matt,IF I “”DEAD” after “complish level “Then
    It still show “fail” msg(only the picture problem ,it still Win)

    Maybe you are already knew about it,However ,Thank you for born this game!! :yay:

    still the game can HARD more….. (PVP BATTLE……. :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: )

  12. Matt Firin' Hiz Lazorz

    Also creator, could you please add something for when you beat the entire game? Like maybe you can use cheats without the disadvantages in your score? Or the DLC characters that I still haven’t found out how to unlock? Just something, please.

  13. Matt Firin' Hiz Lazorz

    Could you add a feature where when you die (not in bonus round) you can continue from that point but with the same stats (like health bombs score and where things are) so that the game is much more playable, but you can only do certain things if you start from the beginning? ❓ ❓ ❓ ❗ ❗ ❗

  14. Andran

    I just wanted to say that the game runs perfectly smooth now – even on the bosses that fill the whole screen with bullets. I’m amazed that this is even possible, but it’s beautiful.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Not yet! The Steam version will be out a few weeks after the web version. (The store page will be up soon though, so you can add it to your wishlist!)

  15. Nicholas

    Matt, heres a quick problem. Look at your gallery for the background of level 7-1. Now actually play level 7-1 and look at the background for that level, and you will see that the level is using the boss background.

  16. Andran

    The difficulty increase from hard to heavenly on some of the later bosses seems huge to me. So much in fact that I’m wondering whether it’s actually possible to 3-star all of the heavenly bosses. I know you said you balanced the game on that difficulty, but it still seems crazy to me.

  17. StatiZkyZ

    Some thought on the updated final boss…

    That was crazy! And the new colorful bullets are beautiful as well :stars: (It even manages to broke my concentration several times xD) Now, in heavenly, he’s actually much tougher (Haven’t tried normal or hard)

    And about the difficulty, I think the ‘walls’ in the first and second pattern should be switched to make it a bit more balanced (Unless if it actually meant to surprise players with it’s difficulty). And, did you actually nerf the 6th wave? I managed to make through that without losing a life for once…

  18. ThatOneIndianBoy

    You may already know this but the gems with the Japanese writing on them have a box for the the aura around them. Thought I might tell you that and that I think the game is amazing :yay: . Keep on keeping on with your amazing work :smirk: . (BTW I’ve played every one of your games and cant wait for EBF 5 to come out :love: )

  19. CreepyNinja_

    Ok, so I have recorded new final boss, and there are my comments about it:
    – The boss is now better, mainly in terms of appearance. Now he is very impressive :smirk:
    – Adding more colours in some attacks/waves was such a good idea – the battle is more fascinating now :yay:
    – In terms of difficulty: I must say that last, 10th wave was a very suprising for me (what’s the suprise? See in my video on my channel or play final boss xd)
    – Besides that: adding “walls of death”, as I usually say on this, in the first two waves don’t make these waves much harder. Nothing like appearance change if you know how to pass these waves
    – I haven’t seen more changes (difficulty changes), maybe in 4th wave. Maybe I missed something, but whatever :smirk:

    Good job, Matt. Keep it up 🙂

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Most of the waves are actually faster and have more HP. He’s actually a lot harder in total now!

      1. CreepyNinja_

        Yep, you’re right. I have seen it when I tried to beat him with handicaps xd (without them it’s like battle with +20%/+30% Bullet Speed and -10% or more Attack Power)

      2. CreepyNinja_

        BTW, so far I have managed to reach 7th wave with the same set of Handicaps as from the old boss’s gameplay (+30% Bullet Speed, No Clearing Bullets), so: difficulty strongly increased :scared:

  20. HubertYeh

    I Don’t like that the game result use “stars” , that is much bor….(like angry bird or so…)
    your game is very very great,I’m come from Taiwan,and I play this fantastic game what born from the other end of earth!!! :stars:

  21. Jack

    Here are my comments for the French translation of the first three worlds. Playing every level just to check the dialogues is kind of annoying…

    – In general, don’t you want to translate the “Ready?”, “Level start!”, “Perfect!” and such?

    – Level 1-1, beginning, Matt : “(J’aime l’argent… et la bouffe.” You forgot a parenthesis.

    – Level 1-1, beginning, Anna : “… piétinnent mes plantes.” -> “piétinent”.

    – Level 1-1, end, Natalie : “m’écoeure” Can’t you write the “œ”?

    – Level 1-2, end, Lance : “(Note à moi-même: Passer …” -> “passer” and a parenthesis is missing. If you want to be picky it should even be “…moi-même : passer…” in French.

    – Level 1-3, beginning, Natalie : “on devrait être plus sensible” It should be “sensibles”.

    – Level 1-3, end, Matt : “Les buissons ne devraient pas être capable de tirer!” -> “capables”.

    – Level 1-5, beginning, tip : “c’est recommendé lorsqu’il y a trop de tirs” -> “recommandé”.

    – Level 1-5, beginning, Natalie : “(C’est ce que je me dis pour que je puisse dormir la nuit.)” -> “pour pouvoir dormir la nuit” ?

    – Level 2-1, beginning, tip : “Chaque niveau est composé de 10 vagues d’ennemis. si tu joues bien…” -> “Si” with a capital.

    – Level 2-1, beginning, Lance : “C’étais le meilleur moment de…” -> “C’était”.

    – Level 2-1, beginning, Anna : “J’imagine que la natation attendra” The dot is missing.

    – Level 2-4, end, Natalie : “S’il-vous-plaît?” I would have written that too, but it seems it should be “S’il vous plaît?”.

    – Level 2-5, end, Matt : “(Le boss a encore explosé …” A parenthesis is missing.

    – Level 3-5, beginning, Natalie : “J’espère que tu peux appuyer cette belle confiance” The dot is missing.

  22. Jack

    I found some mistakes in the French translation, so I list them here.

    First a bug not related to the translation. In the level selection screen, when I select level 1-2 or 1-3 a small box appears around the wave number. It does not happens when it select any other level.

    In the description of the expansion pack :

    – You wrote “[L’extension] est inclue dans la version Steam.” instead of “incluse”.

    – There shouldn’t be a capital after a colon. The same remark holds for the English version. And for the comment I am currently writing.

    In the options :

    – You kept the word “Framerate”. Don’t you want to use something French, like “Image/s” or “Fréquence”?

    In the gallery :

    – You translated “Backgrounds” (I assume) by “Fonds”. Here you have enough space to write “Arrière-plan”.

    In the medals :

    – The reward is called “Prix”. “Récompense” would be less ambiguous (you don’t buy the medals).

    – There is a missing dot in “L’amie de la nature”.

    – In “Ne fais pas ça!” you wrote “J’espère que tu a retenu…” instead of “tu as”.

    – For the “Contre-la-montre” you wrote “forêt” without a capital.

    – For the “xM de points” you wrote “1 000 000 de points ou plus en un niveau” but just “3 000 000 de points en un niveau”.

    – In “Superstar” and “Ultrastar” you wrote “50 niveaux standard” instead of “standards”. You did write the “s” in the “Hyperstar” medal.

    In the cheats :

    – There is a ” at the end of the description of “Extra Bombe”.

    In the handicaps:

    – In “Attaque -15%” the description says that the attack is reduced by 5% instead of 15%.

    – The “Mode pacifiste” description is too long to be read.

    In the character selection screen :

    – There is a missing dot in the description of Natalie.

    – “Porte céleste” is described as “L’épée et le costume de pirate classique de Matt” so there is a missing dot, and I guess “classique” also applies to the sword, so it should be “classiques”.

    – Same goes for “Ailes de lumière”, it should be “classiques”. But there is no problem with “Ailes de fer”, as “classique” only applies to the uniform and not the wings.

    – Also in “Ailes de lumière”, I’m not sure whether it should be “mage blanc” or “mage blanche”.

    – In “Plateforme épineuse” you stick to “plateforme” rather than “plate-forme”? I don’t like it, but as you wish.

    – In “Sabre rapide”, “tout en ciblant les cibles” is not elegant. Maybe “tout en visant les cibles”, or “tout en ciblant les ennemis”.

    – For the subweapon names you use capitals a lot but not always. Why do you write “Sabre Rapide” and “Tir de Mortier” but “Mur de lames” and “Bang sonique”?

    – In the multiplayer screen, maybe call the players “J1”, “J2” etc. instead of “P1”, “P2” etc. Also the “Ready” is not translated.

    In the level selection screen :

    – World 6 should be “Volcan Rôtirouge” rather than “Rotirouge”, I guess.

    – Among the bosses, only “Guêpe Gargantuesque” and “Terrible Tisseuse” have two capitals in their name. For instance level 2-5 is called “Tortue titanesque” and not “Tortue Titanesque”.

    That’s it for the menu. Maybe I will check the dialogue later…

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I went through your list and fixed most of the things you mentioned.
      Thanks for the help! Once the game comes out on Steam, you should remind me to give you a free copy. I think you’ve earned it.

  23. minotur

    bug found: in level 1:1 if u use multiplayer: matt and anna with matt as mouse and anna as keyboard (player 2) anna cannot move and when you hit “w” u shoot and the asd keys do nothing

  24. CreepyNinja_

    Ok, so I have encountered some bugs:
    – After about 2 hours of gameplay, the game frozen. Maybe just not enough RAM.
    – You can play levels that aren’t unlocked. Simply go to the stage/world where you have all unlocked, then to the world where you don’t have all (and you want to play locked levels on it, of course), and click on any locked level and “Okay” ❗

    What about gameplay? Hmm… I can just say that I have beaten almost all levels from worlds 1-9 with all three stars, on Heavenly, with Speed +30% (TouHou Xperienced Player xD). But some levels are too hard IMHO: 10-3, 9-4, 8-3.
    Also bosses from worlds 7, 8 and 9 are pretty difficult and to beat them, you need very much reflex, reaction speed and LUCK (but it is supposed to be ;)). I had to replay these levels about 50 times to beat them and get nice score.

    I’m going to record the final boss battle – I don’t know how powerful is now yet :yay:, but I think that it will be very difficult battle :smirk:. Stay tuned xd

  25. Aethyer Frostblade

    Hey Matt, I just noticed something real quick. During Dialouge boxes, I noticed that you added a click whenever you progress using Z . However, if you were to use the mouse to progress by left clicking the noise is not triggered. Just thought I’d write that down. :ooo:

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Yeah. I can’t actually remember why it ended up this way. But I think there was a reason.

  26. Raleigh

    I come back for the first time and guess what? The loading screen won’t stop scrolling through every slime models and the loading text never stops popping up and disappearing, so I can’t play the game at all but watch everything loop. :bleh:

  27. Halcyonic Chaos

    I have a challenge for those who want to try it out! (recordings on YouTube recommended!)
    H.A.H.O Difficulty (Heavenly All Handicaps On) Is a beast that I have created during beta testing, and it’s almost impossible.

    What are the rules?

    1: You must be playing on Heavenly Difficulty
    2: All handicaps must be turned on EXCEPT FOR PACIFIST!!! (makes things more interesting xD)
    3: You must earn 1 star on all levels on all worlds (Bonus Bosses, survivals and endless survival optional!)

    Good luck, you’re gonna need it for the long road ahead :smirk:

  28. Jack

    The game automatically selects the correct language, and my ps3 controller works perfectly fine.

    A minor detail: in the French version in the character selection screen there is a missing dot in the description of Natalie, between the two sentences.

    In the credit page some things are not translated (“key action binder”, “All the testers, fan-artists…” and such).

      1. Jack

        I found more while playing. For instance the decription of the pacifist handicap is too long so you can’t read the end. There is also a useless ” at the end of the description of the extra bomb cheat.

        I thought I would check the whole game for that sort of mistakes, but I’m not sure I will find the courage to do so.

  29. Kami

    Fantastic game Kupo, I enjoyed it until the end with just one little nitpick:

    Is it just me, or is 9-4 (with the guardians) like extremely, extremely difficult? I played through the entire game on hard mode, with 15% bullet speed handicap and magnet cheat. All of the levels only made me restart twice at most, and the tank boss made me restart 6 times. The 9-4 level made me restart over 50 times within a 40-minute time frame. I tried every character and every weapon but I just couldn’t get through on hard mode. The guardians have very high hp, meaning you need to get close to them to deal enough damage without running out of time, even with homing attacks. That’s when it goes downhill, the way those fast-moving “cannonballs” start descending down, with the bullets coming back up. God have mercy when two guardians show up at the same time, so I applaud those who can do this on Heavenly mode. I ended up doing it on normal mode with no handicaps after many, many failed attempts and eventually finished it. Maybe I’m a bad player because I seem to be the only one complaining about this, but I would be happy if there was just a slight nerf :smirk: . On the contrary, the boss of the 9th world was one of the easiest on hard mode (for me) :hurray: .

    Since this is still in beta, I think many improvements can be made ^^.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I’ll check it out!
      I think that level is reasonably balanced on Heavenly, maybe it’s just Hard mode.

  30. Kuha

    The possibility of saving backup files is really cool, but I think you should use better encoding in them; they’re kinda easy to hack currently.

  31. Tsuki

    Question: Have you tested DX Input capability?
    Seems you have not. I mean: Not everyone will have XB controller or PS3/4, also some companies (Inticreates) worked ways of adding DXInput compatibility and PnP trigger (Rather than having to plug before the game, you can plug during the game and it will work fine).

    If you want me to help in testing this, I will need a standalone version for that, buddy. It’s too much of a hassle to do it on Browser due to how it has to initiate and all…

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      DX input? PnP trigger?
      Controllers can be plugged in at any time in the standalone version, for the most part. It seems to be a browser limitation that you have to restart the whole browser to plug in a controller.

      1. Tsuki

        Nah, it’s kind of a global limitation. Many applications (specially emulators) fails to recon controllers with me unless I plug it in before loading. Anyway, gonna test the controller through another browser then (don’t laugh, it is IE >v>. At least so far it is acting normal, the browser and flash components.)

        Eh, I love the style of the games you made… They have a lot more dedication than many other Flash games I played.

        Well, DX Input is not recognized (Generic USB Gamepad/Joystick, PS2 Dualshock, using USB Network Gamepad driver).

  32. Billy The Honourable

    Oh, also – why isn’t Phyrnna marked as contributor on the Greenlight Page? :wut: ❓

  33. Billy The Honourable

    Mr. Roszack, I would like to report a major bug.

