Public Beta

Hey guys, here’s the EBF5 Public Beta!
(Make sure the start says version 0.7!)

This is basically the full game. All that’s missing is 2 or 3 musical tracks, and the translations. There shouldn’t be too many bugs left, but let me know if you find anything odd. The best place to report stuff and chat about the game is Discord, but leaving a comment down below is fine too. I’m looking for lots of feedback about game balance and usability, so if you get lost or stuck somewhere, let me know.

Also this is the free web version, so it’s super compressed, and the paid content is only available on Patreon for now.

496 thoughts on “Public Beta

    1. Ark

      I have been playing the ebf series since as long as I can remember, I mostly play them for nostalgia now but now that there’s a fifth coming out I’ll be super happy to play it. Ssoooooo excited

    2. Just Some Guy

      EBF 3 was the best time in my childhood, got lots of good memories, I didn’t play EBF 4 really that much, it feelt like something I dont know to this day was missing. I have been playing this game for about an hour and I do REALLY like the changes.
      1. The enhanced combat interface. Making the battle FASTER and has a better flow with the instant switch player option; normal attacks and tactics like defend under the recently used selection etc.
      2. The removal of MP and implementation of cooldown is a very radical step but it makes you I think more tactical in combat and less spammy.
      3. NoLegs!!!!!!!!!
      4. Not P*kemon. SP has become even more important with a LOT of options of totally organic free-ranch not-at-all-enslaved summons.
      5. The shortcut between the equip menue and the forge wich also serves as indicator for the material availabilty is kinda nice.
      6. :stars: :bacon: But the best of all changes are the new stat items, in the previous games it always seemed to me at least like you had to unhealthily stack the stats onto some of your players and ignore others. Here in this game yoou literally cannot do anything wrong to stat skill your players, it feels … I dont wanna say easier but more relaxing (to me) that you do not need to make some insane minmaxing calculations, it is not a math game. :smirk:

      1. BandanaDee

        Same, i feel like i played ebf3 when i was like idk 7? idk and i still play this and it’s weird how a kid plays a game where there is a person who is a nazi, and has a big breast.

    3. Just Some Guy

      the cat sniper summon is really OP instant kill for 12 SP… it says low accuracy, never misses, is that a bug?

      1. Just Some Guy

        no, you must find the right way, look at the map, it usually shows you where you have to go next, I’m walking around with lance for over 4 hours

    4. Just Some Guy

      some thoughts on damage:

      :arrow: mat’s as always the OP dmg dealer basicly no support skills
      :arrow: anna is akin to mat, but has overall weaker stats… maybe I just found the wrong STAT foods
      :arrow: nolegs in his assassin role deals nowhere his damage which is compensated by his support skills true to his rouge archetype and makes a good healer if you want to steal nat’s heal skill
      :arrow: lance can deal a lot of dmg but every ability he has of simular power has a CD but the choice to cast it as a spicy AOE, I do understand that mat has very weak AOE and only attacks physically
      :arrow: nat has terrible damage as spammable skills have a max power of 140 compared to anna and mats 190, why? I know she has a few support skills but nothing of the scale to reduce her power this much so again: why?

      :arrow: but mat seems like a MUST PICK if you dont want quick battles with lance only beeing there to debuff physical defense of enemies to make mat hit even harder
      :arrow: anyone else have that issue, what am I missing or am I just not seeing the greater picture and need glasses?

      1. Treesus

        Well the way I see it (And the way I built each character)

        :arrow: Matt has high defence and high attack with high damaging single target skills, but you can see that his evade and accuracy aren’t the best (So hes the high damage tank character)
        :arrow: Anna is the same way but favors accuracy and evade over defence (The low defence high attack sweeper character), even though she does have moves like Refresh and Reflex, unless you decide to change her into a healer like I did (give her a lot of HP stat boosts and transfer healmore to her), you really just have a more speedy and accurate Matt.
        :arrow: Lance is kind of a special case to me (I havent really done a lot with him) but he seems to have decently high damage group attacks, but he suffers from all of his AoE attacks being Bomb, Fire, and Thunder based. And I get he has the Medpack skill but it really doesn’t do much compared to Refresh, Healmore, and Heal.
        :arrow: Yes Natalie kinda needs a damage boost considering her whole thing is to be the mage character, but her benefits outway her negatives. Her single target skills (Ice Shard, Thunderbolt, and Fireball specifically) are still powerful and their AoE counterparts are still very effective especially when you start raising her magic attack with stat foods. Shes also not as limited with the elements of her attacks as Lance is, as she is equipped with Fire, Thunder, Ice, Darkness, Holy, and Water (if you choose to give the Water attack to Natalie instead of Lance) and with her spectrum skill she can have another element of your choosing depending on the staff she equips.

        So yeah, some characters (Im talking specifically Natalie and Lance) need a damage buff. I would kinda like to see Lance have higher damage AoE attacks due to his background and just to make his character useful really. Like some seriously high damage natural bomb attacks considering no other character except Natalie if you choose to give her Blast (and Matt now in the current game) actually has any good bomb attacks.
        Hope this helped with any confusion! :3

    5. redbaronace19

      i got Natasha from it too back in 2009 when i played epic battle fantasy believe it or not in school elementary before they were concerned about what was on internet webistes i found it on FRIV.COM :shades: :smirk:

      1. Just Some Guy

        I hope this comes back online soon, I just figured out how I want to set my skills and my stat food.. aaaaaand it’s gone. Nat really needs a damage buff tho, she has almost every element in damage but it is to low overall for THE mage. :mad:

    6. Aelytra

      I have come to almost the end of the game, I did everything epic mode but still missing some medals, I created a backup file and deleted the medals thinking it would give me the reformat medal but it didn’t, luckily i had my game saved so I didn’t lose anything. I have also defeated the 3 mega bosses one is the chibi knight, the 3 headed zombie hydra and snowflake in the forgotten ruins, but i cannot find the 3 headed blaze hydra. Once i activated the portal in no man’s land and killed those 2 bosses stated before the end screen came up and i couldn’t go anywhere beyond the to be concluded message. I see a ! on the fire ball but there is no physical way to get to it. I am lost and trapped and don’t know where to go beyond this point so I did some quests on the side. Please I really need help i tried everything and went everywhere on the secret dungeons and all around the map but I cannot find the 3 headed blaze hydra boss. I even completed 5 glitch levels, 1 of them being in redpine town where you can’t do anything. Please help me, where do I go and how do i find the 3 headed blaze hydra?

  1. Laspandrea

    About the new cooldown system: it’s ok that all cooldowns reset on death?
    I mean: start a fight, use a skill with five turns cooldwon, win the fight. Then I start another fight, that skill is still on cooldown and I die. So I load my last save and there is no more cooldown.

    1. Doru

      Scratch that, it does change but is limited in colors, which isn’t a bug. It would be nicer if it changed on the map sprites though.

          1. SomeGuy

            Hi I was unlucky and got the bug that didn’t trigger the thief to move. I was wondering if I could still use this save file in the full version because I’ve done almost everything else.

  2. Banana

    I’ve played the beta for a bit and reached the part where you get Anna. The game worked smoothly for me so far, but I encountered two bugs: first of all, I couldn’t give Red Creeps a custom name. I tried to type things but nothing happened. In addition, I gave bessie a dog and then fought and recaptured it, but Bessie continued talking about it as if its still there. Anyway, thank you for this great game!


    There’s a glitch when talking to that “Helmut” guy. If you talk to him after losing Natalie, she will still say her line. :wut:

  4. Chris

    Not sure if this is supposed to happen, but after every battle ends (like in Hope Harbour) the area title “Hope Harbour” appears again.

  5. Knives

    I got stuck in the fight against Lance (the last fight with him and the tank)
    I ran out of coffee and some other items and it seems to be impossible to get out of the fortress and buy more without defeating him first since he blocks the exit (and there is no teleport slime inside)

  6. Lance's # 1 Fan

    im finally at the lance section :yay: , but I found a glitch when entering the main hall :evil: , there is a certain spot on the left wall near the spikes :arrow: , it doesn’t show land to walk but there are a few walking squares that are behind a wall :wut: . I dont know if you meant that to be there matt, but I just wanted to let you know :bacon: .

    ALSO YOU SCARED ME SO BAD WITH LANCE TAKING NATALIE!!!! :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull:

    Cheers Matt :coffee:

  7. Akherone

    So even when I have all volume muted, some skills from Anna still make noise, namely “scan foes” and “capture foes”. Not a major bug or anything, but just thought I’d put that out there.

  8. Pianos

    Looks great so far!
    My only complaint is that when I go to fullscreen, the game crops in a weird way so it doesn’t have the same quality that it would when it’s not on fullscreen (I’m on a MacBook laptop, btw). Would it be possible to tweak so it naturally crops right?

  9. Pianos

    Is there a way to capture a foe when you’re too strong to only hurt them? Like I forgot to capture a Stone Idol, but every attack I’m trying to use kills it instantly.

    1. piono

      Like what Matt said, the water slike summon is useful here if you’re overleveled, but if you’re at the appropriate level, you can use the putrid worm, as that one has a reasonably weak attack as well, but ALSO debuffs evade to high heck.

      If all else fails you can turn the difficulty up a few notches if you’re playing on easy or normal or for some reason Zero, as that’ll greatly increase their health and thusly allow you to get them down without immediately killing them easier.

      1. Pianos

        No, I’ve been playing on Epic haha.
        I think it shouldn’t be a big deal. I’m just a bit of a completionist and want to capture all the foe types, and to make sure that it’s not unfairly difficult to do so, balance-wise. I think it’s fine.

        1. HamFantasy

          How about all capturable foes have a chance to be captured in any condition, but it is abysmally low unless it is weak

  10. Kanti

    ! Warning Spoilers Ahead !
    Once you reach greenwood village after beating lance and adding him to your team a few strange things are unlocked (this isn’t a glitch).

    First of all you can find the thief that was previously blocking off the armor shops secret entrance and then going back can get the chest next to the shops owner.
    This is when I noticed that the fridge at the back of the room can be moved to give you a ladder going downwards. After descending this ladder and fighting through the enemies there you come to a gathering of 4 NPCs all wearing stone masks standing around a chest containing the whitefall stone from EBF4 now labelled the Sapphire of Dreams. Talking to the NPCs will cause them to talk back in morse code.

    The following are the translations of what they are saying.

    Shopkeeper after exiting the underground area : Welcome to die.
    Bottom left NPC: Pizzagate Is Real.
    Top left NPC: I Am Error.
    Top right NPC: Welcome to die.
    Bottom right NPC: How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren’t real.
    Nice troll Matt.

  11. Mads

    Only significant issue I have encountered so far; Seemingly I don’t gain and XP or AP from defeating foes at the forgotten ruins

  12. Potatoaster

    I’ve made it as far as No Man’s Land, and it’s working great so far! I’ve only picked up a few gripes so far:

    The dialogue boxes for the loot contained in chests normally disappear when you move, but they also disappear if you press a key that results in you travelling into an obstacle (usually the chest). This also happens when using the mouse controls, but you’re clicking out of the dialogue box at that point, so it’s less big of a deal.

    Going back to Bessie (the friend dog quest NPC) after leaving her quest shows her with the Rescue Dog, which can be fought again. Her dialogue doesn’t change if you capture the dog (I haven’t tried to kill the dog outright yet).

    In the interim between Anna joining your party and Natalie returning, Anna’s possible set of quotes upon summoning a monster include one referencing Natalie’s disapproval towards the enslavement of foes, even though Anna hasn’t met Natalie yet.

