Wall of Thanks

Here my most devoted patrons are immortalised forever, or until their pledges run dry, whichever comes first. Behold:

Dylan O’Dwyer Belcher
Marc Thielbar

Espen Floberg-Skaret
– “I love the references the Epic Battle Fantasy franchise offers, keep up the great references!”
Glenn Silkman
Océan Petit-bagnard
Grant Walker
Drake “TrueWolves” Higgins - “Never be afraid to ask for help.”
Kristian Markovich
Jascha Bohne
Michael Breter
Callum Clarke
Franklin Simmons
Luke Shannon
Serenity Amber Carter - ”Get your money’s worth: Forget about AAA games and buy EBF instead!”
Akita King - “I’ve been working hard so Matt doesn’t have to.”
Wes Kettner
Jan-Rintje Apeldoorn
Matthew Montano
Cody Walker
Jayson Petroski
Merri - “I just like Matt’s games.”
kvilao - ”With 115 hours on EBF4 and countless undocumented hours in every other game from Matt, I’ll always support you.”

Insane2903- “Lost many days from playing EBF, and I don’t regret a single moment of it.”
SenorButtSqueal - “Hi”
Londy Tong-Lee
KupoFrost – “Matt’s games are fun to play, even after a stressful day.”
Jason Heinz
Nick Vasquez - “I am God.”
Sohra - “There’s a reason my DM reclassed my paladin a palalol after the first session. He’s alas not allowed near AOE.”
Jake Harfoushian
ninja_dragon2 - ”Kill it with fire so you can eat it later!”
Amrit “RocketZX” Takhar – “100+ hours well spent on EBF3 & 4, better than most RPGs out there.”
Weishu Meng
Tyler Black
Harry Palmer
Ethan A. Palser
– “An inspiration for why I want to make video games.”
Alice E Griffiths
Ryan Warsinski
lime mike
Jonathon Morrison
I Need Reviving
– “I am in need of an immense amount of coffee (GO MATT!)”
Solan Hunter Bass
Brandon West
Manabu Shiraki
Zentra Hellra

13 thoughts on “Wall of Thanks

  1. alex

    ahhh cant believe it it is just some more and it is done…I want to specially thanks to everyone who helped even a little


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