    Controls: Mouse
    Character: Matt, but it probably happens anyone.
    Issue: Gameplay / Controls
    Gamebreaking-ness: Major
    Mode: Single Player. But it probably happens multiplayer too.
    Level: 1-1. But it probably happens everywhere.

    When playing as Matt, my secondary attack does not activate. Left mouse attacks like always, where as Right mouse uses the bomb and Mouse Wheel (Third Mouse) does nothing. This is a major issue in the controls, and it needs fixing, 😥

    :hurray: Thanks for reading, please fix.
    ~Billy The Honourable

  34. Andran

    I’ve tested this several times and I am still not certain whether I am just imagining this or not, however sometimes either the time you have to initiate counterbombing seems to be much shorter than usual, or the game doesn’t register the bomb at all. I am clicking the right mouse button almost immediately after being hit, and the bomb does not go off.

  35. ChaosDemon2

    I noticed that you changed one of the loading titles to “Games made by Matt Roszak and Phyrnna”

    Did she request her name alongside yours? Or were you just being a gentleman ^_^

  36. LittleKingsguard

    There doesn’t seem to be a way to enable the expansion any more. One box links to kongregate, and the other links to steam, but neither unlock it *here*.

  37. pionoplayer

    Okay, Matt, you know how me and several other play testers were griping about Akron before?


    :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:
    You nailed it! That boss fight was just plain old freaking awesome, it even topped everything before it. You nailed the Big Bad feel dead on.
    10/10, all the way. This thing was and is an absolutely awe-inspiring game.

      1. Lady Friday

        Hum, no way to get the content in this release then, as far as I can see. Ah well. Better sit on those kreds for awhile.

  38. Whovian

    I know this isn’t actually a bug – more of an annoyance, but playing with seeking weapons against shielding foes really sucks. It always autotargets the nearest foe, even if they’re shielded. Could you please add something that lets seeking weapons target shielders first? I don’t care if it has to be a cheat, but trying to 3 star lvl 3-4 as Anna on heavenly is really hard. Anyway, thanks for making such an amazing game!! :love2: :love2:

  39. Raektis

    Still almost unplayable on my comp due to the movement getting randomly stuck. If I quickly press up, and then release it, my character just keeps going up until I click up again. Same with other directions and shooting too.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      What are your computer specs? Have your tried playing with the mouse instead? Or in a different browser?

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  41. Ori

    Looks amazing so far :love2:

    That being said, while it’s not the most important thing ever, maybe add a way to tell at a glance what difficulty a player is playing? for the sake of people watching videos/streams/etc.
    Similar to what Touhou does.

    Great work so far, and I just know this will get greenlit! :yay: :love2:

  42. Adam

    Amazing game, love all of it. Only played the Demo, found out about the Beta after it had closed. Will the game support Mouse + Keyboard controls like the original? Or is there only Mouse OR Keyboard OR Gamepad?

  43. Micky

    The transitions between boss phases in 7-6 were oddly laggy for me. Had a bit of lag throughout, (Not the best hardware) but it was a lot worse during only that boss’ transition phases.

  44. Ulysses Moore

    Level 3-5 on heavenly is easy to perfect when you use Anna and keep her on the upper part of the screen. Almost no bullets get there ❗

  45. CreepyNinja_

    I could make the comparison between old final boss and the new one on YT, if you want to :shades:

    I think that ‘he’ is hard enough, but who cares? xD

  46. Bravo

    I guess I got hit in the last moment before killing the boss and switching to bonus round, so this happened http://prntscr.com/8mzcje . I was no invisible actually, I was blinking like when I take damage, but since I had 0 hearts I was suppose to be dead. I couldn’t do anything, just had to watch bonus round finish.

  47. Matthew Houtput

    I don’t know if it’s meant to be, but it seems to me that there is this slight error: When using Anna, her shots do not go to the enemy that is closest to you at a certain time – instead, when she starts firing,she locks on to the nearest target, and keep firing at that enemy until it is destroyed. This can get very annoying when you’re trying to shoot a certain enemy and your sub weapon is depleted. I’m not sure if it happens every single time, but I’ve noticed it throughout world 8 and 9, and it might be worth looking into.
    Unless it’s what you supposed to make :smirk:

  48. StatiZkyZ

    About the difficulty curve, I think it considerably spiked up from stage 6 to stage 7 a bit too much, but other then that, I see no problems :smirk:

    And, not sure if this is intentional or not, but the target marker for Phyrnna’s sonic boom goes as fast as the enemy’s bullets (Noticeable in wave 8 & 9 of the Big Bush boss), it’s a bit…. uncomfortable when you realize that in later waves, your marker didn’t go as fast as before

  49. Billy The Honourable

    I upgraded to Windows 10 (computer got a Virus – just got recovered) and now BH2 doesn’t seem to load. Other Flash games work fine.

  50. eitan

    i have hardware accelaration enabled but it still tells me that i dont. and i dont have a powerful computer. please fix:( 😥

  51. Debbie

    This was pretty strange… But i dont know if its a bug- i was playing the first boss on hard, and i died on the first bonus level – but the boss didn’t die and it continued to the second bonus round. I probably died the moment the round ended, but yeah the level ended only after the second round timed out.

  52. xgena

    Hard difficulty of Akron’s second pattern seems bugged. It only shoots orange patterns while normal and heavenly have both orange and red patterns. ❗

  53. Andran

    Occasionally, due to the positioning of certain enemies, particularly the asteroids that fly towards the lower end of the screen, in combination with automatic targetting weapons such as Anna’s, it’s impossible to collect the diamond since it drops barely inside the visible screen or even (?) outside of it.

  54. Whovian

    For the levels with shielding enemies, seeking weapons are kind of useless – they always target the nearest enemy, even if they’re shielded. Wouldn’t it make sense for the weapons to seek the shielder first, especially given that Natalie already told the group about how to attack enemies with shields

  55. Alplaza

    WOW epic bullet graphics . Some suggestions .

    1. Make a easter egg / option which turns the interface more like the version before (Bullet heave 1 like) as that’s kind of helping to focus (forgive my grammar . I’m poor with that .) on the game . Landscape suits great for multiplayer but not pretty good for solo .

    2. The interlude animation is somehow too fancy for me . idk if you intent to do it , but honestly , one of the reason people hate Win 8 is being too fancy . (maybe it’s too long , maybe)

    3. The boss extra stage is laggy . I won’t expect myself to pass it without bombs / extra lives . In the most difficult diff , the boss is much easier than the (except the extra stage )

    So yeah . Maybe I’ll update

    1. Alplaza

      In the game sometimes it uses bomb for me when I get hit even though I don’t activate the auto bomb cheat .
      Also Matt can you add an option to disable right click ? for someone who constantly accidentialy right clicked

  56. Ze

    >The World 3 Expansion Boss’ 10th wave and the World 4 Boss’s 13th wave both cause severe lag on heavenly difficulty, while the rest of the game runs perfectly smoothly.
    >Me and a friend got the world 5 speedrun achievment on our very first try. I think it may be a bit forgiving.
    >The galley does not seem to let the player return to the default background.

    >A friend of mine tried plugging in both a PS3 and a PS4 controllers. None of them worked.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      >Yeah, those are some of the laggiest patterns in the game. They used to be even worse!
      >Yeah, they’re not super hard. There’s also a bug in them at the moment which will be fixed.

  57. Michael Forster

    Do me a favour. Add a quality setting please. There is a bit of jitter lag when there are loads of bullets.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Change the FPS to 30 and disable particles. A traditional Flash quality setting won’t help because it doesn’t affect GPU rendered stuff.

  58. CreepyNinja

    Ah yeah… I must say that Heavenly diff. is hard, but with Handicaps (like Bullet Speed +30%) it’s a total mayhem 😀

    I’ve already beaten 7-5 boss… on Heavenly difficulty… with SPEED+ handicaps (yes, it isn’t a Heavenly now – it’s Masochist…)
    I though that 5th or 6th stage bosses are insane enough, but when I have seen 7-5… :scared: – NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE, even for me (I’ve beaten nearly all TouHou games on Normal, some on Hard and some Extra stages)

    Until now, I haven’t encountered any bugs… um, maybe only with Expansion Pack that dissapears after refreshing the page :smirk:

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I’m glad some people are having fun with the handicaps! I didn’t know if people would want to use them or not.

  59. boomo

    I feel like the cloud boss (world 9) on the rainbow road map is too easy ;~; I beat him on my first try, but the a few of the ones before took me like ~10 to get a good rank. One thing that could make it better is shields, or on the star attack make them move faster. Arkon could use a buff too. 🙁 Great game though! I’m looking forward to its release and to EBF5! :yay:

  60. Cyril and Methodius

    I do not know why, but sometimes when I start a level it activates all of my bombs in immediate succession.

  61. Ze

    So, here’s a list of bugs I found:

    Multiplayer Select Screen:
    – Does not let the player return to the single player menu directly.

    Stuff I found while playng with two people:
    – In normal levels, sometimes a Heart drops at the end of a wave while a player is dead. Picking it up will make the player permanently dead, but still able to shoot without getting hit.
    – Sometimes a boss drops a Heart after being defeated.
    – In some levels, it seems that the dialogue skips the first line.

  62. pionoplayer

    Okay, I think I’ll start with all the good things before the suggestions and single gripe.
    The game was incredible, I was spellbound with all the amazing patterns and really, the entire thing was incredibly aesthetically pleasing, even moreso than Bullet Heaven 1, which I have to admit I would go to arcadeprehacks to turn on the invincibility and just watch the bullets whiz by.
    This game is splendiforous.
    The gameplay is pretty well balanced between modes (although normal should probably be rebranded easy). Normal, although as others have stated lacks much of a difficulty curve beyond the first few worlds, is at a great difficulty point. N00bs like me can enjoy the game and go through and shoot the bosses and such without having to plug in hours trying to figure out how not to die over and over again.
    After playing through I went and checked out heavenly with the invincibility cheat and wow. That was amazing, and a lot of the patterns are really clever too. You did an amazing job with the bosses, all of them were memorable.
    The bonus bosses were even better, the patterns were great and you did all sorts of cool and creative stuff with their patterns (although the nature golem seems a bit disproportionately difficult for being the first of the bonus bosses in normal mode.)
    The dialogue was hilarious too, but that’s always been a thing in your games. “Golems aren’t alive ya potato! They’re just magic rocks!”

    Anyways, on to suggestions.
    1. NoLegs, Natalie and the Slime Bunny all have rather weak attack power, they need to be buffed a little bit. As much as I hate to say it since having Dry NoLegs is so freaking awesome, he probably needs to be nerfed a little bit because of his damage output (although it DOES prevent you from being able to choose the order in which you murder things. Which balances things out somewhat.) and speed.

    2. Keyboard: I’ve read through the comments and I noticed that you gave the reasoning of “some people’s keyboards not being able to handle multiple players” for why you haven’t set up multiple players. I was thinking that a possible alternative to having that as a default would be to give custom keymapping for the keyboards. That way, not only would people who don’t have extra controllers be able to play with more than one friend at a time, people who don’t like the default controls would be able to switch them up to their liking. If that’s at all possible.

    3. Normal Mode. I won’t go in-depth since you’ve heard this particular issue before, but Normal mode’s difficulty curve got cut in half and is more like one of those half pipes at the skatepark. You go up a certain distance, and then it’s more or less the same after that. Still fun, I don’t mind, but other people do.

    Okay, the final boss was disappointing. I mean, it wasn’t BAD, but it didn’t come out at the same working quality as I’m used to from your games, and especially the final bosses.
    Last time we fought him he was an epic fight of enormous proportions that kicked your butt again and again… even on heavenly difficulty, he’s outshined by several of the previous bosses in terms of difficulty, and most of the bonus bosses as well. Since you deigned to leave out a 10th bonus boss, you should at the very least make the final boss function as the True Final Boss as well.
    And that’s not even getting into aesthetics, it was all one color of bullet, and even then not super-spectacular bullet patterns. There’s definitely a lot more you could do with him, especially considering the vast array of abilities he had access to in the first game he was in.

    And this gripe come from heavenly mode. This isn’t even just normal mode being less balanced because you weren’t playing that difficulty as much. It feels like you got to the final boss fight and decided you were a bit rushed and didn’t spend as much time as you should have. Not sure whether or not that’s true, but the final boss just didn’t match up to the standard the rest of the game laid out.

    On the bright side, the final boss is still on level with a fair number of the bosses here, so he’s not actual sub-par. It’s just that put into an amazing game, a good boss doesn’t feel nearly as great.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Thanks for the feedback!
      I’ll see if there’s anything I can reasonably do about the final boss.

      1. pionoplayer

        Thanks dude. Your stuff has been amazing thus far, and it feels awesome to get responded to.
        Keep up the great work! :yay:

  63. BH2-Tester

    I had found a little… “exploit”. You know the “pacifist” handicap? You can also activate the “Damage -5, 10, and 15%” handicaps for an extra 30% multiplier. Not sure if this is intentional or not.

  64. Sylocat

    I had one little problem: in the final two patterns of the optional boss in the factory, all the numbers at the top of the screen made it a little difficult to see the holes in between the bullets.

  65. Lividcoffee (TJ)

    one more thing plz add more money per level ive been killing almost all of the enemies but don’t get that much cash :bleh: so i end up with 200- 400 per round and im trying to get all cheats and the rest of the characters
    but i like Matt lance and Anna for bosses because Anna always hits the boss with her arrow Matt to me kills the life of the boss quick and same with lacne but i wish all of them were a bit faster

  66. Matthew Houtput

    Absolutely loved the game so far, but I did find a little bug on one of the time trial achievements. On level 5-2, the achievement description says you have to beat all bonus waves in 2:30 or less, but I only managed to clear the first bonus wave and died on the second. Still, I did that in 2:09, and I got the achievement for that. So either the description is wrong, or there is a little mistake in the code – either way, nothing too major to worry about 🙂

  67. ZeroPride

    aaaah the pain, the huge pain! data erased, and had at least 1 star in every level up to world 8 survival, heavenly mode

  68. Minori Shizuka

    Also, one more thing.. I love the option to play as Phyrnna! :love2: I’d love to have her as a playable character in EBF5!

  69. SeaMaid

    Enjoying it so far.
    Got to 9-1 without encountering any bugs, mostly playing Natalie. It is just difficult enough (I usually go with no bullet clearing + 2 hearts + 2 bombs).

    However, there’s a tiny thing that annoys me.