    That’s all I’ve got for now. Keep up the good work Matt!

  13. Philip Strickland

    I can’t attack Natz, when i choose a skill or press attack, the thing on a enemy to attack won’t show up

  14. EBF killed my social life

    It seems that when there’s only a single enemy left, the targeting automatically goes to single target only (spells that have the option to target one or all targets can now only target one). This doesn’t matter too much, but it seems when said single enemy has lovable status, it is impossible to use any version of the spell, including the multi-target version. Is this intentional?

  15. BlackoutSampler

    Cripes is this game difficult. I’m pretty sure this is the hardest of the 5 games so far. So might as well share a few tips I figured out so far while playing this.

    1: Revives are heavily limited, You will find yourself out of coffee constantly, and the vanilla Revive Spell is rather late in the game, however, you do get a few options before then. NoLegs’s Nine Lives revives everyone in the frontlines and grants Auto-Life for the rest, and Naz’s second Limit Genesis also revives everyone. don’t be afraid to use either if a few allies are dead.

    2: switch characters constantly. Cooldowns reset in the backlines and characters will heal as well. Lance especially favors being tossed in and out since he is kinda flimsy and has a lot of cooldowns.

    3: Don’t forget to manage your summons, especially before bosses. Sometimes just getting the right summon on the field can chunk Epic level bosses down to half in a few turns.

    And on a side note, if the Cat Cocoon ever gets the Haste Status, It will still only take two turns, instead of 3 or 4. I don’t know if this is a bug, but it makes the Ninja Cat summon pretty helpful for the fight.

    1. MorganRue

      The Neon Valkyrie medal is for blowing up Neon Valkyrie. The Lance medal is for pacifying Lance via Natalie.

  16. Mari

    After exploring the forest a bit i went back to the starting area and visited the slime cat and then went to the grand gallery where if i go out of the area i can get to the market which i don’t believe i’m meant to be able to get to yet

    1. Mari

      apparently i was only one screen away from getting to town normally anyway so it probably isn’t much of an issue since people will probably want to do the forest anyway and even if they didn’t the forest is pretty short and mainly a learning to play area anyway

  17. Knives

    I think the game is lacking in earth skills.
    There seem to be only 4 earth attacks in the whole game so far (Anna’s log, Matt’s earth sword, Gaia Blossom and the limit break)
    The log/sword skills are powerful but they lack a multi target ability while Gaia Blossom can be multi target when upgraded but it’s kinda lacking in damage.

    Another thing is that there are no good magical bio abilities, poison gas/toxic are only used to poison enemies but their damage is really bad. I’d suggest bringing back the Acid skill from the last game (as a bonus skill maybe) as it was very powerful. Also it’s kinda weird that the element is called Bio while poison gas is just pure chemical gas and toxic seems like that too

  18. Ivan

    NoLegs commentary is the best XD. Cant wait for this game to fully come out, It seems like it will be a lot of fun. :stars: :stars: :stars: :love: :love2:

  19. Kiri

    I think the anna fight was just stupid random, I can’t do over 1000 dmg per turn to fight the random heals when she evades 70% of the time and heals 900 from the med pac s and heals herself 2000, also when she kills me in one hit but that’s not here or there :bleh: . But other than that it’s really good

    1. Kiri

      Just as a side note, I had no trouble with the cyclops boss and the enemies of the area next to Anna, I just had trouble with Anna and that was it

    2. BlackoutSampler

      I didn’t have too much trouble with her, she is definitely a difficulty spike, but not impossible. Stacking Poisson and Earth resistances recommended and the Putrid Worm Summon keeps her from dodging.

  20. Lasse

    Hi Matt
    Awesome to see this now :yay:

    I just found a minor bug:
    I notice that that total amount of medal just shows: “-” instead of the actual number, then going to medal screen from front page.
    What I did:
    - Went to this webpage.
    - Clicked on the slimes 101 times.
    - Clicked “Medals” button.
    - I see that I got one Medel/Achivement. The one named “What game?”.
    - I see my total in upper right corner is “-”
    What I expected:
    - I expected my total to show: “1″

    I will be looking forward to play this game for real

  21. Ragnamune

    One thing that throws me off is whenever I go to learn a new skill is that they are all dimmer. Makes me think I can’t learn them yet. :mad:
    It would be nice to see a skill that’s learnable be highlighted to make it noticeable instantly, rather than have to hover over to see that I can learn it. :smirk:

    1. gimmethegepgun

      It appears to be caused by the upgrade to the skill changing the skill’s name. If the upgrade does that, then it will always be greyed, even if you have enough AP, which is really annoying.

  22. James

    Bug: The Matt and Natalie doll summons, which buff attack and magic attack respectively, are listed in the summons menu as “attacks one” when they should be under buffs and heals.

  23. Mep

    I keep having an issue pop up where when a box showing items pops up (receiving quest, finishing quest, opening a chest), it immediately disappears without me doing anything. I haven’t had any of these properly show up so that I can actually look at whatever it’s showing.

  24. hi lolol

    sorry for spamming but another bug is when you do an attack the numbers don’t show the real damage. a blue creep did 2000 damage to matt, which should be 1/3 of his health, yet it only did like 1000.

  25. Jeffrey Li

    The battles in the grand gallery are wayyy too difficult. I know they scale to your level and whatever, but some of the battles are extremely unfair.

    1. EBF killed my social life

      Some of them are pretty bad. It helps to check resistances and throw out limit breaks and high cost summons, you regain them fairly quickly due to the ridiculous damage you take. One of the would-be hardest fights, the four plants, can be killed in one lucky turn with the zombie hydra for example(coughsavenloadcough).

      Also be mindful of the types of attacks they have, sometimes having one player with appropriate resistances, aggro and revive makes for a total cheese.

      1. EBF killed my social life

        I forgot, ‘weak’ enemies can often be captured even near max health if stunned or frozen. You can use the capture mechanic as an inevadable removal, paired with anna+eagle eye.

        1. BlackoutSampler

          A lot of the ‘weak’ enemies get wrecked by Ninja Suit + Angry Face Badge. Early monster magic attacks are pitiful, and they mostly just try normal attacks. So you can basically laugh as they all dogpile the invisible person.

          It’s how I beat the Mammoths as well.

  26. EBF killed my social life

    I was stuck for an hour.

    I just had to go up.

    I feel really stupid now. (you’ll know what I mean…. or maybe not.)

    1. BlackoutSampler

      I think I know what your talking about, and yeah, there isn’t that much indication to go up there. Also, I can’t figure out the boss in that area at all. The weather doesn’t help at all.

      1. EBF killed my social life

        If we’re talking about the same thing, you should be able to take it out in one turn with appropriate buffs and debuffs. It’s harder when trying to control your damage to capture it; I ended up resorting to double monolithing. It seems to need a fair amount of debuffs to capture as well, as it evaded capture when it had just several hundred health remaining.

        Its mostly the same deal as EBF4, but its minions have either physical or magical absorption, depending on the creature it displays. If you’re looking to clear, it helps to reset until both minions are the same, and use limit breaks/snowflakes, but I think a one turn kill is the most reliable method. The boss can be pretty unpredictable, best to kill it quickly before it takes control. Even with morale+9 lives spell, it still finds ways to wreck your party.

    1. Mongoose

      Also, would be nice to be able to see funds from the buy screen not just the shop screen. Also ta screen showing the bonus from steroids? Just had some fun tonight, may start over and start putting a log of thoughts together.

  27. yrtart

    Getting an error when I try to create a backup file. Guessing this hasn’t been implemented yet or something? Or maybe it has to do with being in incognito.

  28. Sanat

    The gameplay is quite solid- I still love all the variety in weapons and enemies, even when they’re of the same class! I wish minigames could have been reintroduced, but this is still excellent.

    Only things I’d really want changed are the title screen piano/flute sounding odd at parts, and the dialogue isn’t quite as funny as before (Less dialogue is fine if it means there’s a higher quality).

  29. EBF killed my social life

    The games tells me I’ve spent 47 hours, and I feel pretty satisfied about my quasi-completionist runthrough. This is the time taken to play through the entire game in Epic, then backtrack with newfound gear and key items, then finish up all the loose ends including completing all secret areas, capturing every foe and finishing up quests, then finally going over every space in the game to find any remaining secrets. I don’t have much time now so I won’t write in too much detail, but I am amazed by how massive the game is. This is clearly the largest, hardest and best of the series, and the time and effort Matt put into this game really shows.

    I’ll write a more detailed review once I have some free time.

    P.S: Even after all that, I still couldn’t find one coral key. If anyone has found a coral key in a particularly memorable way, please help me out here.

    1. Hedge

      Unfortunately, I forgot where I got the keys.

      Hell, I’m still missing a coral key, golden key, and one of the keys used for the forgotten ruins.

      1. BlackoutSampler

        Did you find the secret room in the treetops? I think there is a key there. Also there’s some rare stuff in the haystack of the barn in Greenwood. That said, I don’t remember where all the keys I found were myself.

        1. Hedge

          The Greenwood barn has been pilfered through.

          Which secret room in the treetops did you mean? The tiny one where you enter from the back? If so, I already got the chests there.

          1. Hedge


            I found the last gold key and coral key. Just missing that one key that opens the lock in the forgotten ruins.

          2. EBF killed my social life

            Where did you find that?

            The only diamond key I remember the location of was in the treetops, next to something that reminds you of the forgotten ruins area. Otherwise, I have no idea where the last key could be.

    2. Hedge

      Okay, so, I found my last coral key in the first area. The house with two floors. The top floor has three beds and I found the key under the middle one.

      My last golden key, I found in the last area with the acid tiles and cloud tiles. There is a cleverly hidden switch near the top-right. Use your mouse if you can’t find it. Press it and it’ll cause a chest to fall down.

      Hope that helps!

      1. EBF killed my social life

        Welp, hitting myself in the head now. I knew it had to be somewhere sea-related, so I went over the entire port several times, and visited the very house, including the top floor, and did a thorough check at least three separate times. And I missed it on all three. Well, thanks for that. I can finally sleep in peace.

        1. Hedge

          You’re welcome!

          As for what you said, did you mean that tiny cat idol near Anna’s house?

          If so, it appears I got that diamond key.

          1. Hedge

            So, after watching some walkthrough videos, I definitely got two of the diamond keys. The one in the painting in Lance’s hideout and the one beside a statue by Anna’s house. I don’t remember where the third one was located.

            I have yet to find the final diamond key and if anyone else knows where they found a diamond key, let me know. Thank you.

  30. Kiri

    Hay, so when the full game comes out will we be able to reload the saves from the demo or will they not work because of the missing data like the final boss? :wut:

  31. Hinxer

    Alright, I have reached the final boss on epic difficulty and I have to say that this is the best game out of the entire series, it has so much content I don’t believe I can access it for free! The soundtrack and the storyline is great, though I need to list some things that were weird for me.

    Through my entire playthrough I defeated every single foe on the way and got almost every medal, I know that on menu it says that some balancing is not done, but I have to mention some things.
    The Cat Cocoon fight was extremely hard for me, even after finding most of the secrets up until this fight, maybe I had wrong weapons and armor, but I found this fight the most difficult out of all main bosses.
    The opposite was with the Poseidon, Before fighting him I tried to beat the optional 4 wave fight for the spiked boots, that destroyed me, but the Poseidon was really easy to kill with proper equipement as Matt with a few icebergs.