    I know you’re supposed to get another heart whenever you’ve perfected a round and lost a life earlier. I usually appreciate that. But when you get a heart after the final round, it just feels wasted, since the amount of hearts left does not affect your score.
    So, would you either make it so perfecting the final round always drops you a diamond, or include the amount of health left in the final score somehow?
    Considering how you can add extra health, how about decreasing the score a teeny bit based on how many hearts less you have at the end compared to when you started?

      1. SeaMaid

        And just because I said no bugs SO FAR, I ended up having the same problem as Metaluca during the second bonus round for the final boss. I actually ended up thinking it was a REALLY drawn-out “boss exploding once you’ve beat it”-sequence, to the point of parody, and didn’t notice until the timer started ticking :yay:

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Are you playing on the correct page? Is your browser up to date and not blocking it in some way?

  70. Fabián Márquez

    One of the best indie games I’ve seen so far :love2: , its design, animation, and cameos of EPF5 :shades: , are very interesting, I’m Spanish but writing in English only to read me :stars: , the perfect game for sure. :yay: :yay:

  71. Lividcoffee (TJ)

    normal mode seamed tooo easy becuse i killed boss 3 and 4 in one shot so recomendation give boss more hp

  72. Minori Shizuka

    Alright, I finished the game, and it is pure epicness. No bugs found so far.
    But the lack of the post-final boss it pretty annoying, since I don’t really enjoy the survival levels.. 😥

  73. ZeroPride

    @ matthew houtput, piercing attacks are your friends ( also if you manage to destroy 2-3 minions asap, you can easily go tot he side and find a hole in the bullet wall to get back in front of the boss)

    Btw, i’m not sure if this is intentional or not, but in survival, sometimes enemies drop powerup, even though i don’t have cheats on

  74. Andran

    I encountered a bug during where Anna’s main weapon keeps shooting at an invisible, indestructible target somewhere beyond the top right of the screen. This was during survival of world one, it started around wave 4 or 5 with autofire enabled.

    Also: Since you said you were looking for balance concerns: the violet orbs shot by the butterflies in suvival world 1/around wave 10 move a bit too fast for normal difficulty (it’s not impossible, but much more difficult than any of the other content in normal difficulty in my opinion).

  75. Andran

    After a while, Anna’s “Nature Shield” only shoots a low amount of leaves even after a new wave starts and the sub weapon has been charged back up to a hundred percent. Deactivating and reactivating it fixes this issue, but it would be more convenient and more intuitive if it would resume automatically once the sub weapon recharged fully.

  76. Matthew Houtput

    I have to say, I think you found the perfect balance between progress and upgrades. Because the only upgrades that change the game (in the way it’s supposed to be played) are players and subweapons, you can instantly choose what you think is best and try out some stuff without actually grinding. And once you got that done, there’s still use for your money at the cheats and handicaps which will allow for tweaking the game a little, making things more interesting. I applaud you for making it that way!

    1. Matthew Houtput

      One thing I did find annoying though, in my personal opinion, is that on level 6-5, it is said that the best strategy is to focus on the main boss. But in the first wave that is already impossible, seeing as you have to shoot the minions to even get to the boss, and if ytou don’t shoot the minions it’s almost impossible to get underneath the boss to shoot him. The wave isn’t bad in itself, but I would’ve put that wave somewhere further in the boss battle ans switch it with a wave that does allow you to shoot the boss directly, for example one with 3 minions.

      I don’t know if other people share that opinion, it’s just something that bugged me personally 🙂

  77. Z2

    A pretty serious bug I’ve noticed is that sometimes after using a bomb all my bombs will activate automatically, even after restarting the level. The only way out is to refresh the page. I think it mostly just occurs with right-click bomb activation.

  78. Aura Of The Dawn

    I cleared level 1-2, with bullet speed handicaps on (all 3 of them, sum total of +30%) and did not receive the medal for clearing the level with +30% speed.

  79. faronheights

    Well, I ran into a rather interesting bug fighting the turtle boss. I was dealt my last hit just as or just before I dealt the finishing blow against the boss. I got an instant “Level Complete Bonus Failed” message and went 100% invulnerable as the boss entered the first bonus wave. Of course, since the game thought I had failed the bonus already, I couldn’t shoot at all and was forced to wait for the time to run out before the game would give me my… lucky victory? Tl;dr? Thank goodness for the time out, or that would have softlocked the game and forced a total reset.

  80. James36340

    I would just like to mention that having invincibility and pacifist mode on gives you a three star rank. Should probably fix that.

    1. Lucky Apawan

      On premium version, theres’ a survival on each world and the final level in world 10 is the ultimate survival. I think that’s what you’re looking for.

  81. Mr. Gaberson

    ❗ I actually found a minor bug. This happens when I look at a certain background in the Gallery menu and pressing back, and going back to the Gallery menu again.
    What happens: Once you return to the gallery menu, the text used for the Backgrounds will say “Level 1-1” even though that background is not for level 1-1 and once you press one of the cursor arrows, it will move you to the next of previous background.
    I don’t know if it’s because of flash limitations though :meh:

  82. Ze

    In Stage 3-4, i think, it seems that the first line of dialogue is skipped.
    It just starts with Natalie saying: “”How observative…”

  83. Metaluca

    Level 2-5, died at the same time as the boss. resulted in a bonus failed but the following boss pattern was launched. character invincible (blinking) but cannot attack.
    Fight ended when the timer reached 0 (boss dying)

  84. Lejon L'expert

    Okay, I’d REALLY like a quick restart button in survival modes, going through all the level-completed-score-screen and stuff takes a really long time when i just want to restart because I don’t have the rank I want. (Or just be allowed to pause when I’m dead.)

  85. Chauchau

    Glitch on 9-4, kill the large yellow enemy in the middle before finishing the wave gives u a perfect and an undefeatable enemy

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I fixed this, are you sure you’re on the correct version? Should say v0.2 on the loading screen.

  86. Cry

    how do you connect a ps3 controller like I have the usb thing that can charge the ps3 the controller is wireless and I cant find the Bluetooth sign for the controller so it just keeps blinking

  87. joão

    the game is great,but sometimes it just slows down for no aparent reason, i’m moving normally but then my character glitches and moves very slowy, also i think anna’s razor leaf feels overpowered, it kills enemies really fast, just some random thoughts 🙂

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Having a lot of tabs open can do this sometimes. The game has to share resources with other browser stuff.

  88. komodor

    you have removed so many achievements there were 104 of them in ebf4 there should be more not less and some counter of progression might be nice like how can i know how many of 1337 enemies have I killed with Lance? :wut:

  89. Aura Of The Dawn

    While bonus characters remain unlocked, bonus stages ‘relock’ on each refresh of the page, requiring us to ‘buy’ content again, giving us 10k gold again, over and over.

    Tutorial information seems useful enough, if dribbled out a bit, and the conversations are entertaining. Big improvement over Bullet Heaven 1, personally. However, there is no dialog for the new characters. Consider writing in some dialog for Phyrna, and some cutesy noises for dry nolegs/slime bunny, that would appear if you had the expansion content active? (or maybe only if playing as them.) Would love to see more personality out of Phrynna, a new character immediately draws interest, while we find nothing out about her. Could even be used as a lead in to another EBF game if she’s going to become a recurring character.

    Potential feature request, not too hard to code… while the new bonus levels are a nice mirror of the previous bonus levels in , and survival is fun, how about ‘marathon’ levels. Specifically, if nothing else, for bragging rights, one could be made to tackle an entire worlds levels in one go. 3 lives/bombs for the whole set of 5 (possibly 6 if you wanted to include the bonus level, though I’m not sure if I would given the enhanced difficulty those usually represent.) in one run. Since it would recycle the existing levels for new challenges, it would be a minimum of new coding.

    Another potential feature request. Mark who we used for the high score on a level. Simple enough, but if you want to go further, recording not just the ‘high’ score, but the best score for EACH character individually would be wonderful. Would also provide interesting data to study over some levels being easier/harder for various characters, and add to the meta of figuring out how best to tackle getting the highest scores (and the most bragging rights.) This would also encourage more players to play with more characters, and get better at them. (I still struggle to use anna on most bosses in BH1, for example.) I’d settle for the former, but the latter would be so much better.

    Similarly, it would be nice to divide high scores between difficulties. I know this is a significant amounnt more to track, but the information stored is relatively small (just a series of numbers), and it’s not necessary to display scores from other difficulties on the screen at the same time. Wouldn’t even have to display scores from the same characters at the same time.

    Feature request: Can we get a wave counter somewhere? As an option, if nothing else. Unless I’ve missed it, it’d be nice to know what wave I’m on, if for no other reason so I know what to go to if I want to practice a wave, other then just ‘that one segment with the enemies’.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      The marathon levels would actually be quite hard to make at this point, the game is quite strictly coded for levels of 13 waves. 😛
      But I did think about it for a while.

      I’ll add that wave counter, and possibly also show which player was used for highscores.

  90. Raven Hunter

    I’ve noticed the edges of the screen tend to ‘stick’ a little; that is the mouse can stray outside them and leave you unable to control your character effectively.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      You can workaround this by holding a mouse button down while you leave the screen – should let the game detect it.

  91. Aura Of The Dawn

    New bug found. After acquiring the expansion content, re-entering the page loses the expansion medals from being listed on the medals screen. (while unearned. Did not earn any before finding this.) Expansion characters remain unlocked however.

  92. Julius

    I have trouble with the controller system because every time I plug the usb thingy and connect with my xbox controller it only powers on my xbox and won’t let me use the controller for the game.

    1. Aura Of The Dawn

      Sounds like a wireless xbox 360 controller. The USB cord plugging into that serves no purpose except to provide power, it does not carry a signal for input from the controller. If you want a wireless 360 controller (or one controller, presumably) on your pc, you’ll have to have some sort of bluetooth support and pair it with your pc.

  93. Aura Of The Dawn

    Hmmmm. Biggest issue I’ve had thus far is kind of a big one, input seems ‘sticky’. Will randomly take a keypress and ‘hold’ it, even after it’s nolonger depressed, until it’s pressed again. I’ve flown myself against my will into enemies and bullets numerous times to this. Happens with keyboard and gamepad (using joy2key, you apparently don’t pick mine up)
    Pretty sure this is a flash flaw in general, because it happened in EBF4 as well, though not on the EBF4 steam version.

    Not sure if anyone has workarounds for this yet.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I’ll try to improve it, but yeah, in many cases it might just be a limitation of browser gaming. Hopefully the Steam version will work better.

    1. Jack

      To me “normal” means average difficulty, enough to be challenging and interesting but not so that I have to try really hard to beat the game. If there is no difficulty at all I call that “easy”.
      Besides I also complain about the balance. I had trouble getting past some levels or bosses in worlds 3 or 5, if I remember well. And after world 6 I just never died and always got at least a one star rank.

  94. Eric Walker

    does “without taking any damage” include grazing, or the 3 bonus rounds within a level? cause I did all 10 of a regular boss level without any cheats or getting hit, or do I have to also do the 3 bonus levels on that? ❓

    1. Jack

      Youre talking about the “Imperishable” medal? I did kill a boss in hard mode without losing health (but using counter bombs) but it didn’t unlock it. I didn’t try not to get hit at all. Did you?

  95. Jack

    I fought the first boss in heavenly difficulty and we both died at the same time, and the game didn’t seem to care: I got both the “bullet hell” medal and a score for beating the level. That’s not really a problem, but it’s weird.

    I definitely enjoy the game better in heavenly that in normal, even though I usually never play shmups. You really miss something by playing in normal, so it shouldn’t be called “normal”.

  96. Jack

    I just finished the game in normal mode and I am disappointed in the lack of difficulty. It was fine for the first half of the game, but I expected it to get thougher at the end. Instead I got 3 stars on first try in almost all levels after world 7. It didn’t feel epic at all. I think you should both try to make those last worlds harder, and change the the difficulty name from “normal” to “easy”.

    After beating level 10-4 when I click on “Next level” I am sent back to the main menu instead of starting 10-5.

  97. ZeroPride

    Love the fact that there are no upgrades. Usually, in these games, you barely beat every boss, max on upgrades and go back annhilating them in 0.3 seconds, not learning how to dodge their patterns.
    Also, i’d love an autopause when moving cursor out of the game screen, and an option to put to the side of the screen main ands econdary weapon % charge,They just disturb me when dodging close bullets ( happens with the auras too ).
    As for the gameplay, it’s great. Heavenly mode is hard, and that’s why i love it. Keep it up
    Btw, the game runs smoothly when not in fullscreen, i have nvidia graphic card, which is not activated yet, so i’m in software mode with an intel i7. Using Ubuntu 14.04.
    For the hitbox, it seems to me that it’s a bit smaller than the white dot.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I tried adding an autopause but it was annoying – it happened way too often. Maybe I’ll make it an option. A good work around is holding a mouse button down when your mouse leaves the screen – the game should still detect it then.

      In the Steam version I’ll have charge bars at the sides, not much I can do in the web version.

  98. Hope

    Matt, are you sure about putting in the pokemon references and stuff? because you plan on selling this game, you might get a ‘Cease and Desist’ notice from nintendo, They can be pretty hardheaded about their property. :wut:

  99. Minori Shizuka

    The game seems amazing so far (altho’ I kind of miss regular upgrade system) Also – do the costumes add any kind of bonus, or are they purely visually oriented?

    Plus – I found a kind of a bug.
    I played the game, then closed the browser, and then reloaded it – and I couldn’t play the previously unlocked songs from the gallery.

  100. Lugal

    At the beginning of a stage sometimes the bombs are used without doing anithing, and it s frustrating because i want to keep them for difficult situations

    I don’t know if it’s a bug or just my mouse that it’s just broken 😥

  101. TheMaleLilligant

    I killed the Nature Golem and he killed me simultaneously. Upon trying the battle again, the game counted it as a victory and played the winning cutscene. :wut:

  102. Julius

    Still great but when I went to go see the characters I go to my main, Phyrnna, and it says I can only get her in the pack even though i’m already using her.

  103. Z2

    So, having unlocked all the levels, I’ve got to say that it is really, REALLY disappointing that there is no bonus boss for the space area. I unlocked space survival and saw that there was still a blank square while the characters talked about there not being a boss, and I thought it was a fake out; like I needed to star everything before finding it or it would only show up at the end of a boss rush mode, but there was only another ‘survival’ level. The bonus ‘Oblivion’ level in Bullet Heaven 1 was both extremely memorable and one of my favorite entities in all of shooterdom; so finding out there wasn’t anything comparable in the sequel – which is otherwise all about trying to appear bigger and better – was a surprising let down.

    I get that they’re tough to come up with, but for the game’s grand finale it probably would be worth the effort. If nothing else, you could ask for ideas; or just do a special edition of the boss from the last game; or make it Godcat who just uses the toughest waves of all the other bosses… I feel like there’s something.

    1. Penguin4478

      He stated earlier that he was not going to make a extra version of the final boss. Something along the lines of “I’d rather make a really, really good final boss rather than 2 average final bosses”

        1. Z2

          I guess I should elaborate so as to actually be helpful: I found it merely ‘decent’ on all levels.

          Story wise, after EBF4 and potentially even Bullet Heaven 1 it felt like a a bit of a downgrade to be fighting _________. It showing up as behind the… whatever was actually kind of clever, but there’s no sense of climax to the battle since afterwards the characters all but state that it’ll be back again; meaning there’s no sense of accomplishment.

          As for Danmaku game bosses, gameplay wise, there’s typically two major elements. Challenge, and spectacle.

          Challenge wise, ________ was decent. It lacked most of the gimmickry of the other bosses, but that made it go down much more easily. And being balanced for a main story boss rather than a bonus boss leaves it less difficult and less memorable than some of the other bonus bosses.

          Spectacle wise, it’s also kind of a letdown. The duality and contrast of the final boss in BH1 made it an absolute joy to behold; but staying on theme with the final boss in this one makes it significantly less aesthetically interesting. Also, this is a much more personal thing, but I do not think there is any track in this game nearly equal to A Light in the Darkness of Destruction from the first game.

          1. Matt Roszak Post author

            Sorry to hear that! I definitely could have made many of the bosses better, but I had to stop working on the game somewhere.
            The only thing I can really do at this point is make the final boss harder.

  104. Julius

    Everything is great so far but just wondering when you go to the gallery and when you pick a different song is it suppose to stay at that song you picked or reset to the normal one when you exit the gallery?

    1. Lucky Apawan

      It seems that is intentional… The music gallery in EBF 4, like this one, also sticks around in the main menu.

  105. Z2

    Could you please add in an option to disable screen shaking? When the heavy bosses stomp around it sometimes causes a lot of lag or for Phrynna to desynchronize with my mouse.

  106. Lividcoffee (TJ)

    this game is better than the last bullet heaven this has a story and i also have to say im glad i played though ur series :yay: :smirk: :hurray: i just wish i can make some videos and pose them on youtube like my friend 😥

  107. Penguin4478

    Some thoughts on character balance so far. I’ve played a good handful and this is what I think.

    Matt: In a very good spot. His attack range is really limited unless you charge up his primary but he has pretty strong stats. Rewards players who are good at managing that short primary range.
    Natz: Kind of underwhelming. I would say she’s just slightly subpar but otherwise okay. Not really as strong as she once was in BH1. Maybe just buff her primary shot a tiny bit?
    Lance: Actually very strong. I don’t really see the reason to use any sub other than cluster bomb though. It has good range, good damage, and doesn’t cost that much. The other subs just get outshined by it. The fact that his primary angles to his movement direction also makes his life a lot easier than, for example, phyrnna
    Anna: Almost entirely sub-dependent I think. Not necessarily a bad thing but I just found that she isn’t the most impressive. At the very least, I’d say she’s in a decent spot.
    NoLegs: haven’t bothered with him yet. Will play him soon
    Dry NoLegs: God this guy is so good in regular stages. All 3 subs are very useful and a homing primary with decent damage and slightly below-average fire rate makes his kit really strong. The high movement speed is really nice in stages as well because sometimes monster spawns can screw you over since they come out pretty fast. I like his identity of being really good at regular stages and lacking against bosses. Might need a bit of nerfing but he’s DLC so that may not be the case. Barely any reason to use any other character in regular stages aside from the fact that his high speed can be hard to control.
    Slime Bunny: I haven’t played much with this character either but seems pretty weak in general. The spread of attacks is pretty good but damage is lacking and bullets don’t really have enough projectile speed to be that useful in regular stages. The homing secondary is also really, really bad. Maybe reduce its cost on the secondary bar a bit?
    Phyrnna: Very weird character. She can be pretty good if you use her right, and her stats are actually pretty decent. Her one huge weakness though is just that she has a hard time hitting enemies that aren’t in a line directly in front of her. This weakness becomes very apparent early in the game. Interestingly enough, her starting sub weapon is unbelievably good at killing bosses or anything with high health in general. From what I can tell she actually does just a well against bosses as Lance does with her starting sub weapon.

    Another thing I had a problem with was the number of lives or phases a boss has. Am I just not seeing something or is there no indicator?

    Also this might just be me having a slow transition phase but the bullets are kind of hard for me to pay attention to. Probably just me focusing too much on hitting enemies rather than dodging. Been playing too much touhou I guess.

  108. Blue

    Hey. been playing for around 5-10 hours, finished game on normal and did the 1st(2 star) and 2nd(1 star) extra bosses on heavenly … i did ran into quite a lot of bugs..most of which had already been addressed in the comments . but i’m gonna list a few of them anyway, together with other notes/rants, in the order that attracted most of my attention.

    1-the controls sometimes get stuck(both mouse/keyboard) and i end up using up all by bombs without intention, resulting in failures.
    2-the escape button gets me out of the fullscreen mode when instead i just wanted to pause the game,and then i have to go all the way back into the options menu to sort it out.
    3-when failing a level it takes too much time for the menu to pop up,this is most accentuated when u try to practice heavenly patterns and u are using the 1 life(will explain why this is better in a sec). it takes way to long to get back into action(take note from super meat boy). unless u pause it just b4 getting killed.
    4- 1 life handicap is actually a bonus(cheat) in disguise,without using it getting hit just once in any wave will give u a 2 wave penalty,by that i mean u get no diamond in this and the next wave as well if u get hit only once, if u get hit twice that’s even worse, and diamonds have an enormous impact on your score.but this is also a bonus because when getting hit, the time u have to activate a Bomb is greatly increased,and id rather trade 2 lives for 4 diamonds anytime, but that’s just my 2 cents.
    5-the speed up/down handicap/cheat also affects enemies which leads into.
    6-some enemies pop into the screen without any warning and its been more than once that i get killed because one of them literally spawned on top of me (while doing the normal story mode and playing a map for the 1st time) its an annoying and unfair situation.
    (by this point u probably realized that these are rants )
    7-i guess this is harder to control but i find it very annoying when i’m getting killed by a bullet that is hidden under an other much larger bullet and u cant see it coming because u are way to focused on your surrounding. this happens a way to much on higher difficulties
    8- the high contrast bullets really need some color. might as well hide background,make the enemies giant red squares,and the game should run okay on an NES.

    well i guess that pretty much sums up my experience with this game.
    overall even in this Beta/Demo state..GG

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      1. I’ll have to see if there’s a better way to program the controls.
      2. Escape always does this in Flashplayer, can’t change it. You can pause the game with P though, and I will add a better fullscreen hotkey.
      3. I’ll consider it!

  109. Varflock

    One thing that was bugging me when I tried to play as Bunny Slime is that I can’t see the bullets that are too close to me. Bunny is white, bullets are also mostly white so they’re almost invisible when two things overlap. Maybe making that character a bit darker would help. :meh:

  110. Youser_name

    I have all default options on, and I’m using keyboard controls (SHIFT, Z, X, SPACE, (arrow keys)). I’ve also “purchased” the expansion pack, and I’m playing in software mode.
    When I hold down my primary and secondary attack at the same time (Z & X) I can’t move left or down. I can stay still, or move right/up but the left and down arrows stop working. I first noticed this while using lance (Titanium wings and laser) in world 2-1. Afterwards I tested it in world 1-4 with Matt (default weapons) and Lance (still titanium w/ laser), and the same issue occurred.

    1. Youser_name

      Note: If you were already holding down left or down before holding Z and X (i.e. HOLD LEFT –> HOLD Z & X) then you can move left until you hit the side or release it, but if you do this instead (HOLD Z & X –> HOLD LEFT) then you won’t move left.

  111. SirJestahLot

    After the beta when I connect with a ps4 dualshock controller it won’t connect anymore… whereas it would before beta2

  112. Raektis

    Loving the game. My issue is with the keyboard controls. Sometimes keys get stuck, like if I move left and then want to move right, I move nowhere if I press right.. If I don’t press any arrow key, I move left. Pressing the direction you are “stuck” in fixes this, but it’s getting me killed in the harder stages.

  113. vini

    just found out i was playing the armory on heavenly difficulty…..and I was raging about it beeing to hard for normal mode^^

    1. jack

      I was just about to say that I got 3 stars on first try in all the standard levels of world 7 in normal mode. You might want to raise the difficulty there. But the bosses were fine.

  114. Youser_name

    The game seems pretty good, I just completed level one. I noticed however that the end screen takes ages 😐 Maybe the score bonuses could all count up at the same time, or at least without any breaks in the middle?

  115. Jack

    I don’t know if this is intended, but the last round of boss fights is always counted as perfect: you always get a diamond or a heart. So you can just use all your remaining bombs and skip it and still get a high rank.

  116. Tony Zhang

    Uhh hi,
    I just wanted to give some tips… I think.
    Well… 1. I played heavenly in 2-5 and died there, because I was at the center of a starting wave. Then I had a hunch and played 9-6 on normal. It was easier. Maybe you should make 4 parts with one named easy for the 5-10 years old. Or make the gap a bit less… wide.
    2. If you play with the cheat invincible (or whatever its called) then there will be a clicking sound while he counts your nonexistent score. Would be nicer if it weren’t the case

  117. Núri Niëninqe

    Playing with the arrow keys is proving to be a bit difficult. I suddenly get glued to one of the sides and can’t move away. It’s irritating 😐 .

  118. Snyfler

    The game freezes for a bit on wave 10 of 5-3 when I destroy multiple honeycombs at the same time. I am playing Matt with Titan Blade to destroy a lot at the same time.

  119. Jack

    About tutorials, I had no problem learning how to play but it would be nice to have somewhere an explanation for how diamonds and bonus waves work. It is explained at the beginning of some level but if you don’t remember which one you don’t want to try every level to find it. I think a “Help” menu would be welcome.

    Sometimes when I start a level the first reply is skipped. It happened in different levels, the only ones I can remember are 3-4 and 1-4 (you know, when you explain that there are cursors showing the position of the ennemies…).

    It has been said before but a “back” button in the multiplayer menu would be nice.

    Could you add a keyboard shortcut for fullscreen mode, like Alt+Enter, in the Steam version?

    I only played the first five worlds in normal difficulty and the difficulty curve seems fine, I don’t die often and have no trouble getting high ranks, but it’s not too easy either, just what I would expect from the first half of the game in the lowest difficulty setting.

  120. Redacted

    1. Game does not remember autofire option when refreshing page, always set it to off.
    2. A fps counter would be nice. Fraps doesn’t seem to work with flash and it’s kinda hard to notice performance drops precisely with your eyes only.

  121. Samarkand

    Keyboard controls bug out like crazy (keeps firing even after letting go of the key, won’t fire sub-weapon if i’m firing the main at the same time, and worst of all it sometimes I get stuck going on one direction for several seconds), and for some weird reasons there’s no focus option on mouse controls, so overall unplayable on hard difficulty

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I’ll add the focus back for mouse controls.
      The keyboard problem is probably your keyboard not supporting many key presses at once.

  122. KingSnail

    Eh I think I found a glitch. Using mouse controls, I found that at random points during a level I would keep shooting even if I let go of the mouse button. This worked for bombs too. Sometimes it would even bomb immediately after starting a level. Maybe it’s just my mouse, but it could be something to look in to.

    1. KingSnail

      Oh, and all my settings (aside from turning some effects off) were default. Autofire was off, etc.. So yeah.

  123. Trevor

    I think there are several big exploits in the game, which can be used to achieve several medals unfairly. ❗ I am using version 0.2.

    1. Star Exploit
    I went to the first level, and set it onto wave 13 with heavenly difficulty. I turned on the pacifist handicap, with no other cheats or handicaps. Then, I decided to kill myself by running into the enemies (don’t ask). I ended up with a full three star ranking, despite the fact that I had committed suicide and done nothing. I found I could replicate this on any stage that I had originally completed, including bosses. This is a pretty big deal, as it means that you can easily get achievements such as Super Star without much effort.

    2. Handicap Exploit
    If you go to any endless level, it will tell you that cheats and handicaps are off. However, the game seems to still register that you are playing with handicaps, such as Pacifist Mode. As such, you can get the Pacifist, Fast Foes and Weak Players medals just by using them on endless levels and committing suicide (given that they bought premium).

    These are some pretty big exploits, and I hope that you will fix them. They are very gamebreaking and take the challenge out of some of the medals. I’m a big fan of your work and I really hope that BH2 succeeds!

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      1. Pacifist ranking is currently broken.
      2. Didn’t know about this one, I’ll need to fix that!

  124. MSXlove

    so um, I’ve tried 4 chapters, personally think that phyranna’s second attack is quite op combined with diamonds drops every wave cleared, since your bar get filled up to 100% instantly, and with slow moving music notes it instantly clears the wave. Also, the boss battle on normal mode seems a bit too easy, the boss dies really fast. and could you create a key bind for WASD, my up key is broken so i’m forced to use a mouse. Thanks!! :stars: :stars: :stars: GREAT GAME

  125. Stagefright

    Matt: I NEED FOOD!
    No Legs: MEOW! *shiver*
    It’s an awesome and beautiful game, but I personally think that it might need just a little more content. That’s just me, though. I’d buy it in a second with all the awesomeness that’s here.