    Also there are a few things I’d like to mention (possibly bugs?)
    -When a player in backup dies with revive stat, they will respawn but will lose all buffs and debuffs
    -The glitched player icons sometimes stayed on my menu even though I left the secret area and went to other areas back and forth (I think that’s the way to fix the glitched icons and black cubes on npc’s after leaving the secret for the first time?)
    -The medal for getting 150 equipement items bugged for me and I got it randomly in redpine after walking into the graveyard

    With all of that said, I still had a blast and I wait for the full release to launch on steam, this has to be one of my favourite games of all time! Thank you Matt for the 43 hours I spent on this amazing game! :smirk:

  32. Leffe

    a weird glitch happened and i lost the skill from the build my house quest guy. Some help matt please? (i refreshed my page didnt take screenshot :( )

  33. Nolegs

    Hi Matt:
    I wanted to say that the game is very good.
    I have already progesed enough in the game, reaching the area of ​​the Final Boss.
    but there is something that seems strange to me …
    I have not found the boots to walk in the clouds, and i found so clouds in the Rapture area and the Forgotten Ruins area. :wut:
    So I ask, where can I find it ???
    Sorry, for the bad English, I am Spanish.
    from 0 to 10, I give you a 10 :smirk:

    1. Luxord

      Las botas estan en la zona del forgotten temple en la cual tienes que poner un codigo, si colocas el codigo que esta dentro del templo de esa misma zona :yay: :yay:

  34. EBF killed my social life

    Starting off, I was sort of worried for EBF 5. As I followed the progress, I was overwhelmed by the many changes to the traditions and gameplay of the series. The removal of MP, introduction of cooldowns, expansion of the story, and the list goes on. (Make Lance great again)

    Well, I never should have doubted.

    EBF 5 is one of the most fun I’ve had playing games recently. From finding cryptic clues from dialogues and objects to contrasting biomes that are placed incoherently, this felt like playing the best parts of old RPG games put together. The improved artstyle makes the overworld colorful and lively, and I often find myself pausing to enjoy the scenery. There is a great sense of adventure and exploration, and even backtracking feels fun and rewarding with secret areas and loot. One of the best parts of the game is going treasure hunting; there are many cryptic and confusing methods of finding treasure, but soon you’ll catch onto the game’s tricks and have a hell of a time putting the pieces together. Going back to EBF 3, the equipment gains many new effects as you level them, giving you more incentive to upgrade your items and making it all the more satisfying. Even minor things like foe and item descriptions have been improved greatly. A lot of personality has been attached to things that were previously generic fantasy elements.

    The combat system, which I was worried about the most, is the best it has ever been. The equipment have a lot more special effects than before, and combined with some very unique spells and a ridiculous amount of summons, the player has a bigger arsenal than ever at their disposal. While the combat is complex, its not very complicated; its very intuitive and easy to learn, unlike a lot of turn based games that try to overcomplicate things. Its very satisfying to find that combo of items that just seems to make you an unstoppable killing machine, or watch as the enemy helplessly pummel a character that is impervious to their attacks. New mechanics like capture and surrender always have you thinking about your next move, and on-defend effects make way for very interesting tactics. The amount of variety in combat feels like the game would be replayable just to test different equipment layouts.

    The few quirks I have with the game has to do with difficulty and balancing. There are certain bits of difficulty that seem out of place. I found the guardians in Lance’s fortress and Lance himself to be disproportionately harder than the areas before and after, though this may be associated with learning curve. I found that a lot of attacks just seem to downright wipe your party when comboed. On the other hand, Poseidon felt very underwhelming; I think it has to do with a low amount of used elements, and the surrender threshold for minions being too high. I found them surrendering at almost everything, removing a lot of the potential danger in the fight. Another thing is the universal weakness to bomb, which can be exploited to death with Lance. The Grand Gallery seems to require pretty solid understanding of the game and strategy, though its excusable on basis that its an optional area. Same goes for a lot of the pixel fights.

    Combining certain equipment makes the player able to cheese certain fights, even significant ones. One such example is the defending gives Morale + Auto Revive + Target combo, which makes an invincible wall that blocks at least three hits. Using a turn to defend is less of a disadvantage now, due to items and skills that give Haste. Once syphoned, monoliths can do nothing against this combo, and due to the existence of a 200% syphon summon that targets all, this is not very difficult to achieve. Two minibosses with reliance on single target attacks can be cheesed with this method, namely Snowflake and Ultra Chibi Knight. A lot of the cosmic monolith fights feature only themselves as the main foes, so they are hit pretty hard as well. Similar effect can be achieved with the invisible status effect, which outright denies any physical damage.

    Due to such a vast amount of different gear setups in the game, I’m sure expecting all of them to be balanced is unrealistic and unnecessary. People find ways to break games all the time, regardless of developer intention. Also, it is true that finding and using these broken combos can be entertaining at times, much like playing games like Binding of Isaac. Nevertheless, I hope that the final boss/dark players are as uncheesable as possible. Also, give the cosmic monoliths some love. I wanted to see those guys restored to their former glory, but most of the time it feels like a glorified punching bag. Perhaps complete syphon immunity (if only for higher difficulties) or accompanying enemies that dispel or purge debuffs would help in some way.

    Towards the end, enemy diversity and placement adds to the feeling of diminished difficulty. In a lot of the early to midgame areas, you often find foes that have a suboptimal amount of shared elements and weaknesses. This adds more strategy to the equipment you give to different players, whether you should change equipment during the fight and which enemy to focus on first. As you near the end, it feels increasingly like just spamming Fire/Dark resistance, Holy/Water attack. I found myself hardly changing equipment even when outside of combat. Going back to EBF 4, mage dogs and birds had a large influence in the final area due to having some absurd elemental alignment. Thematically, it would be weird if other enemies just started appearing in this area, so I guess its really just something that needs to be accepted as is. At least we don’t have a ‘bomb is the universal element, kill all things with tank’ situation.

    If I were to summarize the EBF series to a friend, it would be: ‘A parody of the turn based RPG genre, but a great game in its own right’. They were always great games, each becoming better than the last, but they stayed in the territory of parodies. Its clearly one of the most fun and entertaining games of the genre, but it had little to offer as its own, and felt like the best possible version of a generic RPG. EBF 5 is the best parts of all of the EBF games and more; it has a world. It has characters. In sticks to the basics, but there are also layers of complexity weaved into the deceptively simple system. It has its own atmosphere, asides from just jokes and laughs. This game constantly has me wanting more, and I can’t wait to face the final boss and the exclusive dungeons.

    1. EBF killed my social life

      Umm, text wall. TL;DR, game is great, some equipment balance is questionable, Poseidon is a pushover.

    2. Matt Roszak Post author

      Thanks for the review! I’ll definitely be tweaking Poseidon to make him harder, and balancing other things in general (like nerfing lovable status).

    1. Mep

      Kill his tank, get him low health, then use 7th heaven. If it doesn’t work, his health wasn’t weak enough, I think.

  35. QQinfinity

    Absolutely loved everything that was available in the beta. Currently, my progress was just after I defeated Lance, and I’m not quite sure where I should be going or doing, I found Anna’s hometown and got the ax.

    One thing I had a bit of a problem was the battle difficulty. It was set on normal (100%) and yet I felt like I was trudging through hard (150%) for almost the whole time. Every single enemy felt obnoxious because they didn’t die soon enough, especially because they end up dodging more than they should, NoLegs hits multiple times and he often only lands one hit; Matt and Natz only hit once but their damage output is crucial and what do you know: they ended up missing the attack. In contrast to that, a good hit or two will kill my characters since they don’t dodge (NoLegs still dodges, but dies easily); I could chalk this up to just me being bad at the game though. I’ve been consuming stat boosting steroids on the spot like the good little RPG player I am, but still find the characters to be too weak; maybe because I haven’t grinded. Buffs and Debuff skills are no longer as easily available and powerful than they were in previous games, which I’m still trying to grow accustomed to, but currently failing.

    Another thing I felt was the lack of customizable equipment during the early game (before Lance joins, and even after Lance joins, he barely has any weapon to use) I really didn’t manage to find any good combos that would make my life easier with such a limited selection, but I have yet to play very far yet so I suppose I’m just biased.

    And thank you Matt. Your games are great, and I am happy that I have come upon your games. And bless you. :hurray:

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Did you fight most of the foes? Enemies should be the same level or a level above you most of the time. I might get hard if you’re skipping battles.

      1. StatiZkyZ

        Actually, I encountered the same problem, most notable in the Iron Fortress, and it’s worse cause you have to rely on mostly items to heal.

        There enemies in the room with the monoliths are weirdly weaker then the previous areas, who are around 4 levels higher then my party, and I didn’t even skip battles.
        And speaking of battles…. jeebus, this game is MUCH harder then EBF4 on epic at where it is now.

      2. Minaly22

        Turns out I had to tone the difficulty down to zero (25%) to actually play it to the end. So I suppose I can safely say that this game’s difficulty is basically like shin megami tensei 3: nocturne, where everything is just trying to kill you and you are desperately clinging to life. The regular foes are sometimes more terrifying than the bosses, and some bosses simply are so obnoxious that no amount of strategy will get me through until I tone down the difficulty. There are upsides and downsides to this. Thankfully since we automatically recover hp/mp when out of battle, I can just take a quick break and look through the menu before fighting again, every fight is challenging and very engaging, but not always rewarding because AP is a scarce resource and money/material for healing items and forging is hard to come by. It is also very exhaustive after a while, when non-stop difficult battles one after another is forced upon you when you’re trying to progress through an area. Going back to a previous area to farm and train is almost always required without toning the difficulty down in the option. Most notably, is the high evasion of my enemies and my low accuracy that doesn’t allow any of my hits to connect as they should that is very un-fun. Money is invested into accuracy steroids for everyone (and whoo was that costly) but it’s not helping as much as I would like. I always have to keep Anna on the field with the bind armor (having Natalie wear it is NOT optimal), and if enemies end up dodging that auto-bind, I will have to cast a bind manually, and then they dodge that one too, and bind has a pretty lengthy cool down… Had to bring in no legs voodoo doll, ah, such a good summon.

        Anna is very powerful in this game, currently, I think her skillset is perfectly fine as they are right now. Matt is also ‘great at doing his job’ as long as the team sets up for him and allow him to hit things hard. These two are the only ones I think don’t need fixing. Anna can set up with her various elemental arrows, her elemental coverage is amazing (except that very very weak wind magic attack). Matt also has amazing elemental coverage, great single target damage, and his skills have a high chance of inflicting secondary status (wet-dry-chill etc.) for other teammates to follow up.

        Natalie is pretty weak for some reason, her magical powers seems very diminished. Her regular fire-ice-thunder magic hits like cotton balls, but if you decide to stick the extra magic spells on her, she transforms into a magical power house. Also, AoE spectrum is a really wonderful tool, especially when paired with a holy weapon. No legs is jumping between good and bad depending on how high his accuracy is and how reliably he can hit his targets, as well as very dependent on enemy elemental resistance: if no legs’s water-wind-thunder-light-dark is resisted, it’s often better to swap him out. The panda bears in particular give no legs a lot of trouble.

        Also, I think Lance needs a very big buff. He is my least used character, and for very good reason. Unless I gave him the extra elemental spells that have no cool down, he is basically a sitting duck since every innate ability he possess has a cool down. His staple, the reliable fire-electric-dark skills cannot be used consecutively, and I wish I could just shoot the enemy with the weak single target version of the skill instead of doing something else (like casting extra skills and support buffs, which once again, everyone else but Lance would benefit more from it) to pass the cool down until I can attack with anything but the twin shot that barely does a scratch.

        Don’t worry, the game is still fun; it’s just difficult. :sick:

        1. Matt Roszak Post author

          Not sure why you had so much trouble, did you skip half the battles and have very under-levelled characters?

  36. Julius

    My only regret is that you can’t jiggle Natalie’s breasts during 7th Heaven 0/5, jk,
    but honestly, the effort and care you’ve put into this game is evident even if it’s in public beta. You can tell that thought went into this game, the strategy is the most intricate I’ve seen the EBF series get, and I love it! :hurray:

  37. Wexcop

    If you use sushi cat on a mirror the reflection damage will hurt the last person it healed instead of Nolegs. Is this a bug or meant to be?

  38. NoLegs

    Let me change the name of my captured summons in the managing menu, not just right away after captured REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  39. Leonard

    i’m find one strange think WHO IS SPOILER :!: :!:
    after get the sapphire of dreams i’m find a strange symbol at te Lance castle outsides who places me in one 8-bits world with items and i receive a achievement but,
    after come back to the world the npc’s has an bugged face
    it’s an error or just a secret the bugged face?

  40. Haza

    I think we have a problem here. If EBF5 is the first meeting date of the characters, then why the first limit break of NoLegs is God cat? (
    Sorry for my bad english) :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:

  41. Loop_Stratos

    Why does the story feel very… non-continuity with EBF3 and 4?

    Only got to the part where Natalie returns though.

  42. Dark_Forces48

    i have been waiting for this… for such a long time!!! :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:

  43. BlackoutSampler

    Welp, now that I’ve gotten to the “end” I might as well give my review.

    I was kinda worried about the cool-down system at first, but between the summons and the sheer number of skills you get I never feel like i’m scrounging for options. So kudos for the simple yet brilliant system you made there.

    As for the game itself? Loads of fun. The Iron Fortress was a bit of a huge difficulty spike, honestly it is where I broke down and just played on normal for the regular fights. But the worst offender has to be the Bubbler DX at the door. thing killed me more that any other boss. period. not even the Secret Bosses game over-ed me as much. Afterwards, the pace evened out very nicely till Posideon, who you know is kinda a wimp already.

    The only potential real glitch i found was that the Cat Coccon doesn’t get any benefits from haste. I don’t know if this goes for all ‘double strike’ bosses since I didn’t test it on Chibi-Knight but it might be something to look at.

    I’m tempted to say you need to nerf the Vanilla Revive, since ever since I got the ability and maxed it out, it never rezed for anything less than max Hp, which might be the point, but it makes it kind busted compared to the other rez options (coffee doesn’t heal for much, Expresso is damn rare and expensive, Nine Lives only revives for the same amount as coffee and is bound to that 10 round cooldown, Genesis is a Limit Break) I don’t know if you should though. I do know I became far more careless when I received the skill than before I had it.

    No-Leg’s Star Blast totally needs a buff though. Ever since I got the ability I’ve been nothing but disappointed with it. Especially since Viking Lord No-Legs does essentially the same thing but consistently. (Viking Toys + Viking Hat = Insane Non-Elemental DPS). Star Blast doesn’t even kill the Glitches without help.

    Storywise, I like it. Not only does it do Meta-Humor right, but the simplistic setup works well in getting the characters to interact with each other. And the simple interactions are really where the writing shines. Talking about new skills or new armor with each other makes them feel like actual friends. I even like the ever shifting NPCs and the bit at the end where they all show up to help. It is rather sweet and encouraging.

    The ‘Puzzle’ side can be rather rough though. Especially the ‘spot the pixel’ type that go on everywhere. I know I never found a couple of the Key Items until way after I beat the zone. Hopefully the Bonus Dungeons have more Block Puzzles, ’cause hot damn can you make a good block puzzle. But please, ease up on the random ‘secrets’ I don’t like rubbing Matt’s face all over every random object just in case it contains a catche of crafting items. It is not my jam.

    So for a Final Score I’d have to give it a: “10/10 too much water”

    Godspeed you Crazy Diamond!

  44. DanzTheLittleWriter

    There’s an original PlayStation in Anna’s house, an Xbox in the Iron fortress and an NES in Matt’s house? I Bet Natalie has a PS4 or something like that :smirk:

  45. EBF killed my social life

    Was doing a replay to work on the EBF lexicon, and… what’s this, a sweet remix of Those of Us Who Fight for the player character battles? This game went from a perfect ten to eleven. Now if only Twins of Duality returned for hydra…

  46. Sense

    The music is… i don’t know… good and all but…
    I think it doesn’t fit somehow. It’s the first thing i noticed and it didn’t let me go.

    Well, this is what a beta is for, right? Feedback.

  47. hunterp

    i am really perpelexed by the 2 chests in the cell in the area with the first propelling tiles. Does anyone know how to get them ?

    1. BlackoutSampler

      go out of the fortress and go right, there is a wall of breakable blocks that prevents you from going to Greenwood, use the hammer you got in the fortress to break through. You can also backtrack to get a few more items with the hammer.

  48. Lung Lloclla

    Please, at the time of selling it on Steam, publish it in all languages ​​at least in Spanish and Portuguese, I am a big fan of Spanish speaking and many of my colleagues too, we would really appreciate it :yay: :yay: :yay:

  49. TheTronlight

    when Natalie uses an ice spell for the first time she says that it is affective against dry foes too but dry effect icon description says the opposite :wut:
    it’s a small detail so idk if anyone notised.

    I really like the game anyways :yay:

  50. ebf nerd

    I think that the jewels from ebf 4 are in the towns but I have only found the sapphire of dreams. I need help finding the other two

    1. Nolegs

      hola, las joyas si estan, cada una en un pueblo, escondidas en estas zonas: 1. sapphire of dreams: tienda de equipamiento, hope harbor.
      2. ruby of death: casa a la derecha de la granja, greenwood, esta escondida detras de una libreria
      3. emerald of life: cementerio de redpine, una de las tumbas muevela y abrira la puerta a las catacumbas, esta a dentro. :yay:

  51. Nolegs

    hello, the jewels if they are, each one in a village, hidden in these areas: 1. sapphire of dreams: equipment store, port hope.
    2. ruby ​​of death: house to the right of the farm, greenwood, is hidden behind a library
    3. Emerald of life: Redpine cemetery, one of the tombs moves it and opens the door to the catacombs, it is inside. :Hurrah:

  52. Sicarius

    What happened to “enemy scaling with levels”? I thought that was a pretty good idea, and most of the people who were against it just hated the concept and never tried it before. I’ve been playing awhile, and I noticed enemies felt tank-ier on normal difficulty than the enemies on EBF4′s epic difficulty, and when I looked at the stats screen I noticed I was 3 levels below the enemies, consistently, and that was including going after all the enemy blocked chests and secrets.

    It feels like it was supposed to be scaling, then it was changed at the last minute; the progression just feels off compared to how it was in the previous 2 games, were I never noticed this come up. Please, at least add an option to turn on enemy scaling.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      What area are you in where enemies are such a high level? There’s the occasional battle like that, but most foes shouldn’t be more than a level above you.

      1. Sicarius

        It was the start of the forest, right after getting the axe; I was around 19-20, and most enemies were 22-23. I think I understand why the spike happened; the hammer and axe open up a lot of areas in old locations, which contain some enemies. Though, they’re all at the 22-23 mark, so I’m not sure which I was supposed to start first. After clearing out all those areas, then going back to the forest, I was at the right level and the following poison swap area felt natural.

        There was another small spike after going into the frost level; the first screen was fine, but after the screen with 2 paths (monolith on bottom and a large ice area on top) all the enemies were around 2 levels above me, and I was getting destroyed. But then I just ignored them, went top and left, and those enemies were at the right level, and then going back the previous foes were right again.

        tldr; getting a new tool means new, optional areas with enemies, and the level curve assumes you go there before continuing the story.

  53. Z2

    It came out pretty perfectly in just about every way that I’m not about to talk about. I noticed that there are extras of several of the quest items, which I assume is intentional, but not knowing whether or not it only applies to some of them makes me very confused about whether or not I have everything for a given area; and having the extras is a little awkward as well. Holy Water in particular gated two other quests and took me a long time to find (admittedly for reasons that were my own fault.)

    One other thing I found odd is the black temple in the lava area near the end. I eventually noticed that it had a pirate flag near it, something that was only the case for ‘other paid version only’ entrances, but the fact that all of those areas had an NPC to communicate why you couldn’t get past there while the temple only had an ambiguous gate had me spend an embarrassing amount of time trying to open it.

    Some other brief things I noticed:
    The first place I encountered Shroud was in one of the glitched areas, and I had a tough time separating shroud from the data simply being unreadable. After attacking with wind I had no idea whether the glitching was intentional or unintentional. I figured out later that it was intentional; but using shroud in that area to begin with seems excessive.

    Two of the orbs used to open the final area (green and red) can be placed back on the platforms they were first recovered from after you take them, and two of them can’t (brown and blue). That’s really weird; and if there’s no puzzle resolved by putting them back then it would be nice to just make it impossible for all of them to be put back. If there is some kind of puzzle involved… I give up.

    Even on epic mode, Snowflake is kinda pathetic for a bonus boss. I’m not sure he’s supposed to BE a bonus boss, admittedly, but after all the rigmarole to get the three stones from EBF4 and the genuinely creepy atmosphere of the bonus areas the bonus area was a massive letdown… even though I AM a huge fan of the game referenced.

    Capturing monsters is fun, and honestly sometimes the most efficient ways to win some battles, but the fact that you can lose some of your monsters and can’t catch extras is really inconvenient. Probably unavoidable, admittedly, but having to catch a slime mouse, craft it, backtrack to catch another slime mouse, turn it in as a quest reward, and catch ANOTHER slime mouse so I could actually use one left me some time to think about how nice it would be to get to reuse them or catch extras. Some kind of monster trader NPC who exchanges specific monsters for equips would be a good way to make use of that mechanic, but I understand it’s probably far too late for that and was just kind of thinking out loud for a moment.

    Not a gameplay thing, but trying to play the fourth wall breaks for drama near the end and in the final glitch area felt kind of… unearned. Like, I’ve been around to play when they were new all five games and spinoffs. At this point I feel like its far, far too late for the game to try and act SERIOUS about its own style. That’s just a personal nitpick, though, and I only bring it up because like I said; everything I don’t specifically mention is just about perfect.

    I didn’t use lovable much out of personal preference, though, so other people might be right about it ruining balance.

    1. Z2

      Also I feel I should ask: Is there only one Left Sock and Right Sock in the game, thus requiring you to choose which quest to complete that requires them, or did I somehow miss two items?

        1. Z2

          How? I didn’t give them to the old guy first, and the other guy isn’t returning them. I assume I’m checking the right other guy, anyway, you can’t tell which quest was given by which NPC after you complete them.

      1. EBF killed my social life

        If I remember correctly, a pair of socks can be found in Matt’s house at the start, then another pair can be found separately in Greenwood. There should be one inside the old man’s house and and the other in the material/food shop.

        1. Z2

          Ah, okay. I found one sock near mats house and one sock from the old man’s house and they formed a set so I had no idea what was going on.

          I didn’t realize you could push the bush in the material shop.

  54. Dark_Forces48

    wierd bug…
    music error 1 texts filled the screens… i can’t see much… even though im in a dfferent place in the map… it just wont go away :neutral: :neutral:

  55. anonymous

    To be honest there needs to be a way to escape the omega dragon area as well since currently i’m trapped and can not escape that specific area as the omega dragons are too tough.