  126. Cakasaur

    Currently i have only done world 1. I feel that the first few waves of world 1 on normal mode seems too easy, although the difficulty scaling seems ok from wave to wave. However there is a difficulty spike between the world 1 waves and the big bush boss. On Heavenly and Hard on the other hand the difficulty scaling seems much better.
    Regarding the bullet visibility i tried playing the game with and without high contrast bullets and while i honestly prefer the game without high contrast bullets, it is rather difficult to focus on the bullets mainly because of how beautiful it is and the difference of the sizes of the bullets and the hitbox of the bullets can be quite misleading, especially with the shuriken shaped bullets where the ‘spikes’ of the shuriken can’t hurt you but even touching the edge of the rounded edge of the shuriken bullet (the non spiky part) can damage you. A possible fix might be to put a darker outline on the hit box and the bullets but it might affect the aesthetics of the bullets. What i like about the bullets in non-high contrast mode though is the small animation the bullet makes when you graze it :stars: . High contrast bullets seem to work fine though
    Controls wise i play using mouse controls on manual fire. I personally find the sub-weapons to be rather clunky to use especially the weapons that require you to hold down sub-fire i.e. double click and hold and specifically Anna’s nature shield weapon which basically requires you to double click twice in order to refresh the shield which tends to break focus when playing the game. Rebindable keys will be great as i would prefer to bind the sub-attack to right click and bombs to some other mouse button/ scroll wheel.
    Didn’t play multiplayer but it would be nice if there is a ‘back’ button in the multiplayer screen.
    The game seems to run well on my laptop with particles to 100% although it might worsen in later levels (Untested)
    OS: Win 8.1
    Processor: AMD Quad-Core A6-5200 APU 2.0GHz using in-built graphics
    RAM: 10GB

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      In the Steam version I can make the mouse controls better by using the middle button, can’t really use that in the web version cause it scrolls the page.

  127. Tsuki

    The game ran fine for me for really long (used lmnpop to pop out the game while watching a stream), but after a while (testing only with keyboard and mouse), I was tackling the first Extra boss and the keys got sticky, messing up evasion. I don’t know the cause, but I assume it relates to something old of Flash?

  128. Metaluca

    bug tested with Matt, Nolegs and Phyrnna, doesn’t happens in every level/waves (can be tested in lvl 7-6):
    if X or W button is hold for a few sec (mouse mode) the displacement start to get laggy and need a few seconds to recover after releasing the key.
    Does not depend on displayed bullet/monsters since can be triggered inbetween waves

    Using Invincibility cheat + all handicaps still allows to get 3 stars . this is certainly due to how the new pacifista works.

  129. Metaluca

    This bug doesn’t occurs in every level/waves but happens really really often (for example in lvl 7-6), tested with Matt, Phyrnna and Noleg:
    if X or W button is hold (mouse mode) the displacement start to get laggy and need a few seconds to recover after releasing the key. No problem if shoot with mouse
    Does not depend on item/projectile display on screen since can be triggered even between waves.

    Can get 3 star rank, even in heavenly, while having invincibility cheat activated while having every handicaps activated (but certainly due to how pacifist works now)

  130. Kevin

    The main problem I have is with bullet visibility. The bullets should be more visible and not blend in as much. A lot of times I don’t notice the bullets until they hit me.

  131. Arcterran

    Requested feedback (Part 1, I got rushed!)

    Tutorial: For the most part the game was easy to pick up and play, considering the simple controls, however I sometimes wished that I wished that I could just call up that reference sheet again, mostly for testing purposes (or if there is I didn’t catch it, maybe a mini-reference?). I seemed to be nailing “Perfects” on the default difficulty setting with no problem (my experience with shumps is relativley light, but I am familliar enough with the genre to have beaten a couple of games)

    Performance: Smooth as butter on this machine (yay upgrades!), settings were set to default

    Specs (Thank you DxDiag!)

    OS: Win 8.1
    Processor: i7
    Memory: 12GB
    Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 840M

    Hopefully I can sneak some more testing in….and on my “bad” machine 😛

  132. Jack

    It seems that in survival mode, most handicaps are disabled but the “no death-bomb” remains active. You don’t get any score bonus, but you can’t use bombs either.

    The boss in level 3-6 starts shooting before the “Warning” disappears. Its not really a bug, but it’s rude.

    I don’t know how you will handle fullscreen mode in different versions, but having to activate it in the options is not convenient. Is there a shortcut for that?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I’ll add it in the pause menu for the Steam version I guess. Most websites don’t support fullscreen, so it’s not a major feature in the web version.

  133. Lejon L'expert

    Ok now that i have all stars in normal mode, here’s a little feedback:
    – One of the strange evil-worm on graveyard survival didn’t really died when i killed it, but it died with timeout. Anyway this cost me my 3 stars this time :'(
    – Maybe some subweapons should’nt be chargeable (sonicboom) between waves, before catching the diamond. This gives Phyrnna 100% AND sonicboom ready.
    – Player select and shop are really better now. I mean, i don’t see anything to change.
    – Final survival was really hard even in normal mode. Three stars everywhere in heavenly will take me a while x_x
    – Do I see som Marisa/Utsuho inspiration in boss 9?
    – Great game, very player friendly, i like how it’s easy to choose my levels, players, cheats (btw, no cancel all cheats button?)
    – Never tried multiplayer, I guess this kind of game isn’t for everyone…
    – If you need help for any french translation, i can help you.
    – And now i go for all stars on hard. I’ll be back in 15 years or so.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      What happened with the worm? What did it do?

      Have fun with hard mode, let me know how it goes!

          1. Lejon L'expert

            I confirm, happened again. The tail of the worm is outside the screen and doesn’t explode.

  134. Will

    Feedback So Far:
    I can tell you put in a lot more effort into BH2 than the first one, which is good because you expect to sell it.
    I never thought I would be tempted to buy a shoot em up game, as I’m not usually a fan, but this is good.
    I ordered delivery because I’m starving, but this game held my attention span more than the hot pizza sitting right next to my monitor. A+
    Where can I buy the soundtrack for this game?

    I found a “Bug” or really something that could be improved upon I guess when polishing the final game, but not necessarily needed. But on level 2-1 after the Level Complete text appears, I was still shooting Natalie’s Secondary bullets for about 7 seconds after, and then the bullets froze during the cutscene that followed. If your bored just have it stop shooting when it says Level Complete. I mean, I’m not picky about this sort of thing, but you know, if you are wanting to polish it up some more before final release and all…

    Anyways my hunger got the best of me so I’m forcing myself to stop playing before my pizza gets any colder. :tongue:

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Thanks! “Better than pizza” is quite a compliment!
      We’re not sure how we’re going to sell the soundtrack yet, it will either be bundled with the game or sold separately on Steam, and we’re probably gonna release a physical copy of it too.

  135. Ekke

    To me 7-1 was a lot more difficult than 7-2 and the levels before it.
    Also i had a glitch where i died in the middle of the bombarding behemoth fight, i got the f-grade and after clicking the button to continue i was thrown into level 8-1. :wut:

  136. Lady Friday

    The final boss was an interesting turn, I expected more difficulty though. The patterns were mostly easier than the previous two or three bosses.

    Really gonna enjoy going after the medals, you didn’t disappoint with this game.

      1. Lady Friday

        First run through was on normal. If he’s drastically more difficult on the higher difficulties, then that will be fun to see.

  137. Le-ws Therin Kinslayer

    I just started the beta, and i’ve already seen something wierd.
    The start screen wasa bit smaller, and put in the up-left corner. The rest of the screen was black.
    I hope this is something you can fix.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Oh, that can happen if the window has been scaled before the game starts. It only seems to happen in Firefox for me…
      Anyway, a temporary solution is to just scale the window when this happens, and it should snap into the correct size.

  138. Kkots

    Ocassionaly, when I was clicking the left mouse button to fire short sword bursts, something like 1 left mouse click per second, the sword attack would get stuck and Matt would keep shooting out swords all the time despite the left mouse button having been already released.
    Was playing with mouse, as Matt, on the first level, with highest quality settings, in Mozilla Firefox 40.0.3 browser on this page, in full-screen mode. The game was having short lag spikes all the time (even in menus), which did not disrupt the gameplay in any way though.
    Short lag spikes may interfere with mouse and keyboard input, I believe. But I’m not sure.

    Intel Core 2 Duo 2.27 GHz
    4.00 GB RAM (of which 3.3 GB is used)
    32-bit Windows Vista
    Mozilla Firefox 40.0.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      The mouse problem can happen if the game doesn’t catch the mouse release, usually because it was outside of the game window or you some other application stole focus. Could it be any of that?

      1. Kkots

        I tested it in full-screen (scrolled the web-page upwards or downwards before entering full-screen, too), without full-screen, with 30 FPS and 60 FPS settings, and the results are same every time.
        If I make a short click while the character is very near these two marked lines (approximate positions of the places in which the mouse bug occurs), either on the vertical or on the horizontal line, then the mouse may randomly get “stuck”.
        Image of the bug: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/8c997b5be0db3e84399308501fb9faa9

        I assume it’s caused by the mouse being pressed inside the inner rectangular region and being released outside of it. So that region somehow interferes with mouse events.

        1. Matt Roszak Post author

          That’s really weird. No idea what’s going on there!
          I’ll see if anyone else reports anything similar.

      2. Kkots

        I closed all applications which could steal focus and there remain none which might be the cause of the problem. I don’t ever have it (mouse focus stealing problem) with other flash games and never had it in Bullet Heaven 1.
        By the way, left one more reply before this one.

  139. Debbie

    Everything ran really smoothly but suddenly my screen blanked out after I switched players twice – is it the same bug that you posted about on youtube?

      1. Debbie

        I run on windows 10, I think I have the latest flashplayer.
        I switched from Matt to Phyrnna and back to Matt after failing to defeat the turtle boss, and then when I went back for a second attempt, the screen faded to black and never appeared again, even after the conversation and firing a few bullets. The same happened even after exiting to the menu and going back again. It looked like how the screen blacked out im the youtube video, but in this case the screen never cane back until I reloaded the whole webpage.

  140. Z2

    Two things I’ve found:

    One, there needs to be a way to retarget homing shots, because sometimes Dry NoLegs gets stuck aiming off the screen.

    Two, sometimes those ‘heavy shots’ that make the screen shake causes the character to stop following my mouse. That hovercraft is almost impossible because it keeps making the character freak out.

    1. Z2

      Also, since you mentioned the difficulty curve, that hovercraft is just RIDICULOUS. The next two bonus bosses were much much easier.

      1. Matt Roszak Post author

        Yeah, I’m not too worried about the bonus bosses being imbalanced though, since you can fight them in whatever order you like, or not at all.

  141. Jack

    I played a bit more and those thing didn’t disappear. So maybe they are just arrows to show where the ennemies are, and not bugs at all… The weird thing is that I didn’t notice it at all in level 1-1.

    1. Jack

      These arrows appear on the screenshots you posted, so they’re definitely not a bug.

      My only complaint then is that there are too many things on the screen. An important reason why is love BH so much is because of its aesthetic, so it bothers me to see the circles and gauges around the caracter, the arrows on the bottom of the screen, and a lot of stuff on the top. In my opinion it would be better either to put all the info outside of the main screen like in BH1 or at least to reduce it: e.g. you don’t really need to write “health” beside your health, I think everyone understand what hearts represent.

      1. Matt Roszak Post author

        This won’t be an issue in the Steam version, cause that stuff will be at the side like in the first game. I’m just a bit limited with space in the web version.
        Not sure what I can do about the gauges around the character, I’ll think about it.

  142. Jack

    While playing level 1-2 in full-screen, I got a graphical bug where I would see the top of a diamond on the bottom of the screen right under where the ennemies are. Those diamonds follows the ennemy’s movement, and disappears when it dies.

    I got a a screenshot if you want, though I’m not sure how to send it to you.

    And it has already been said, but I think the circle and gauges around your character really seem out of place.

  143. R

    Level that stood out the most was Seagull cliffs (2-2). In other levels I didn’t like the background particle effect, but in that level (2-2) it looked like their were waves forming in the sea and the whole background felt compact and not random. However I was a little bit disappointed when I realized that if I touch rocks in the sea I won’t loose health.

    The only bug in the game that I found (and I don’t know if it is a bug) is when you kill the electric (pikachu) slime sometimes in the dying animation it has white big eyes and sometimes it has just one normal eye in the middle. If it is a bug leave it in because it’s funny.
    Other bug that I found is fixed when I go to full screen and exit, so I don’t if it is a browser (I’m on Firefox) thing or something else. When the game starts it is not across the whole screen (I mean normal game screen on page, not full screen), it has a black border on the bottom and on the right.

    So far this is your best and most complex game yet, and I love it. Although I didn’t have time to finish the whole game, I loved*10 it and I hope that you will start making games that are a little bit more serious, in a sense that it won’t feel like a massive browser game, rather a smaller pc or even console game.

  144. Lucky John Rey S. Apawan

    +My characters can’t get to that little bottom-most part of the screen where the so-called err… ‘tag indicator’? / boss HP is placed. It kinda annoys in a way when you’re desperately dodging bullets (most especially in heavenly difficulty) and only to find out your character isn’t backing further! Then I lose a heart. This happens many time to me since I always lean back furthest away to the edge of the screen….
    + There’s a bug in lvl 4-3 where there is this one wave there that suddenly stops moving, like, unnaturally. Funny way to freeze themselves… They’re still attacking though, just, not moving.
    + Can there be a purchasable bombs for the characters?
    + This game is super awesome :yay: :hurray: I like the concept of the shop, the bullet pattern, the weapons, characters, graphics, music, art, everything! :yay: :hurray:

  145. Billy The Honourable

    Bugs / thought to be bugs:

    1. Xbox controller doesnt work.
    2. Game forgets 100% of all progress on refresh.

    Stuff I think are missing:

    1. The little things. Easter eggs would work great in this game! E.g. Bullets change depending on costume and when characters speak it shows their equipped costume in the icon.
    2. P2W alternitives! I joke, of course.

  146. Billy The Honourable

    My normal XBoX Wired controller, plugged in before loading of game, isnt wokring with Bullet Heaven 2 at all. Quite a shame. It definately works, I have played Ultra Street Fighter IV With it just before, so I know it works… 😐

  147. Medlin

    Some thoughts on difficulty after I did a full run with Matt with default weapon, mouse control (might just a personal thoughts, besides I believe some of those might be harder if you use controller):
    – 5-4 seems easier than 2 (if not 3) previous.
    – 7-1 seems harder than next 2.
    – 9-3 looks harder than 9-4 and previous (or it’s 9-4 looks too easy). Same about 10-2 vs 10-3.
    – Lot’s of bosses’ bonus rounds are way easier than regular rounds. The 5th boss, for example.
    – The 6th boss was surprisely easy to kill even with default weapon. Easier than some of previous.

    One thing I don’t like about tutorial is “you died with bombs left” message appears then you get to the next level rather than replay the one you died, lol. The rest about tutorial seems ok.

  148. Andran

    I would be very happy to have an option to disable the flickering of bullets – it’s too tiring for my eyes (even though it’s beautiful).

  149. Shaff

    I was fighting the boss from level 8-5 :yay: and i died :ooo: and then the boss exploded :wut: , i get and F for failing the level but when the level restarted it said Level Complete and let me go to next level :shades: …
    I don’t think this is something that will happen very often, losing at the last possible second, but you may wanted to know it :smirk:

  150. YoshiBattler

    I have refreshed multiple times.
    And it won’t load again. When I refresh the game flickers black quickly and then cuts out and goes to white.

  151. Juraji

    Enemies dropped hearts multiple times even though I didn’t buy the “enemies drop hearts” option in the store.

  152. Snyfler

    Cool ! It’s back up, I can play agaiiin <3


    1- No back button in the multiplayer player select screen, I can't go back to the single player one from there.
    2- Still can't put the game fullscreen from the in-game pause menu
    3- Sometime (can't really say when exactly) Matt goes crazy and shoots non-stop for 1-2 seconds. Only happens in fullscreen.
    4- When starting a level in fullscreen I can't skip dialogues
    5- I find the white hitbox circle way too big and I confuses me sometimes. Can you put an option to remove it ?
    6- In a boss fight, it would be awesome if we could see which wave we are in.

    I'll come back later <3

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Huh, some of those might be caused by fullscreen restricting keyboard usage in a browser, I’ll have to take a look.

  153. Luke Kellett

    Hey Matt, the game itself is totally awesome with most menus and screens working well, a shame that upgrades are now cheats tho 😡 Also the hit box wont register being hit and on occasions when I was clearly being hit. Performance wise, The game runs amazing with my Macbook Pro on 4GB ram. ( And cheers for the choice of 60/30fps will help a lot with some people which is awesome :hurray: ) And another thing i recall from the first bullet heaven game was the ability to press control or something and to slow you down to help with tons of bullets on the screen. Maybe you could add that later. A reply to this would be really nice and I absolutely love your work, its a shame more people don’t know about you! :yay: :hurray:

    Keep up the amazing stuff, can’t wait to get this when it comes out.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      The mouse controls don’t have the slowdown button anymore, because I didn’t think it was useful for mouse controls, only for keyboard. I can add it back.

      1. Luke Kellett

        Awesome! Because me and a lot of others really used that feature as it was really helpful for later levels. :smirk: Thanks for responding too, because not much big well known people reply to comments anymore and when you did it made my day. Thx for amazing games and I will definitely get the game when it comes on steam. If you need me to help in development in anyway I would love to help you :hurray: (You probs might not need the help tho. :meh:) Thanks for talking.

        Your the best man. :yay: :hurray:

  154. Aesica

    Some design things from an outsider’s perspective that you may want to consider:

    1) In the shop, cheats and handicaps should show their score modifiers before you buy them. Right now, the only way to know that, say, the 1 heart handicap boosts your score by +10% is to buy it first, then look in the activate-cheats menu.

    2) All slow-moving secondary shots (like Phyrnna’s soothing song and Dry Nolegs’ blade wall) are extremely strong right now. With slow-moving bullets in general, it’s easy to fill the screen with them, and they have a greater chance of colliding with an enemy before moving off-screen than fast-moving shots. It’s possible to wipe out entire waves by painting the screen back-and-forth with slow bullet spam that will intercept things as they fly in.

    3) Sustained secondary shots and autofire don’t play well together, since holding down the mouse to keep the secondary shot active turns off the primary weapon.

    4) Many of the not-yet-obtained things are completely obscured by question marks and show no mouseover information until they are unlocked. It might be better to instead, show mouseover info regardless of lock state and display locked items in a dimmed or grayed out manner. That way, people can get a more detailed preview of what unlocking a certain character (or buying the expansion) will give them without menu-hopping all over the place. The exception of course is anything that’s meant to be a complete surprise.

    That’s just a few things after a quick glance. Great game otherwise. 🙂

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      1) I agree.
      2) Kinda agree.
      3) Not much I can do about this. I’d use the mouse wheel instead of double clicking but I can’t do that in a browser, only in the Steam version.

      1. Aesica

        Regarding #3, the autofire + secondary shot conflict:

        You could always have a sub-option for autofire that always keeps the primary shot firing. This kind of kills the design behind halting your shots long enough to build up a burst, though. The current implementation may be the best option available to flash users. (More reasons to get the steam version!)

  155. Jeffrey Li

    I know I’ve already said this, but i still don’t see a wave counter on the bosses? Unless im just blind or something.

  156. SirBlackMage

    Sorry for posting so often, but I thought of another feature that might be useful.
    After killing all enemies of a wave and getting an item, I’ll often fly up to grab it, only to get damaged from an enemy that swoops in from the left/right. This also happened while dodging bullets early on in a wave, when I went up, not expecting there to be any more enemies.
    This could be fixed, by adding an outline sorta thing, a second before enemies show up. I don’t know if this would really be practical, or if you want to go through the effort of including such a seemingly mundane thing, but I just wanted to say this.
    (I have to add, though, that I have very little experience with Shmups. Also, I could just wait until the items drop down to a safe level, but you know, I get excited for goodies!)

  157. Denis Miura

    Well here’s some feedback

    Played on ver. 0.2

    About controls:

    I don’t know if it happened with anyone yet, but on “Keyboard” schematic, sometimes your move key is still active even without touching it (The character moves by itself)
    I think it have to do with the key press check? Not sure now.

    About gameplay:

    Haven’t played with every character yet but here some opinions.

    Phyrnna’s sub weapon: “Soothing Song” is really powerfull. (Personally I find it okay with it as not everyone likes delayed projectiles)
    On the other hand. “Sonic Boom” isn’t much usefull, it’s cool that you could hit the inner enemies but I think the damage is kinda low? (For a 3 uses per 100% Sub weapon)
    “Tragic Tune” is… well… very straight forward >>)

    The game run pretty nice here. Mouse + Keyboard is way to go. (Or maybe the Controller will be good to? Looking forward for a new version with the controller bug fixed ><)

  158. Jeffrey Li

    Also, on the title screen, it takes some time for the slime bunny to move up then lets you play so maybe if you click or push a button the animation will skip and you can play immediately.

  159. Jeffrey Li

    A cool touch would be to add a faint “x” or something over an item/character that costs too much money. Otherwise it looks like you can still buy it until you mouse over it.

  160. SirBlackMage

    It is possible to repeatedly purchase premium by reloading the game. This makes it possible to infinitely farm money very quickly. Deleting progress also doesn’t seem to work, so I can’t get rid of all the money that I accidentally accumulated.

  161. SirBlackMage

    My brother is using a controller, and he’s constantly holding down the button for slowing down. It would be neat if there was an option to change it, so that you’re automatically slow and speed up when pressing that button.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Yeah, I thought about that, but no one had complained about it until now. 😛
      This can be arranged!

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  163. Bullet Heaven is the best

    You should’ve left the demo up while you were working on the other data, Because I got here late and I am so hyped up XD Thanks for this awesome game man! :stars:

  164. Billy The Honourable

    Jeez, I have never been so hyped for a Demo in my life!

    Cant wait for the update. Usually game devs don’t update the demos, but this demo is more for testing?

  165. jabenero

    ACK! 9-4 seems to be bugged! :ooo:
    Also, I feel that the levels from world 5-8 don’t really get harder on Normal mode

    Besides that, Great Demo! I can’t wait for the release.

  166. Snyfler

    It may be too late to post this but well.

    1- Boss health bar is way too high on the screen. It’s even worst when playing fullscreen. Lowering it or puting it directly on the player HUD would be awesome.
    2- The hitbox circle is too large. I sometime can’t tell if it’s a bullet or not. Plus when I play on fullscreen the game slows down and the hitbox is definitly not on the white circle. I liked it better when the hitbox wasn’t shown in BH1. Maybe add an option ?
    3- For the third power of Matt (the red blades), I experienced several issues : when I double click and hold it, only one red sword comes out although I was at 100%.
    4- Coins are WAY too large.
    5- I tried Pyrrhna, and her second power (the note bomb that travels the screen before exploding when you hold the button) is not visible enough. I can’t see it travelling the screen.
    6- I find it annoying that you can’t set the game in fullscreen when you are in-game.

    Besides all that, I loved it. It was awesome. Super hard in heavenly and I loved it 🙂
    Can’t wait for the next beta <3 I've waited so long for this game, I can handle some extra time <3

    Keep up the good job !

  167. IKA

    Ok, it took me a few years, but I realized what feels wrong with this game.
    Bullets are too small. It’s very hard to analyze threats. Also bullets being too glowy and not flashy at all doesn’t help.
    My suggestion is to make them change brightness slightly. Something like dark purple->normal purple->bright purple->normal purple etc.

  168. BlackoutSampler

    Really enjoying the game so far, it can’t be restated enough that this game looks amazing. haven’t found any sort of bugs that haven’t already been stated, but…

    it does kind suck that going for a pacifist run nets you an automatic F grade, is there a way for that Handicap to give a ludicrous score multiplier to make up for the inability to get diamonds and kill enemies?

    also, I don’t know if it is just me, but Gaia Blossom felt kinda weaksauce. especially compared to the crazy strong Razor Leaf or the similarly designed but somehow stronger Cannon Blast. I might have to go back and try it again.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      There’s not much I can do for pacifist runs without making a whole new scoring system for them, and I’d rather not.

    2. Matt Roszak Post author

      Maybe I could automatically give you a triple star rank for a pacifist run though. Your score will suck, but I think that would be a nice reward.

  169. Multyplayer Player

    Great game, I love the pretty backgrounds and enemies and their bullets! Although when I’m on the keyboard controls with another player, I’ll lose focus and mix up the characters’ hitboxes and sprites and confuse myself. >.< Perhaps each player's hitbox dot should have a slightly different shade of color? :wut:
    Very occasionally I'll mistake the bright round bullets for those shiny coins and try to collect them. I die everytime I do that. 😥

    I really love the dialogue and the matching expressions– it's hilarious and I think it reflects their interests keenly :yay:

  170. HotchAr

    In terms of difficulty, machine boss feels above where it should be, I think that’s because the boss takes up so much of the screen, so dodging feels tighter than it is, and even the pre-boss rush gave me problems, but that might have been strategy. other than that, there were a couple of places where I would finish a level with three crystals followed by a perfect level, but I don’t quite remember where they are, though N-1 is universally easier than (N-1)-4. Incidentaly, Normal spider’s first pattern is harder than the (I think) third. (both red silk patterns, first has double loops, I had to go to the edge to get through them, the later one is easier to go around the leading edge)
    I was somewhere in the sky world when I THINK I got a glitch where I bombed and killed an enemy AS the timer hit zero, and the game didn’t progress. since there’s no way to exit or restart levels that I know of, I had to refresh the tab to get out, but by then the game was taken down 😥
    also, in character select, using keyboard I can’t toggle through options, so I have to click the buttons, which automatically brings up a second player, and you can’t get out of character unless you x-out the second player (I actually thought it was broken before I figured that out) 🙁
    There was a moment where I’m not sure if a bone had a hitbox, or was supposed to have a hitbox, or had a tiny hitbox, but I think I passed through a bone in the necropolis without getting hurt.
    That’s all I remember without statistical evidence on how I did.
    I hope this is helpful and not just long and tedious.

    1. HotchAr

      I just remembered, Sometimes enemies would get hidden behind interface, so I wouldn’t shoot them and end up loosing coins or even lives.
      Since I forgot to say it earlier, It’s mostly fantastic. I nitpick because I care, and if it wasn’t worth polishing, I wouldn’t play it and you wouldn’t give us this oppurtunity. I tend to forget to compliment with my critiques.
      Dialogue is hilarious, but there are a couple typos, in the cloud world someone uses the wrong form of weather, and I wasn’t taking notes for the other one.

    2. Matt Roszak Post author

      Thanks for the feedback!
      I’m gonna be improving the player select screen. I actually don’t remember if the bone walls have hitboxes or not, they might not.

  171. Metaluca

    1) While using Nolegs and with Star Shower attack, if X button is hold (mouse mode) the displacement start to get laggy and need a few seconds to recover after releasing the key
    2) Need to activate the Expension pack every time the game is launched in order to unlock bonus level. Bonus characters are still unlocked

  172. Nicholas

    So before I made a comment that was like oh the final boss is unexpectedly weak, but I had a thought, and to be honest, now that I think about it, the entire space zone didnt feel as hard as some of the other zones before it. My difficulty was again still on just normal, but I 3 starred the space levels on my first try at them, so maybe space as a whole should be buffed, and not just the final boss.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I always play on Heavenly, so that’s probably the most balanced difficulty. 😛
      But I will indeed make the last world harder on normal.

  173. Jeffrey Li

    Some more tips:
    1. Maybe change the “exit” button to say something else? I got kind of confused at first and thought it meant to quit to the firsts screen. Maybe change it to shop, or prep screen or something.
    2. When the slime bunny’s costume changes from carrot to apple or sweet or heart, maybe change the bullet’s to match the costume? The bullet damage wouldn’t change, but i guess the shape would Dunno, maybe change all the character’s attacks a tiny bit to match costume?
    3. Maybe change Phyrnna’s special attack sounds to change a little bit? Not just the same chord over and over again. Maybe when strung together it makes a tune?
    4.Don’t know which stage, but in one of the earlier ones, (world 2-3) lance makes a really weird face and his mouth looks like a penguin beak. Not sure if supposed to be like that.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      1. Yeah, “Menu” might work.
      2. I’ll consider that. It would be a nice touch, but I’m lazy.
      3. That would be kind of complicated to program nicely.
      4. That’s intentional. 😀

  174. AgiDine

    I’m not sure if anyone posted this bug before, and it’s very minor: I’m not sure how but when I beat 1-5 on the “Replay” “Exit” “Next level” buttons, the highlight over “Exit” was reaching halfway into the “Next level” button. It was immediately fixed after moving the button select highlight option right and left again.