  56. errorsoferrorvania

    what’s the song that plays when you get into a battle with a cosmic monolith / the song when you fight lance?
    just asking

  57. Alan444

    Matt I’m stuck at hope harbor and I can’t get to the boss, the block I’m supposed to push is always blocking my path, please help. :?:

  58. Warchild

    Sorry to say, but you changed too many things, most of which reduce my enjoyment of the game, so I wont be buying EBF5 now, so glad you had this for us to see. I quite thoroughly enjoyed EBFs 2, 3, and 4, as they are examplary JRPGs, despite their flaws. Generally speaking, EBF4 had more strategic depth to battles than most modern JRPGs, which was excellent, so I really wanted to like this one, too, and was prepared to buy it.

    For starters, the combat overhaul really is terrible. MP management was something that mattered all throughout EBF3 and 4, even into post-game on Battle Mountain, and meant actually thinking about which skills to upgrade (thus increasing their cost), and which to hold off on raising until you had more MP to cast them with. Now, you can just blinding upgrade them, without any worry or care, removing that level of strategic planning.

    Why oh why did you think adding a pokemon catch system to the game was a good idea? Sure, add extra RNG and frustration for the players, they’ll love you for it. You add some of the worst parts of pokemon to “increase” the depth/length of your game?

    What’s with the “manually collect the loot orbs” idea? Like the excessive increase in “secret” hidden items, all this does is add tedium at best. Some of us were happy to get keyboard support, but then you go and layer as much mouse-requiring actions as possible on top of it, rendering it pointless.

    Thanks for making EBF4, just wish you’d changed less.

    1. Warchild

      Forgot to add, the stat food change. Making them character-specific makes them pointless, you might as well have increased stat gains per level, and removed them entirely. In EBF4, who you gave what to mattered, here, it’s just needless extra clicks to “apply” food that can’t go to anybody else. More strategy removed.

      1. Vigorswig

        I thought the changes made the game less of a spam fest by making you actually think ahead of the current turn. Also, the MP meter sucked. :bleh: If there wasn’t a cool-down system, you could just have Matt buff himself once, use Encore on him, and keep spamming encore on Matt so he can use Legend or what-ever else twice per turn. (or more with cherry blossom weather and pocket watch flair) Allowing the player to just cheese their way through most of the game. :neutral:

        1. Warchild

          Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I never used stuff like Legend/Unload/etc, I always used the appropriate Elemental Skills.

    2. FileFighter

      MP management almost never came into play, even on epic difficulty, save for some of the bosses. I’m not going to miss it.

      For the pokemon, I kinda agree it’s not very enjoyable, but at the same time it being there doesn’t take away much, since it’s very easy to reliably capture everything you don’t kill accidentally.

      Finally, the loot orbs autocollect after a few seconds, so at worst they are just obnoxious (which they are btw, I wouldn’t mind them gone), but you can’t miss loot by not mousing over it.

      1. HamFantasy

        I think the loot orbs are put in for 1. aesthetic and 2. to help people who are farming a foe. In EBF4, Wasps drop HP boosts and can summon more allies. However, you can’t tell if you have gotten any Honeycomb unless you finish the fight. As such, loot orbs let you know that you have gotten that rare drop before the battle ends.

    3. StatiZkyZ

      Mana makes the game very cheap, even in EBF3 and 4. You can spam strong spells everytime if they are MP in this game. Who wants Nolegs having 9 lives every turn?

      Catching monsters is very optional, and the monsters who have very useful spells are not that hard to get (The voodoo dolls, slime bunny, rescue dog, etc). Seriously, if you can’t get even these monsters, then you don’t understand the game.

      “Manually collecting the loot orbs” is just a little aesthetic gimmick, you won’t miss them if you don’t collect them.

    4. StatiZkyZ

      Oh, forgot to mention, if you get a monster to surrender, which is not hard at all, it’s guaranteed to capture it.

    5. StatiZkyZ

      Making a monster surrender gives a guaranteed capture, and it’s not hard to get a monster to surrender at all

    6. Matt Roszak Post author

      There’s almost no RNG involved in catching, unlike Pokemon. The MP system did almost nothing and most people agree. You don’t have to collect the loot orbs, they collect themselves. You don’t have to use keyboard, it’s there for if you want a more retro experience where secrets are harder to find, it’s not the intended way to play. Stat boosters aren’t strategic in this game, true, but in previous games they would permanently unbalance your team if you used them wrong. I don’t regret any of these changes.

  59. Solomon M

    I’m having a moment at The Rapture where the stat boosts for Anna (could work with others too) are INCREDIBLY displaced.

      1. Jason Dang

        I think I’ve had a similar error. Occasionally, instead of a character’s stat (de)buffs and status effects being located directly above their head like they should be, they will be much farther right than intended. I don’t know why it happens, I’ll try to see if I can find a specific cause.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Yeah, the Grand Gallery is kinda supposed to be beaten using cheap tricks as it’s nearly impossibly otherwise.

  60. cortesej2

    Hey guys, so far love the game especially the pokemon/summon aspect. So far up to Boss Poseidon I managed to catch everything including glitch to this point. I’m wearing helmet, armor, and flair upgraded to max that increase catching rates. I managed to get Boss Poseidon to 800 hp and he’s still tossing my attempts to catch him immediately upon crate landing on him. So my question is, is he bugged? Has anyone caught him? Also could you add a false swipe attack to help with getting monsters hp really low if that’s what my problem is. Dude has 500k hp getting to 800 is tough let alone lower xD.

    P.S. Matt is my hero :love:

    1. cortesej2

      My bad I realized he couldn’t be caught cuz he was buffed, soon as I dispelled him or inverted his buffs he was catchable…a false swipe would still be sweet xD

      1. StatiZkyZ

        Anna’s Bow Whack is possibly the best ‘False Swipe’ in the game, as it has low power (And it actually decrease it’s power if you upgrade it) and can force enemies to surrender, making it MUCH easier to capture monsters. :yay:

  61. NubslayerEX

    I need to find a way on how to get that Anna Badge where you don’t “kill” Anna, can someone teach me how to get it?
    :mad: :mad: :mad:

  62. ZA

    I found 11 warrior’s guild tickets. Not sure if that’s done on purpose or if there’s an extra one on the map.

  63. HadoDado

    Here’s a bunch of things I’ve found out that will be helpful in completing Epic difficulty for the whole playthrough later on when the game is finished. I won’t go further than having four party members (after freeing them from Lance) because I’d spoil myself too much, and redoing everything would be a hassle, without further nonsense, let’s present what I have.
    Most rules that have been changed will be in plain sight, so I won’t mention things like that (like MP no longer existing, cooldowns are the next hot thing right now).
    Now that we have 5 playable characters, that means 5 limit breaks we can save up for those really nasty fights where we MUST use everything at our disposal to win (especially in Epic difficulty). Unfortunately, focusing on the 3 playable characters that you control first still seems to be the way to go, here’s my reasoning: the other 2 playable characters don’t get as many stat items unlike the 3 you use first, and the steroid shop (stat item shop) in the farmer market only sells for these 3, I’m sure there must be later on a steroid shop for Anna and Lance (if there isn’t, big mistake). Also, the flairs that summon, and give beneficial status effects randomly (I think these are the only flairs affected), will only activate for those that are on the frontlines; this means that you’ll need at least 1 or 2 fixed characters that must never be swapped in a fight to make the most out of those flairs, otherwise their potential will be wasted (the clock flair that gives you haste is a godsend). By the way, this isn’t only limited to flairs, it also applies to equipment that can also summon and give beneficial status effects randomly (again, I haven’t wasted too much time confirming every single one, but I did bother to check a few), this also means that this equipment being given to backup characters will be a waste of, once again, potential.
    These things were probably the same way in EBF4, but now that we have 2 backup characters, this has finally started to matter. Also, Matt, NoLegs and Lance will need to share armor between the 3 of them, unlike Natalie and Anna which will only have to share between the 2 of them.
    Finally, I can understand that eventually once you reach near a certain point of the game (late game perhaps?), these things will not matter as much and you should eventually focus resources on every single playable character because their limit breaks and other moves that have cooldowns will also need strengthening (swapping them in so they can use their long cooldown moves, then relegating them again to backup).
    So basically, at the start and middle of the game, this information will need to be considered. Late game and end game this will not matter as much anymore and you’ll mostly be free to do as you wish, I did this because a tactician needs every single bit of knowledge to temper their playing method, and basically, Epic difficulty’s been kicking my vulnerable and unknowledgeable behind.

      1. Luxord

        i have actually done everything in epic, (i’m on the 3headed zombi hydra) and is not that hard, i had to cheese the game sometimes cause there are some really hard monsters and the noleggs voodoo doll + zombie hand is kind of broken for those battles, but so far the worst boss for me was the defenders on lance castle and they are not bosses xD. Snowflake and glitch boss weren’t that hard but man, those defenders, if you dont lvl up to their lvl or further they are a pain in the ass.

        But the game itself is really well done, i’m enjoying it so much and is the best in the saga.

  64. Dark_Forces48

    i got to the mystic woods and everything was really fine.
    two things though:
    1. the second time i opened up the game, music error 1 suddenly filled my screen with the specific text. i had to restart the game to remove it
    2. i really like full screen, but the quality just drops
    thats all, im still gonna look out for some other things

  65. oreokitkat

    After you give the dog to the kid, and kill it, she says that you are a dog killer, but if you leave the room and enter again, she acts as if the dog is still alive wth :bleh: :phone: :evil: :bacon:

  66. CobaltSpear

    So, I’m not sure if this is a bug, or if I’m just lucky, but I’ve noticed when fighting the Fallen and Wraith type enemies, a lot of the time they just automatically surrender as soon as they enter the field. I can’t tell if this is supposed to happen or not, and it makes capturing some of them annoying, cuz they surrender as soon as the enemy turn comes up, and when a new wave comes in, they all surrender automatically.

    1. EBF killed my social life

      Check what items you have equipped. It’s highly likely that you’ve equipped the Celtic Staff item on Natz.

  67. Waitwut

    How do u guys get the ” Make Lance surrender by exploit his weakness ” ? I need to get that medal…….

    1. EBF killed my social life

      I believe the conditions are:
      *The Valkyrie needs to be destroyed.
      *Lance is at a low hp. (I use the point where he spams unload as a guideline)
      *Natz uses the limit break Seventh Heaven.

      This is clued through the dialogue that happens when you use Seventh Heaven but the conditions have not been met.

  68. Xinrick

    Does anyone else have a problem with just how many times one enemy has dodged attacks? Cause seriously the enemies have dodged on a heavily consistent basis and I’m not even using inaccurate attacks or buffs being added

    1. EBF killed my social life

      You can check how likely you are to miss by comparing your accuracy and the enemy’s evade. If the evade seems to be too high, try buffing accuracy or lowering evade. Bind, Lock On, the Putrid Worm and Nolegs Doll summon helps.

  69. EBF killed my social life

    The Pixel Popper weapon has a status resistance, Heavy/Light. In keeping with other equipment, this should have increments of 20% per level, but it instead increases by 10%, like an elemental resistance. Is this intentional?

    1. Hercules40

      The boots are in the Forgotten Ruins.
      1-Find the room which has the 3 altars and 4 chests blocked by locks, it should be near the top right of the ruins.
      2-You will see at the wall a 3X3 grid with a pattern, memorize/write down the pattern/code.
      3-You will find 9 altars in a 3X3 grid at 2 screens to the left of the room with the wall code.
      4-Place the flowers in the altars following the pattern on the wall ( the flowers are a common drop, but there is also a chest on the area with 9 of them).
      5-A chest with the boots will fall down nearby.