  175. komodor

    Phyrana did amazing job with the music as always.
    If you are adding languages i can help you with czech if you want even though i know you probably wont.
    The art on the hero icons cant be seen fully and some are overpainted and clear (lance the most and those hair grows out of his hat and so does matt 😀 ) otherwise its nice and funny ond over all just tiny details could make it look better but im not a perfectionist.
    Its only one pixel 😀 cool joke
    Maybe give the player a second if imortality after beating a wave to position himself well after collecting diamond (lost a life because of that :D)
    Eating cats might be funny,but offending as well but im totaly fine with that.
    Cuteness protection haha
    Could you make the controling able for the player to choose it not just the X space Z like to choose whatever he wants to control it?
    Lance the old pervert 😀 glad you added that, but the ending of 2×1 should have better ending like some cue about natalie instead of lance beeing pissed off.
    2×3 making fun of yourself works everytime 😀 but the ending made me never want to go to the sea again :/
    Titan blade level 1 is so small it cant hit much 🙁 i guess even with little joker a big play can be pulled off but not here i guess. And the swift sabre doesnt feel quiet strong either.
    I kinda miss the upgrades that are now sold as cheats
    The cat bush boss moans are little annoying 🙁
    The difficulty is balanced just some waves feel much harder then others in both normals and boss levels but that would be probably impossible to balance.
    Maybe little bit too much about matts hunger .D
    I found some bugs now like missing links of speaches beeing stuck on the hero choose and in game, i just dont know what happend yesterday the game worked perfectly
    this is all my notes right now i´ll wait untill its fixed

  176. chipgeekjr

    I found another bug! The premium pack gives you 10,000 gold when you “buy” it, but doesn’t save that you have it, so you can reload the page, and “buy” it again. However, the 10k gold you get DOES save, so you can get tons of gold for free by refreshing the page and buying the premium over and over.

  177. Robb216

    The ‘buying a new character’ confirmation screen:
    “Buy this thing? – Anna $5.000”
    poor anna, calling her a thing! D:

    Also, I was practically able to buy everyting in the entire store after just three worlds, and playing the survival stages for a while.
    Maybe make the premium characters also cost a little bit? Makes it a little more satisfying then you unlock them.
    Otherwise excellent game!

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      In the Steam version the premium characters will be buyable normally.

      Kinda surprised you got so much money so soon though. I guess you skipped the expensive cheats?

      1. Robb216

        No I figured it out, I had to reload the game a few times (because of school reasons) and ended up ‘buying’ the premium pack a couple of times, which grants 10k each time. I guess that won’t need fixing for the final verison 😛

  178. Billy The Honourable (Kitten Puffer...?)

    Things I found as bugs:

    1) Suddenly got unlimited money. Thats an issue.
    2) Gallery won’t browse some music that I heard in-game and on levels I completed. Why!!! 😡
    3) Anna’s Bannana skin once showed up in-game with the Orange skin.

    Things I want for the full/steam version:

    1) Trading Cards, Emoticons, Badges and Backgrounds! (Less cards than EBF4, please. I can’t manage to collect all cards for the fourth time! 😥 )
    2) Online Multi-player. ‘Nuff said. (Would be hard to program though, so you probably wont end up doing that…)
    3) Hud editors. Or options to delete them.
    4) NOTICE ME SENPAIIIIIIIIII :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:

  179. Moon Dasher

    Found a bug! I died on the level with that bee queen boss, then I went back to the menu to change a few things, and when I pressed the Play button to rematch the boss level, all I could see the menu background! I could hear myself shooting, but that’s all there is! :scared: Please fix it!

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Uh oh, that’s not good. I haven’t seen that before. Any idea what settings you changed?
      Is there any chance you could try using the debugging Flashplayer in Firefox, to see if you get an error message?

  180. Benrave

    Level 9-4 The Golden Guardians. Those golden guardians are immortal. When killed, the platform they stand on disappears, but they themselves remain. They also have no lifebar. Everytime you shoot them, it counts as a kill, but they still don’t die. If you time-out the wave, the gold golem/guardian thing disappears, but the enemies of the next wave do not spawn. As a result, you can not advance further in the game than Level 9-4.
    I also noticed a spelling mistake in the dialog after you beat the ice golem boss (It’s “weilded” instead of “wielded”).
    Other than that, it’s a great game. Any idea when it’ll be on Steam?

  181. Hbhenbor

    Hi, not to make the comment section sound like a broken record, but I’m loving the game!

    Now, I’ve discovered one bug: When you ‘buy’ the Expansion Pack and then delete your items, you lose the unlocked characters. Now that alone is no problem, because as ‘Ze’ pointed out, you can buy the pack multiple times, but that obviously becomes a problem when it costs money.
    I’d suggest to make the ‘delete’ option sensitive as to whether you own it or not.

    Now I’ll just wait for my brother to come home and it’s time to test out the multiplayer :yay:

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Don’t worry, this won’t be an issue once the purchasing is implemented. Right now the game doesn’t save that you bought the pack, because it’s not connected to Kongregate yet.

      1. Hbhenbor

        First of, thanks for the quick reply!
        Now, there’s another thing I’d like to mention: I’ve been trying to play the game with keyboard controls and the game mentions that you can use y or z to shoot. I’m German, so those two letters are switched. That’s why I’ve tried shooting with y and… it doesn’t work. It works with z (your y) though. It… makes shooting a bit awkward 😐
        Otherwise it’s fun, though. :stars:

  182. Nicholas

    Those golden guy enemies on Level 9-4 are bugged, as pointed out, but if you let them time out instead of killing them then they will leave normally. You don’t even need to be in pacifist mode, as long as you dont kill the wrong target you can finish the level. I’m about to see how 9-5 is.

    1. Nicholas

      So having defeated the final boss, I will say it was kinda cool, but the actual boss itself did not feel like I was going to die and I beat it first try, having only been hit once and bombed the hit away. The difficulty was on normal, but i had way more difficulty on several of the previous bosses, so perhaps the final boss’s difficulty will be more exponential from putting it to a high difficulty than the other bosses, but I didn’t expect to almost defeat without being hit a final boss on my first try, not knowing his patterns.

  183. Kuha

    This is a really great game! But I also found a small bug:
    I bought ‘Orange Slice’ costume for Anna, but in the game her costume is Banana, and vice versa.

  184. Reinhard

    Now I have beaten second world and Matt you need to know that I bought the slime bunny and can play as it i don’t know if it’s a bug or a glitch if it is a glitch i can say that I got the achievement for 100 slimes and bought the chili costume for matt, I only played on hard mode, I beat level 1 flawless with 3 stars, I beat level 2 with 2 stars and I beat level 3 flawless. All of those levels i played as matt and after level three I bought all of matts sub weapon and changed his clothes into the chili peper costume, and now I decided to look at the slime bunny and nothing said I could only buy the slime bunny on the expansion, no it showed me the buy screen that you can see for Lance, Natalie and Anna and I bought it for free. I could not buy the other two expansion characters.
    The slime sub attack angel light is overpowered, I know it can only use that attack if your sub is at least 25% but the thing is for me it rises so much faster than any other character which means that enemies are a joke.
    Sorry for the long text hope this helps you ( :

  185. Ze

    Here’s a couple of bugs i found:

    Natalie’s homing sub attack sometimes orbits enemies and takes a while to hit them. That seems to happen sometimes with the slime bunny’s homing sub as well.
    I can purchase the expansion multiple times by refreshing the page.

  186. David

    Im having an issue where certain sub weapons disable me from moving up or down while using them alongside the normal weapon. one of those weapons was swift sabre. also, you wrote “I totOally discriminate against veggies” on stage 3-1.

    1. David

      also, in order to activate any sub-weapon at all (at least those ive used so far) apart from Matts holy swords, i need to let go of the Z button. combined with my previous problem, this game gets very difficult to play, but i still think your game is great so far :yay:

      1. Matt Roszak Post author

        This is probably a hardware limitation of your keyboard, which only lets your press a few keys at once. I don’t think there’s much I can do about that, except that you use the mouse instead.

  187. xgena

    I’m loving this game vey much. Managed to fully clear all bosses including bonus ones in hard mode. Though, there’s some thing that I’d like to tell you:
    1. The world 6 boss seems to be underpowered. Comparing with world 7 boss I could only get B rank with my mouse while this one I can get 2 stars (IMHO world7 boss is the hardest with keyboard)
    2. Somehow world 2 and 3 bosses are more harder than world 4,5 bosses. Perhaps you should either buff the latter one or make the former easier in hard mode?
    3. The red bush boss is even easier than spider boss in world 8
    4. Akron seems a bit easy for his first few patterns as a final boss, I could even manage to NMNB him until pattern 6 which leads a lot of trouble ( Wave 7)

    These are only my own opinions though and might not be very good ones. And I’ve only do it in a hard mode run. 😥 Keep up the good work matt! I’ll try to convince some of my friends and tell some touhou game fans in china to play this as well! :love:

  188. Tony Zhang

    Hi, didn’t hadtime to read all the comments (want to play the game) but I’venoticed that if you buy the no bullet clear handycap and use it, then use a bomb in the game,that the bullets won’t clear. I think it’s because the handycap is preventing ANY kind of clearing, including the bomb. But that’s the reason why we use the bomb.By the way, Iread, that it should only prevent the wavefrom being cleared, myorginal intention. That’s why I’m mentioning it. Sry for the trouble. Hope that helped

  189. Noah Williams

    The only thing i think needs changing is the fact that the money collecting animation puts the coins on the top layer, obscuring bullets. it becomes a real pain when i see a gap and go for it only to take damage because i can’t reliably correct myself after i’ve chosen an angle of entry.

  190. Sanae

    There are a few typos that need fixing.
    level 2-3 “breath” should be “breathe”.
    4-2 “wouldn” should be “wouldn’t”.
    4-3 “they’re” should be “their”.
    4-5 “weilded” should be “wielded”.

    I suggest having a friend spellcheck your script for more mistakes. :smirk:

    Also, there is a bug in the settings menu: Fullscreen can’t be enabled by pressing Z. Only the mouse works on the fullscreen button.

    And I would like to know if handicaps stack. Like, if I enable all the bullet speed increasing handicaps, do their effects stack to a huge boost in bullet speed? I tried it but the bullets didn’t feel super-fast.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Yeah, there’s a lot of typos currently. I’ll fix them during the translation process, when lots of people will be looking at the dialogue.

      The fullscreen thing is just a security feature of Flashplayer, I guess I’ll need to point that out.
      Yeah, cheats and handicaps stack.

  191. lopop2

    Some bosses’ patterns are extremely vulnerable vs bombs or clear bullets power-ups. If you clear their bullets, they never spawn new ones.

    1. lopop2

      I just learned, that I can’t edit my comments. Whatever, will add bosses with replies.

      Second world, first boss (turtle): Pattern 4 (that one with blue balls), Pattern 5. Pattern 6

    2. Matt Roszak Post author

      While that’s not a serious problem, enough people complained about it that I might have to fix it…

  192. Mr. Gaberson

    Well, first of all, huge improvement IMO after BH1! :yay:

    Then here goes my side of the critique plus some other things.

    Players: Anna with her “Nature Shield” equipped is basically the MVP out of all non-premium players or maybe all players. :hurray: Knocking down one leaf pretty much diminishes some draining time for her charge attack, making me able to keep the attack on for a longer period of time (Heck, I can probably finish a level on casual without the sub-weapon bar reaching less than 50% with that trick). Also, she can cover a wide part of the screen with her homing arrows. 😐

    Gameplay & Artstyle: (Is playing on casual with mouse and/or keyboard – NO CHEATS OR HANDICAPS) I really liked it a few levels in. It’s smooth on my PC and the everyone can look cute and funny, both foes and Also the patterns are kinda fun and challenging Also, I pretty much agree that the default BG has too much brightness in it.

    Learning Curve and difficulty curve: Fits really well. The tutorial is OK for me. No difficulty spikes found as of yet

    Bosses: They’re pretty fun! Some of them having rather some unforgiving patterns (I am damn looking at you Nature golem, that wall of yours is pretty much unforgivable enough IMO :shades: ) A large improvement from BH1 since the last time I saw the “Double Boundary Between Wave and Particle” trick on the Bubble hurricane level . :scared:

    Actually, screw it, some patterns may be a bit dull now IMO. I’ve seen the wasp using BoWaP :bleh:

    Also, things I encountered:
    When I selected keyboard controls for playerA, clicking the arrows for that player (PlayerA) automatically opens up another player slot for playerB
    There where times that when I used full screen, the cursor points below the arrow.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I’ll have to see how good people get with different characters. I don’t think any of them should currently be too overpowered. What Nature Shield Anna lacks is fast concentrated damage! She can’t take out big foes as quickly as some other players can.

      I’ll look into that last issue.

  193. John Titor

    Loving the game so far, but just noticed a spelling mistake. On level 2-3, when you first start the level, Natalie and Matt both say breath instead of breathe. Other than that, everything else so far seems to be working fine :yay:
    Keep up the awesome work!

  194. Lady Friday

    Having a wonderful time with this game so far.

    Only real problem I’ve seen is, some boss attacks just stick around forever if you have No Bullet Clearing enabled. The second world’s boss was the first time I noticed this being an issue, halfway through the battle the entire screen was covered in bullets from three or four different attack patterns.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Yeah, a lot of the handicaps are not very balanced at all, they’re mostly for fun. Bosses I can imagine are particularly impossible.
      But maybe I can improve that one a bit.

  195. Lejon L'expert

    Hey, me again. A disable all cheats/handicaps would be useful, i think..? And what the hell, why not an ACTIVATE all cheats/handicaps.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Sounds like a good idea. Maybe not the activate ALL one though, a lot of them don’t really work together.

  196. Paul Goodwin

    Found a rather game-breaking bug: In 9-4 the big golden golems will not despawn after you kill them. They do disappear if you time them out, though.

    Other than that, a fantastic job, Matt. :yay:

  197. Rodney B

    First off, I love this game. EBF4 was the first game of yours I played. I’ve played around 60 hours still trying to get all the achievements. I originally was waiting to see if you planned to do a EBF5 but was drawn toward the new game you were working on, Bullet Heaven 2. I really hope you do plan to make EBF5 but it probably won’t be done for quite awhile. But I can wait :stars:

    Now onto a few things I noticed:

    1) For the most part it was flawless. A few times I have noticed bullets that should have hit me not registering, but i’m not sure if there’s much you can do about that.
    2) In World 8, Level 1-3 (maybe more, i’m not sure yet) The Huge orange Bush enemies shots don’t come from the bush itself, and instead spawn a little further back and to the left or right (it varied).

    1)The biggest thing I noticed here was that when Anna’s Orange look equipped it instead showed up as the Banana, and the Banana showed up as the Orange.

    1) Now, i’m no expert but I’m pretty sure that at World 8, I’ve beaten 3 bosses with Phyrnna and I haven’t gotten the achievement.

    Sorry if any of these have already been fixed or you already know about them.

    Otherwise this game is beautiful. It’s a ton of fun and i’ve already spent way more time than i should have playing this game. I’m glad I’ve kept up with it’s development for so long and I can’t wait to buy it the second it comes out. Keep up the great work man!

    A Huge Fan,

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      The hit detection is very forgiving. 😛

      I’m pretty sure Phyrnna’s achievement should work. I’ll double check that.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  198. Sarah

    I really adore the game. =) I just wish it had quality options on the main menu or in the options, not being able to toggle it down to Low quality is a bummer.

    I also hope the bonus $10,000 in the full version is something you have to activate and isn’t automatic. Paying to win instead of just paying for extra content is sad. =(

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      The quality options won’t really make any difference in this game, it’s mostly not using vector art.
      $10,000 ends up not being very much, it’s just a little bonus and won’t be in the Steam version.

      1. Sarah

        You say it won’t matter, but it does on most every flash game for me and my poor computer.

        And besides, would it really hurt to add Q toggling quality / a High – Medium – Low quality filter in the options menu?

        1. Matt Roszak Post author

          This game isn’t using normal Flash rendering. The quality setting will only affect the menus a tiny bit, not the actual gameplay. If it’s laggy, turn off some particles and change it to 30fps.

  199. tbp

    A bit of a game-breaking bug that I came across while playing. After I purchased Anna from the shop, the menu became glitched and suddenly I had 999,999 gold, but the menu wouldn’t do anything. I couldn’t even exit the shop. After refreshing the page, everything seemed fine, except that now I have -5,674 gold. That is indeed a negative. Also, the Golden Guardians from 9-4 don’t seem to go away after their HP bar is depleted, so instead of dying, they stick around after the ‘phase’ their supposed to be on and fill the screen with bullets, don’t know if that’s intentional or not. After listening to some of the music, it becomes difficult to navigate the menu with a keyboard since I somehow only manage to change the track playing instead of actually navigating the menu, though mouse navigation still seems to work. Other than all of this, I see no problems with the game.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Yeah, a few people have reported that gold bug. Not sure what’s happening there, I’ll need to take a look.

  200. Jeffrey Li

    1.when buying items/things in the shop, i don’t really like how the screen moves down then shows the item again. It’s not that it makes me nauseous, but i think it would be better if the screen moved down quicker, or there wasn’t another screen at all. Buying an item looks perfectly fine without the extra screen.
    2. Also, whenever an item is bought, it gets faded out. I think if there was a check or something else to signify it was bought would be better, since having it faded out kinda makes it seem that you need to unlock it, or something. Another idea is to change the box on the bottom to say “bought!” or something.
    3. When high contrast bullets gets turned on, the bullets become white circles with black outlines. I know it’s supposed to be a high contrast, but maybe change it so the bullet is the same color, but darker/lighter or clearer? Just i feel like high contrast bullets should be high contrast but maybe blend in a tiny bit more.
    4. Maybe have a way to indicate how many “lives” a boss has left? I feel it could potentially be helpful.
    5. A screen for all the tips could be useful. Maybe have it so the tips from the levels that have been done/tried will show up, and the ones you haven’t will look like they’re locked or something ❓

    btw, dialogue is FANTASTIC! :stars: :love2: :yay:

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      1. Yeah, I might change the menu transitions, some people don’t like them.
      2. I’ll do this.
      3. Might do this for the Steam version, probably won’t for the web version.
      4. A lot of people already asked for a wave counter, so yeah, probably.
      5. Maybe.

  201. Lejon L'expert

    I think 5-5 is really too easy, at least on normal difficulty, I perfected it on first try with the three +%speed bullet handicaps, and i’m not really good at shmups. Played a bit of touhou but not really more. I had more trouble on earlier bosses.

  202. Darkasinksu

    Hey, Matt. Long time fan. I know it’s not exactly what you’re looking for, but some feedback I have is in regard to balance. I hope that’s okay. Anyway, I’m on World 2, and this is what I have so far.

    – You might want to make sub weapon double click timing tighter, personally I think it’s too easy to fire the sub weapon unintentionally (Fire>Cease>Fire=sub weapon), or have it go off early (Fire>Hold button>Double click for sub weapon>Sub weapon goes off on first click of double click unexpectedly). I didn’t really have these issues in BH1, probably because of the single shot nature of the secondary fire in that game.
    – I think close range sub weapons (Titan Blade, Cluster Bomb), should have their damage increased a bit. They seem to have comparable damage output per % to the lower risk range sub weapons. High risk, high reward, right?
    – Lance seems… really bad. Slow speed, and a lackluster primary fire. His sub weapons also have difficulty attacking diagonally. Overall, I feel his damage output is not high enough to justify his vertical nature. Maybe it’s that I’m playing him wrong, or that he’s supposed to be used on bosses or lower difficulties where he has less difficulty moving horizontally, but the difference between him and the others seems so large that he could have his BH1 fire rate, keep his bullet damage, and he’d still be “low tier”.
    – There doesn’t seem to be a way to hide score numbers (upon grazing a bullet, killing an enemy, picking up loot). They obscure vision quite a bit in tight spaces.

    That’s all for now. I’ll keep playing and maybe update later. Really enjoying this game, it’s a fantastic sequel to the first one.
    Oh yeah, and the misspelling of the non English language options was pretty funny, nice way to illustrate that they aren’t translated into yet.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      1. In The Steam version, I’d like to use the middle button instead. For now, this is the best I can do. Maybe I’ll make it a little stricter.
      2. They’re useful in some places still, but Titan Blade definitely needs a buff.
      3. Slow speed is quite useful in a lot of levels! I like playing as Lance personally.
      4. I’ll consider adding that as an option

      1. SomaSam

        Hey Matt, I’ve played the first two worlds so far.
        No major issues or slow down or anything like that, just a couple of things i noticed.

        1. Full screen doesn’t go over my task-bar at the bottom of the screen. I am using windows 10 atm, but I haven’t tried windows 7 yet. I could always just hide task bar, but I would rather not if I didn’t have to.

        2. I believe you already talked about this, but I’d personally like the secondary fire for mouse players to be rebound. Or better yet just add in a re-bind feature for all controls on mouse and keyboard. Some mouses, more and more these days, are getting more buttons to use; the one I have has a left, right, middle, and then mouse 4 and 5 buttons that are usually used as forward and backward macros for browsers, but I tend to use them in games when I can. I just personally find right click bomb to be awkward for me because I accidentally click it a lot.

        3. Finally, would it be possible for 2 players to use the keyboard? I have no idea how this would work code wise, and if it would mess a whole lot up or not. But I imagine having two players using opposite ends of the keyboard. ie, one player using WASD, while the other player uses either arrow keys or the number pad. This is more of a silly idea than anything else though.

        Either way, thanks for all the hard work you’ve done so far, I’ll try to progress more and see if I run into any new issues.

        P.S. HFX/Phyrnna is amazing to play.

        1. Matt Roszak Post author

          1. I don’t have much control over how fullscreen works unfortunately. Maybe I will in the Steam version, not so much in the web version.
          2. I’ll think about that, but I’m not sure if Flash will be able to detect special mouse buttons.
          3. I thought about that, but many keyboards can’t take more than 3 or 4 keypresses at a time, so this could cause a lot of problems.

          I’d love to do more with the controls, but what I’ve got was already tons of trouble. D:

  203. marcman

    Xbox one Controller don’t work either in IE or Opera. Were plugged in when pc started and confirmed working in another game.
    Mouse and keyboard runs fine, though I have a beefy computer!

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I need to look into controllers some more. Some people have no problems, others can’t get them to work at all. Hmmm.

  204. chipgeekjr

    I found one bug: I killed the first boss’s first bonus and lost my last heart at the same time, and the second bonus played, with me being unable to shoot, or be hit. Was on Heavenly difficulty, if that matters.

  205. Lihf

    Aaah~ I longed for this! Very great shoot ’em up, I’m looking forward to buy the full version *__*

    But, I think that I’ve found three bugs:
    1) The “y” botton doesn’t actually let you shoot. It’s a dead button, but LEOXD reported it before
    2) The first boss, KittyBush-sama, has bugs in the audio. He is upset, so he is all “grrr” “miaow!” but it continues to do that for a while even after your death or if you restart in the middle of the battle (any wave). I don’t if it just me or you left it like a provocation or it is a bug (I love it like this anyway *_*)
    3) I’m actually fighting Turtle-dono in heavenly mode, but in his 4° path of attack if you throw a bomb, clearing the map, he stops attacking. I was so sad when that happened, I feel like a monster now ç_ç I frightened Turtle-dono ç__ç”

    Very great game, anyway! Heavenly mode is much fun, it reminded me of “for lunatic people”, and the design is perfect! I love it! At start is a quite challenging, I think, but when you’re used to it is much simpler! Casual mode is very relaxing! Hard mode reminded me “for normal people”: perfect if you don’t want a great challenge and you play at a “standard” difficult.
    I come back to Turtle-dono now!

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      2) It’s kind of a bug, but I think I’ll leave that in.
      3) Yeah, some bosses do that. It’s probably not worth fixing.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  206. TheRabiteRave

    So far it’s doing great. I love the idea of costumes and buying the characters. :yay: (Last time it was kinda hard to unlock them on your first run.) The art is excellent, the music beautiful. (Phyrnna is the best choice you could have made.) Custom controls that you set yourself would be great, and I highly enjoy the shinier character models. The choice of difficulty level is very nice, but something I do kinda miss is the requirement of certain achievements to unlock characters. (Kinda like how you had to achieve a C in survival (or higher) to unlock Anna.) The visual indication that you’ve taken damage was very helpful, since last time I never knew when I took damage. (I listen to my MP3 music alot.) I’ll submit another review in time if any glitches come up. So far, I’m loving it~

  207. O_Tiger

    Got down to two stars anly on third level on normal. Checked out difficulty difference on first level and got two stars on Hard and an A on Heavenly, so I guess difference is pretty good right now. :smirk:

    1. O_Tiger

      Also, noticed with Anna, is side weapon supposed to be resharged after “Perfect”? With quick movements I managed to kill around five waves without it turning off.

  208. emile

    1. you wrote franais and not français in the language selection 😐
    2.In the selection of player: the arrow to choose the character glitch and block the back and select button 😡 ( but the player 2-3-4 works a little bit well)
    3.the dialogue was not there and force me to click on ctrl button to continue the game and description in the shop does not appear :bleh:
    4.I like this game :yay:

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      1. Translations aren’t done, and non-english characters aren’t included yet!
      2. I’ll have to look into that

  209. Heindal

    Nice work from what I’ve seen so far. The beginning is relatively trivial, but it starts to become interesting in the next levels. I’m having problems with the turtle – the second boss. Especially this one wave, where it spawns a blue lightning ball in front. I’m not quite sure if you can even dotch it, but you might end up defeat if you do it wrong. Concerning your question for the curve, it might be to hard in level two. Also concerning the curve, most of the cheats/weapons don’t work so its hard to say if testers can give a right impression about the difficulty.

  210. Radene

    Lowest difficulty’s listed as “casual” in options, and as “normal” in level select, just for the sake of consistency.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      you need to make sure it’s plugged in before you start the game. are you using a wired controller?

      1. Kitten Puffer

        I am using an average wired XBoX controller. I start game WITH XboX controller in use, (used in previous game), and it wont work.

  211. Hypraman

    I just beat level 1,2,3 and the 1st boss flawlessly. Amazing up to now :yay:

    I have only one ‘complain’ ( i do believe someone mentioned it already ) is how the coin ( and other gems ) goes toward the character and ‘explode’ in a semi-transparent layer that easily break focus. The score numbers that appears next to the hit pixel also add to the problem, all this even with ‘transparent item’ on. 😥

    I wish the coin would simply disappear and show the score once you get in range, and never goes toward the player. Maybe make it a separate option?

      1. Hypraman

        A big thank you for the time you give to read our feedback.
        You and your games are awesome, keep up the good work! I hope you have as much fun as we do. :yay:

        – Hypra, one of your biggest fan and supporter since the 1st game.

  212. YoshiBattler

    The fact that I did not come across any glitches so far is either a blessing or a curse (I’m sure you can figure out how its both ways) but in case it wasn’t obvious, this beta is really awesome. The wake-up call level for me was 1-4. I despised those buggers (heh) in the first Bullet Heaven, and their return gets me anxious for revenge! I’m having a grand old time. Is it cool for me to post angain to report any bugs I end up finding? :bacon:

    1. YoshiBattler

      And, I should also add this in as well.
      I’ve just been using the plain old mouse controls, without the keyboard, and in fullscreen. So far no super huge difficulty spikes. For me, it ran smoothly on max settings, which is very nice.

  213. pablo melon

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss finnally :yay: and my birthday is in 4 days. Thank you for this amazing gift, Matt :hurray:

  214. Billy The Honourable

    FOUND A BUG!!! Anna’s “Favorite Bannana” costume magically makes her use the “Favorite Orange”.

  215. Billy The Honourable

    Hey – Just a question… Could you make it so that, if in Fullscreen, your Mouse Cursor does not appear? :wut:

    The reason I ask this, is because it can be rather distracting when your actual hitbox is the Circle thing, and I can imagine some players get startled and confuse it for a bullet.

  216. Syrenet

    The game runs real smooth and i it lovely littel Bullet hell game :yay:
    But the thing bothers me most is the character you play, i’m so used to avoid the bullets with the character, not with the one pixel middle of the character, and when i (try) think that the bullets goes trough my character and i can avoid getting hit. ~~> :skull: i lose a life because i get hit because i lose the sigh of the hit box.

  217. Billy The Honourable

    Level one failed (Couldn’t be arsed after a bit, needed to give feedback so far!) and I am having a blast of a time! With the graphical style + level one music, this game has a really different feel to it than the original Bullet Heaven, it has a more Modern feel. Like MK8 in Atmosphere in the music department for Lv.1. It has brilliant play and I cant wait for Steam release!

    I will update more as I play the Beta more.

  218. Ekke

    It was pretty fun and i’m happy that the characters have dialogue but i am having trouble keeping track of my health and bombs. Maybe give an option to move them to the bottom of the screen. :wut:

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Noted. The HUD will be better in the Steam version, but I’ll consider that!