      To get the ocarina, you need the raft, since it is in a chest located on an island. I forgot which island, but it wasn’t hidden.

    2. EBF killed my social life

      The ocarina can be found in the hidden room with two chests in the Mystic Woods treetops. The flute is what can be found on an island.

  70. Enslaved By Freedom

    Screenshot of an error while running this on chrome:
    C:\Users\Eier\Downloads\FireShot\FireShot Capture 2 – Public Beta I Kupo Games – http___kupogames.com_public-beta_.png

    Migth be of some use :tongue: :neutral:

  71. Vigorswig

    I started a new save after “beating” the game, And went to the 40 Medal room in the gallery. While talking to the NPC, it showed Anna, Lance, and Natalie talking even though I hadn’t even gotten past the Natz Intro Fight.

  72. Persona

    Hey Matt,
    Is there a way to have the face effects and dark-bleed-whatever for statues stop after beating the glitch? I beat it twice, and both times I later reset the save to before the battle to avoid them, but I still want the items in the zone. I didn’t mind the first couple of screens, but after 5+ hours of it randomly cropping up (most notably in Redpine), it got unpleasantly redundant. Maybe a filter in the options menu? Also the Latin book in the Steroid Shop in Redpine I’m pretty sure is wrong. I didn’t spend the time to translate, but to my knowledge “-ing” isn’t an actual Latin word ending. Other than that, great job. I enjoyed playing the game, and am anxiously awaiting the final boss.

    1. EBF killed my social life

      By Latin, do you mean Lorem ipsum? That’s a common form of placeholder text. Basically, it’s a programmer’s joke. I believe it’s not actually proper Latin, but rather a scrambled bunch of words from a Latin text.

      1. Persona

        For me, it got to the point where it was annoying. Especially since, like I said, there wasn’t a way to turn it off. I would be going through random areas to find an npc, for example, and would have to talk to literally everyone in the zone, as I couldn’t just tell from the face who it was.

  73. CHC

    Matt/Mr. Roszak

    Just thought I’d bring up that both EBF5 and the Battle Demo seem to run way, *way* better with Hardware Acceleration turned off in Flash Player’s (not Chrome’s, Flash’s) settings; with the option turned on I was having serious performance issues with basically any multi-attack animation, but with it turned off the worst I’m seeing is the occasional minor hitch. I haven’t got the slightest clue about how to benchmark this sort of thing, but feel pretty confident in saying this isn’t just a placebo after a few hours playing the battle demo with HW acceleration both on and off.

    I was one of the people who had massive problems with EBF4′s Steam release being basically unplayable, so if there’s any possibility of a toggle (or a separate .exe or whatever SWF –> exe conversion allows) for EBF5′s paid release I’d be enormously grateful.

    (PC is using a Ryzen 5 2600 CPU and GTX1070 GPU. Maybe it’s an AMD CPU thing?)

  74. bobby jo johnson

    Has anyone tried to kill the slimes the ninja trains?
    Cos i spent half an hour poison stacking them until they surrendered

    1. Valentina Moon

      just hit each of them once and use the capture box, actually you can do this with many foes to finish battles easier

      1. Loyal Fan

        Any advice on where the candle is? Is it in the last area (Rapture)? I haven’t found it yet, so I can’t fully explore the Mausoleum yet. (Don’t tell me where the gem is I KNOW it’s in their some where.)

    1. Loyal Fan

      I’ve found the one at the swamp, and the one at the achievement building. Would you mind telling me where you found the others?

      Also, would you happen to know if the unscannable OHKO glitch can be box captured? It can have boxes thrown at it, and it doesn’t have the red box sign during the fight, but since it’s properties are outside of the normal game, it’s hard to say. @Matt Roszak, might want to clarify in game if attempting this feat is a fruitless task or not.

      1. Mrs.Alfonse

        I can tell ya but, i am spoiling the game but ok,(1) first glitch zone is on the fan art building in the stairs of the building you will see an error, (2) In the castle where you fight lance once you cleared the zone outside of the castle where you can see a tower inside is the second glitch zone, (3) this was a very tricky one of the swamp areas before fighting the boss, (4) in the ice lands where you can see an illuminati eye, (5) final glitch zone for now is in the Armory shop in the final area before the cosmic monolith.

        i tried to catch glitch but you cant no matters what you use or what method you cant catch the glitch enemy, but you can catch the pixel enemies.

        this is considered as spoiler so is not my problem if you read it. :shades:

  75. cortesej2

    Any advice on the 10 million damage medal? My highest is 3 mil with Supernova. I got over 10 mil with a summon but it didn’t count :’(

    1. HamFantasy

      You’ll need to set up a specific situation. Pick one of the foes in the first area who are healed by an element. Debuff their defenses and heal them if needed, max out the nuker’s Magic/Attack and fire away. Also, I’m pretty sure the *final* damage achievement is meant to be acquired after multiple playthroughs. Y’know, because otherwise your are spending weeks on end trying to be strong enough to dish out that much damage.

    1. Cerith

      It’s a result of the Celtic Cross staff for Natalie. It causes ghost/spirit enemies to either berserk or surrender.

    1. Loyal Fan

      Nice try, but us filthy peasants need to pay like every one else.

      (I know, I want to get cracking on those bonus dungeons too. :cry: :cry: :cry: )

  76. Loyal Fan

    Oof, beta is offline, and just when I was almost done with the last area. I hope saves are compatible. Ima be sore if I have to re-collect everything again. I might just wait for Steam release in that event.

  77. ceiling fan

    Only just found this while the beta is down. It has all the story, right? I’d like to test it out, but I feel like I won’t enjoy the full release as much if I already know large sections of the game. Should I wait or try the beta first? :?:

    1. oreokitkat

      beta progress will hopefully be transferrable to the main game when its done so no need to worry for spoilers you probably wont need to redo the game as long as you don’t delete cookies or backup files if you choose to create them :phone2: :coffee: :bacon:

  78. idkjustheretoreportsomething

    Hey Matt !
    After over 40 hours of playing the beta, I can totally say that this is my favorite EBF so far, I love all the changes made.
    However, something weird happened when I captured a green pixel : it replaced the slime bunny in my summonings bar and totally deleted it from my available summonings, I had to re-catch the slime bunny to be able to summon it again :/

    By the way I noticed something, idk if it’s intentionnal or not but when a foe has several charges of a neutral status effect, like 9x wet, and you attack them with a skill that activates the effect with several hits (like Anna’s combo shot), only one charge of that status effect will go. Same goes for staggered foes, if for example Natz uses thunderbolt, every hit of the skill will be a critical hit, which wasn’t the case in EBF4 iirc. I find it more practical but also maybe a bit less logical.

    I also loved how creepy you managed to make the caves containing the jewels. Are the characters speaking in morse code ? I thought of translating them online but was too lazy to entirely re-write the text box.

    Anyway that’s all I had to say for now, I will definetely buy the steam version !
    Greetings from France ~

  79. Raza

    hmm , when upgrading skills , and u reach the max level of a skill before it transforms into another skill ( for example natalie fireball before it becomes firestorm ) it becomes grey EVEN tho you have enough AP to upgrade it ,
    other than that no bugs till now :) , also if you do miss catching a boss , will there be a way to face off against them again ? :hurray:

      1. Ragnamune

        Of what I played so far, I’m absolutely adoring it. :love:

        As for boss captures, I’ve worked out a system to hunt badges a little easier.
        Win the fight in Epic Mode. :arrow: Reload save. :arrow: Refight & capture said boss on lower difficulties. :yay:
        At least that’s what I do. :hurray:
        I’m just itching to see those optional dungeons since the ice area felt way too short. 3 screens wasn’t nearly enough for me. :cry:
        Lastly, I’m praying there’s a sound test to listen to all the BGM like there was in 3 & 4. The battle themes are stuck in my head! :stars:

        Damn these emotes are addicting… :scared: Keep up the work, my good man.

  80. David

    I found something quite interesting but i don’t know whether it’s a bug or not. After i had visited the second equipments shop (the one with the alchemist bow) i returned to the first one (the one in the hope harbor) and the latter’s goods was replaced with the former’s. The same thing also happened to the ingredients shop. As a result it seems impossible to buy everything at the first shop.

    1. PotatoeChisps

      Instead of the first equipment store being replaced by the next one, it was the other way around for me. There were no new items in the shop, just equipment from the first. The only thing that changed was that there was some empty space at the bottom of the text-box. The material shop was working alright though.

  81. Fanboy#3

    There’s currently a little pause whenever you flee a battle, just after you run out of the screen and before it fades to black that feels off for some reason.

  82. L. Clemings

    Just a small thought on the balance. I got partway though the creepy forest, and though I am not sure how redonkulous the enemies are in the late game, I will tell you that the weaken status effect is IMO too good for boss fights. Assuming you can at least survive a boss for 2-3 turns, (not hard with proper defense setup) that status will cut a bosses damage by a lot, and keep it low. If he ever buffs himself to get rid of it, you can use that little bot to flip his stats back and further debuff it into the pits of weaksauce. They don’t even get a resist stat down roll for it, unlike normal stat down skills like bind, flare, or debilitate.

    Main reason it seems so overpowered is because Anna has a very high status inflict chance with her holy arrow, (it is her niche after all :P) and almost no enemy, let alone boss has had resistance to it so far. Maybe the further you get into the game, the more they resist weaken and the 2 other stat down per turn statuses cursed and tired. (also, very funny little joke for the status icon of tired, love it!) Idk if that is the case, but I hope so, the status is making even epic too easy.

    Maybe give bosses % chance resistance to status down effects, or make them have reduced turns, so you have to keep reapplying or focus fire stacking them. Just my 2 cents.

    Also tyvm for your content throughout the years. Been a fan since my edgy middle school days, where newgrounds was thee place, and everyone was trying to one up each other in offensive, awesome and badass flash games. I know how ya feel like your behind the times or whatnot, but tbh, the current thing for ‘free’ (rip) casual gaming is smartphones, and most of them are watered down cash grab garbage. Stay awesome Matt, and don’t let filthy normies drag you though whatever may be ‘cool’, true hipsters/nerds know that niche/indie games is where real creativity and fun still is.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Thanks! Yeah, I need to double check that bosses aren’t too easily defeated with status effects…

  83. Loyal Fan

    So far, I’ve loved pretty much everything about the beta. That said, I do have a few stray observations I’d like to bring to your attention. There may be a few other things of note, but I don’t remember them at the moment, but if I do I’ll comment again. Thank you in advance for your hypothetical patience if I had to comment again.

    1. At Lance’s castle, when *SPOILERS FOR THOSE STILL PLAYING THE DEMO* you free Natalie and the girls, and the witch girl opens a food shop at the little coffee table beside her, I came back to the castle later in the game to loot any treasure chests I might have missed before, and I tried to interact with the painting of coffee, hoping to get a coffee from it, only to find the table was still a food store, even with the girl long since back at her house in mystic woods. It looked a little silly having a store with nobody manning it there. If this is an error, maybe consider making it no longer a food store when she leaves the castle. Maybe I’m just picky, but if it’s intentional, maybe give an explanation as to why there’s still food there and who’s still getting paid from it and why the party can’t just steal all the food.

    2. I mentioned this above in a reply, but *SPOILERS ONCE AGAIN. DON’T READ IF YOU WANT TO GO INTO THE BETA BLIND.* in the portal to the glitch world, specifically the one outside of the achievement building steps, one of the enemy encounters is a little vague. The glitch that one hit KOs, and takes random damage gives off the impression that it can be captured in a box, leaving me a little confused. It has no name, and it can’t be scanned, even when you use the scan feature, so given how it clearly plays outside of the games usual rules, it was confusing for me whether it was supposed to be an encounter I just needed to survive, beat, or if capturing it was, in fact, an option. If it is uncapturable, I might suggest adding character dialogue that states as much, or just putting the red box symbol on the enemy. Alternately, if it can be captured, same concept where a hint or nod that capture is possible might be nice so that players aren’t confused as to what their goal is. You wouldn’t want players killing it if they want all the captures, and you wouldn’t want frustrated players throwing a box at it for hours if capture is actually not possible. I get that it’s supposed to be foreign, and you have to navigate just how it works yourself without guidance, but in this instance you might need to bend that just a little bit.

    3. *YOU KNOW THE DRILL. SPOILERY SPOILERS AHEAD* Odin is a little confusing for me. I’m not sure what he means by the five super bosses in dungeons. Does he mean the optional DLC dungeons? Is the slime cat portal to hell just one big final test only available if you have all the DLC, effectively making it a huge tempting tease? If so, Odin’s dialogue doesn’t give that impression at all, something that’s kind of confusing given that the NPCs blocking the optional dungeon’s make in clear that they block optional DLC areas. If Odin’s dungeon is only accessible with those completed, his dialogue probably shouldn’t imply that accessing hell is possible in the core game. Alternately, if the hell dungeon is accessible in the base experience, maybe a dialogue tweak that makes that clear is in order. Either way, the requirements of accessing the final slime cat should be clearly defined so as to avoid confusion.

    4. This isn’t necessarily an issue per se, but I was curious as to what the DLC dungeons actually offer. Will they have new monsters (and by extension, summons) beyond just a new boss/rematch redux? Are there new treasures and gear to find? What’s the full experience and incentive to get the DLC dungeons? Also, are the DLC dungeons the reason why some achievements don’t ask for all of some things, like the final chest achievement requiring opening 400 chests, the gear achievements asking for 100 something different pieces of equipment, or the final capture achievement requiring a capture of 100 different creatures, rather than requiring everything be found, scanned, or captured? My impression was that having a specific number will require players to get almost everything, but will still allow players to get all of the achievements in the base game without the need to buy DLC if that’s their prerogative, a goal that should be in the core experience of the game, if it isn’t already. People might get mad at the game if they find they can’t get the final room in the achievement building without DLC, effectively making the base game not the full game. DLC should always be supplementary and optional, not integral to accessing the full experience of the game. (Sorry if this last point sounds patronizing. I don’t want to sound like I’m talking down to you if you already know that, but since it’s a little ambiguous, I figured it was worth mentioning. You’re an awesome dev who’s undoubtedly a smart man on the topic of general game rules of thumb, and a big inspiration to me, who also wants to make video games some day. Keep up the awesome work man! Much love from a fan who’s been playing your games since EBF3 on Newgrounds. :stars: :stars: :stars: )

    1. cortesej2

      The red capture box is the hint if something is capturable or not, you don’t need an NPC right next to the monster saying “hey check out that capturable glitch right next to me golly gosh gee wouldn’t I be sad if I didn’t capture it”

      I will say that the glitch and missingno were both the most annoying captures in the game, I definitely wouldn’t mind if he changed how difficult they were.

      1. EBF killed my social life

        When I first saw the glitch, I had a moment of doubt myself. But yeah, everything without the red box next to its name can be captured. Hell, if the final boss doesn’t have that box I’m going to try and capture that thing.

        In regards to actually capturing them. Focus on debuffs more than just health. Putrid worm always helps, and Debilitate and Enfeeble also work with full effects. Use the Viking Monolith to grant you that extra turn if you need more moves. Also, I don’t think the glitch takes random damage; I’m not 100% sure yet, but when it’s a Metal Idol it takes physical non-elemental and magical elemental damage, and the opposite in Mud Slime form.

        The extra content is not DLC (Downloadable content) per se, it will be in the premium versions on the web and by default on the steam version. As to what will be in them, I can only give educated guesses. From the teaser releases and missing Bestiary icons, it seems the only new enemies in the dungeons will be the alternate versions of bosses and their respective summons. The frost hydra will likely be present, probably the second boss of the Redpine dungeon. The Temple of Hell will likely contain the five Evil Characters as well as additional challenges. From the Battle Mountain in EBF 4, there will likely be boss rushes and an endless battle. New treasure will most definitely exist, probably hidden behind the hardest puzzles. I’m fairly sure I’ve collected everything and there’s a few holes in every equipment screen, so we can assume those are exclusive to the paid content. There are also a few quest slots and skill slots that are empty, but I’m not sure if any of them will be filled.

        Matt has also said about adding new and returning foes to the game in later patches, though this may not be exclusive to the paid version.

        1. gimmethegepgun

          NoLegs Voodoo Doll is also great for capturing things. It gives them -50 evade and bad luck, both of which greatly improve your chances of capturing them (and it does no damage so you won’t accidentally kill them with it either)

      2. Loyal Fan

        No need to be rude, but I got you. I think it was the not scanning that threw me off, since the achievements mention scanning and capture as somewhat synonymous in terms of seeing an enemy properly. If I couldn’t do the one, I don’t think assuming the other was impossible was too hard a leap of logic. I was also reminded of the faux Godcat fights in EBF4, where you just had to survive x turns. Combine that with the OHKO of two part members every turn, and I pondered whether the goal was just to win.

        All that said, I don’t think a nudge in the right direction wouldn’t be too out there imo, especially given how Natalie gives the player tips for just about every other aspect of the game. Maybe some quick character banter.

        Lance: What is that?!?
        Matt: Can we enslave it?
        Natalie: I don’t know if we should. It seems… beyond comprehension. It could destroy the world or make us look like that or something.
        Matt: That sounds fine as long as it works for us.
        Natalie: You’re hopeless…

  84. Treesus

    So some criticism here folks please don’t crucify me it’s just my opinion!
    :arrow: One, Matts moveset alone kinda negates everyone elses. He has a move how for every element and his naturally high physical attack is just the stat tacked on to emphasize this.
    :arrow: Move cooldowns. Never been a big fan of them so I kinda have my bias but there is a reason. In RPGs the main thing about leveling up is that you get stronger. Don’t get me wrong this game does a great job with making leveling up rewarding but when you take out MP you sorta lose some of that. Especially with moves that boost stats like Temper and Reflex that now have a cooldown so to get any benefit at all out of them you need to get them to max level.
    :arrow: The problems with the skills Legend and Unload. These skills are already just okay for damage as far as I’ve ever seen and they already give debuffs to the characters that use them (Legend gives the Tired effect for a few turns making Matt’s accuracy and evade even worse, and Unload reduces Lances attack for a few turns so again, pretty damn bad), Couple that with i believe the five turn cooldown, and you make a move that’s already not worth it to begin with that much more useless. I get they’re supposed to be basically their ultimate moves, but honestly their downsides outway their benefits every time. Debuffs and cooldowns for mediocre damage at best. I suggest honestly either making these moves do a lot more damage to make the consequences worth it, or getting rid of the negative status effects after using said attacks.
    :arrow: Make Anna more of a standout character! Right now she’s basically Matt. but favors evade and accuracy over defense and health. This is not good! Her skillset also used to be something that made her stand out, specializing in poison, wind, and earth moves respectively (I know she also has her thunder, ice, and water arrows but theyre really just there to give her some elemental use), but now with Matt having every element under the sun Anna is just Matt at this point.

    I am still super excited for this game, having it be a prequel to everything is bold but honestly amazing. I do hope some of these bigger issues (Matt’s element coverage and Anna’s now forgettable role) get fixed though. Reply and tell me what you think :3

    1. EBF killed my social life

      I’ll admit I haven’t checked spell availability and just gave Matt all physical spells, but same goes with Natz having the ability to get all magic spells. You can move around special skills freely without losing levels or costing AP, so making various builds are easier than ever. Though Matt tends to be the best with most physical spells, they could see use on any character they are available on. Also, giving Matt all elements doesn’t negate everyone else, it just makes Matt your main physical damage dealer. Buffs, debuffs, utility spells and healing need to be distributed to other characters. For example, my build across characters are: Matt – main physical dealer/tank, Natz – main magical dealer/heal, Lance – sub dealer/main bomb/thunder dealer, Anna – status/debuff/main bio dealer, Nolegs – clear/utility.

      I’m was pretty sure that the negative effects of Legend and Unload were removed in this game, as they now have cooldowns. Legend has a shorter cooldown of two turns. More than the written damage, these moves can cause a final attack depending on the weapon used, and they also carry whatever status effect you have from the weapon or flairs. Also, Unload has a distinction that it’s a physical skill on Lance, and changes targets on kill. Cooldowns can be lowered with items and the Absolute Zero limit break.

      Debuffs largely separate Anna from Matt. Their spells do around equal damage, (Matt tends to be higher because stats and equipment) but Anna has much deadlier status effects. When Matt inflicts chill, Anna freezes. When Matt staggers an enemy, Anna stuns. Weaken and dispel are both very powerful against strong enemies, and Anna is the only one who can reliably inflict both. She is also still a beast with poison and earth damage. She also has the only healing spell with no cooldown, with bless attached on top. As she rarely does magic damage, she is a great Enfeeble carrier (though other builds can be made). Another distinction can be made in the way of equips, in that Anna uses female armor and bows while Matt uses male armor and swords. As equipment have more unique effects than ever and the stats for weapons are extremely varied, you may like to use Anna over Matt in many situations.

    2. StatiZkyZ

      About the Matt and Anna thing, they are COMPLETELY different if you think about it.

      You should never underestimate Anna’s elemental arrow, she got a pretty high chance to stun, freeze, or dispel. She saved my behind many times when I’m cornered when Matt’s brute force is just not enough. Apart from that, Anna have a pretty strong heal WITH bless and no cooldown, VERY useful in capturing foes with Bow Whack, and as far as I know, the one character that can deal a big amount of poison damage with her bow (That can make Leaf Blade appear) and Combo Shot. In the early and mid games, she’s also the only one that have an AoE wind skill (Apart from Nolegs, to a degree) and later, can buff evade.

      Plus, with the new Invisible status, Anna can at least do something with her magic attacks. Granted her magic attack is nowhere close from Lance or Natz, but she’s better then Matt and have more magic skills available to her. Heck, one of her Limit Break is magic based :smirk:

    3. Someone

      About Lance’s unload, it is not his ultimate move, just a move to show off how cool he is and makes use of accident attack buff. Who the hell plays through EBF4 then now is building Lance as a Physical damage dealer ?
      His magic’s devastating

      1. HamFantasy

        Well, Unload has some niche benefits when clearing low level foes or trying to get that status chance (cough EBF4 Mammoth cough). Also, don’t people sometimes do “All Magic” or “All Physical” runs? People are crazy like that. I’ve seen someone make a Matt Mage.

  85. Alex Chanc

    Ah man right when I wanted to try to make no legs surrender, flirt with natalie, tire out anna, and seduce lance you close the beta.

    1. NubslayerEX

      Heres some help!
      Nolegs: Use a water attack
      Natalie: Make everyone in the party lovable (From One Of Noleg’s Skills)
      Anna: Idk about this one
      Lance: Destroy his tank, then lower him low health until he spams unload, then use Natalie’s 7th Heaven
      There you go!

        1. PotatoeChisps

          Well, no. You just get a medal. The game has the same cutscene either way. As for Anna, you lower her health until its pretty low, then just spam defend or skip your turn. Eventually, she gets too tired to fight and boom! Medal achieved

          1. Vigorswig

            Actually, you have to give Anna a few status effects like weak, tired, and maybe cursed. Then she gets exhausted.

  86. bigboimmmmmmmm

    Hi bro. When will this be back online? Also please tell me we wont lose any saves we had because I am far into the game. Thanks for reading this. :yay:

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Maybe in a week or two. Your saves should be fine as long as your browser doesn’t delete your Flash cookies.

  87. Steinar Snorri - Joe

    I can’t remember for the life of me the name of the game that the movable zombie clown statue is from. Can anyone please tell me?

  88. cortesej2

    Can anyone tell me if the patreon beta is still active? If it is I’m gonna go buy it right now can’t wait for free beta to come back up xD

    My favorite relatively obscure references were ffix main characters weapon in the shop and maka from soul eater chilling by the windmills

    I only ended up finding 5 chests from the flower combination puzzles anyone find more?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      The beta that’s up on Patreon is a bit older and has a few more bugs, but it’s still available, yeah.

  89. Tyler

    Having nolegs completely decked out with evade gear really helps when trying to make enemies waste their turns. Natalie is mainly there for healing, and buffing, debuffing, or cleansing, so having in the usual heal plus outfit is a necessity, it makes the healing spell go from mediocre to healing 20k, and this was when my guys only had around 4k hp or so, and finally matt with the berserker for tons of damage!

      1. Someone

        Noob ,Lance and Natz’s magic attack are treasure !
        Focus on healing skill on Natz is such a waste, Lance’s medkit is cheaper and better, It always heals my team full without any effort. So i think you should focus on Natz’s magic attack
        Noleg wastes enemy’s turn?, i think it’s too rare. I would rather put target flair on Matt + samurai armor then defend, tank wave 1 and hit hard wave 2

        1. NubslayerEX

          Yeah, I always thought Natz was the magic attack dealer, Lance the support, Nolegs the finisher, Matt the Tank, and Anna the buffer/debuffer (because you can rely on her for freeze and etc)

          1. Mrs.Alfonse

            Uh i dont think the same way as you or others.. i used Nolegs for berserker tank, Matt for magic dealer, anna and matt as damage dealers, and well natalie for the buffs debuffs. is not the best way but i cleared every boss except Expansion and final boss, is the way you play that is fun, no using matt tank or anna and lance support, you have to play the way you want. (btw its my opinion no rage-comment) :yay:

          2. Tyler

            Natalie never does as much damage as I want her too, I havent had a chance to purchase the much needed magic steriod items in order to make her damage worth anything. Its usually matt hits for 30-40k, no legs gives him haste, he finishes the current target off and natalie handles any damage done, or debuffs and repeat

          3. gimmethegepgun

            Natz is really bad at single target damage compared to what you can pull off with Matt’s or Anna’s elemental abilities (120 strength spells compared to 200 strength attacks, and unlike the previous games the elemental attack abilities are 100% elemental, so they don’t fall behind when combining high elemental weakness with an elemental-weakness status). She’s also a lot worse than Lance at single target or AoE damage, though Lance uses cooldowns so depending on the enemy’s elemental resists he might not be able to keep firing effectively.
            The reason to use Natz is for AoE damage every turn (Matt and NoLegs use a cooldown for a weapon-elemental only AoE, NoLegs’ bounce attacks only really work out if the enemy is going to die from them, Anna has a cooldown-based weapon-elemental or inconsistent effects with her elemental arrow AoEs, and Lance has cooldowns on all of his AoEs, and may not be able to match elements effectively due to that).

          4. HamFantasy

            Matt is the slayer of titans.
            Zerked-Soul-Eater-clone Matt along with a bottle o’ lager means enough damage to take most things out in a few hits…oh, that’s for bosses. To make him a pure Tank is to waste his natural Glorious Berserking Method skills.

  90. 1SlenderGaming1

    :stars: Love the demo, hard to stop playing,
    although, I don’t understand why the characters forgot about each other (specially Matt, Natz, and NoLegs) like it was a grand reset by the godcats. :wut:

  91. Carlos Pineda

    I’m probably wasting my time, but did anyone save a backup of their beta? And if so, is it possible you could post a copy of that back-up or something? I started playing the game the other day but never finished it. Now I’m addicted and need to see it to its end. I know there’s gonna be another one coming soon but we have no idea when it’ll be. If no one has it, I’ll be patient.

  92. Valentina Moon

    I’m so addicted in this game, I come here everyday to see if the public beta is back again, I feel like a prisoner counting days in the prison :yay: :yay: :yay:

  93. Toxic Bobcat

    Dear Matt Roszak,

    Your games are so fantastic and fun, and the cat character, No-Legs, :smirk: inspired me to create a whole other world filled with anthropomorphic cats. I am even writing a book on it. I have been waiting a while to play this game, and I’m glad the next installment in the EBF series came! It is fantastic! Keep up the great work!

    If you read this post, I will be so happy.

    Your pal, Toxic Bobcat :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:

  94. GeneralCranberry

    But the real question is…

    Is this is the last Epic Battle Fantasy game? :sick: Or are there plans to start on EBF6 eventually?

    1. HamFantasy

      Well I mean *eventually* maybe? A LOT of time has gone into this series, eventually things will come to an end. Matt might just want to work on something else instead.
      That said, I wouldn’t mind another few games :stars:

  95. GeneralCranberry

    Love the remix of Rock Lake in Hope Harbor. It brings back so many memories of being destroyed by an octopus…

    1. HamFantasy

      Hm? Destroyed by an Octopus? No, I don’t remember that.
      I DO remember annihilating a large Squid on Epic using the glorious powers of Soul Eater Ice Berg. :smirk:

  96. Blood bat

    i caught him playing on kongerate (oops). Instead playing why dont work for this so little piece? you make them so bored and they re spamming on comments. just drop it again beta and we re k instead. if epf 4 toke a year and the epf 5 is 80% bigger you must end it in 2 years at least.

  97. sʞɔᴉɹp ƃuᴉʍɐp uǝǝq ǝsoɥʍ

    I came back to the beta specifically to look at the achievements again. Oh well; I still have playthroughs (or at least 1 thereof) of EBF4 and one of BH2 to complete.

  98. Crash

    Seriously, Lance? We leave you alone for ONE game and you try to take over again. Sheesh.

    Also, as much as i’d like to keep it a secret, Cat Sniper is probably OP. He’s kind of relieving to have around, though, as damage sponge enemies can get kind of tedious after a while.

    Cool stuff. Cool stuff.

  99. arayumi123

    I have to say, when you get the boat, its kind of confusing on where to go next.Like, I know I can go in the water… but where to go in the water??? SO many options.And with the keys, idk what to do with them, there is no where to use the keys, and if you find a place to use them, you don’t have the key type.

    1. StatiZkyZ

      You can check the map to know where you should go next

      And, you can check the keys too in the key items to find out where they belong :smirk:

  100. Crash

    It just occurred to me that Matt’s call to adventure is 10/10 genius writing. All he wanted to do was sit at home and play videogames, but the power goes out and he is forced to go on an adventure to, at least initially, keep the power on in his house. Its both hilarious and relatable to the target demographic.

    It could also be inspirational in that the whole of reality would have been destroyed if not for the fact that you turned off some gamer nerd’s power off and now he’s saving the universe. Gamer power woo.

  101. HamFantasy

    Natz’s spell power not sufficiently OP, please buff. :smirk:
    Seriously though in EBF4 I always gave Anna the healing/buffer role because 1. she has access to basically all the things 2. Anna could do AlchemistRain if she had nothing better to do (not to mention fairly strong offensive skills and 3. Natz had sky high magic, but just didn’t have strong enough moves to make use of it. I mean Judgment is great and so is Pulse/ar, but Fireball and Iceshard are a pittance in comparison to what Matt can pull off. She shouldn’t be a magical mirror of Matt, but when Matt can slice through foes like a Matt through foe and you have 80 less base power on an Ice attack than Matt, there’s little reason to use Natz. Unless maybe Natz has increased status chance, giving her a shot at being a semi-reliable freezer and burner and such.
    Either way I haven’t played the beta yet because I didn’t know about it, but this was true in the last game so I just want to point it out.

  102. EBF killed my social life

    I’d like to give my two cents about the Natz damage discussion. Natz has the highest magic damage out of all characters by default I believe, in tradeoff to some abysmal physical damage. If you don’t use Anna as a magical dealer, you’ll focus your female magical gear on Natz; the Dark Bobble and Gown can give a bonus near some weapons without a penalty. In comparison, the male equipment that give similar stats for physical have some heavy downsides.

    It’s not that Natz is innately a bad magical dealer; she is theoretically the best carrier of any magical skill due to her unmatched stats. Her default skill damages are adjusted to account for this. Whatever gap that does exist serves as a penalty for being able to do solid all target damage. This really shines when you use her most powerful moves like Judgement, which does an incredible amount of magic damage if buffed appropriately.

    There are, however, a few reasons why her magic damage may feel off in game. She doesn’t find much support for the elements she uses. The tri-elemental staves are found sparingly throughout the game. The Arctic Trident can be acquired early, but requires a Golden Key and prior knowledge about its placement. (or savenload) The Sol Spear (For once, Natz stealing something from Matt) can be found in the Fortress area, and is completely useless at this point as you don’t have Natz. The Wrath of Zeus can be found in the Rainbow Gate, but will require getting to the Redpine Town at least if the player does not have prior knowledge. You will also often keep her staff in Celtic Cross once you’ve found that, to cause many enemies to retreat. This may also cause the lowering of elemental magic damage.

    Pulsar is also somewhat weaker in this game due to less enemies being weak to dark attacks, especially towards the lategame. The Sprites, Angel Mirror and Crucified Fallen are the only common enemies that are weak to dark, but tend to come with other enemies that are strong against or heal from darkness. This contrasts to her blowing the living hell out of waves and waves of enemies in the Temple of Godcat. This does mean Judgement becomes incredibly strong towards the end, as holy becomes a sort of common weakness.

    Another thing is the gap between Debilitate and Enfeeble. Debilitate is acquired once you get Lance in your party, but Enfeeble is found all the way into Redpine Town. Against non-resistant foes, these spells can double damage or more, and Natz simply doesn’t get this support until very late in the game. One of Lance’s skills carry a MDef down effect, and some summons can achieve this as well, but these tend to be a lot lower. At 25% MDef down, you see a far smaller 33% increase in damage, and even less if the enemies have some resistance to the effect. Leaf Wraith can apply 50% on a single target for a reasonable cost, and the Earth Dragon applies 60% to all targets but is a lot more expensive.

    1. Crash

      I get the feeling that Natz is built to be a Red Mage, really. What with the red hair and costume. The main thing that sells me on Natz over than Anna or Lance is her Limit Breaks, as 7th Heaven and Genesis are the best ones for support. I also figured healing was based off magic attack, though i’m not certain, and healing spells don’t miss, so I gave her Healmore. She also basically always revives people at near/full health with the spell, without heal spell support equips, though I guess I haven’t tested this with other characters. I never really needed Natz for dps unless there’s a ton of holy/dark weak enemies, as Dooming with Nolegs or buffing Matt (or summoning Cat Sniper, etc.) tends to get the job done. Matt is probably also the best character overall, anyway, or at least he’s the most generally useful character. Buffing magic attack into Creator/Destroyer is nice too.

      The game is built around teamwork, so i’m not certain buffing attack stats anywhere would help her out for her particular niche. It more depends on what you prefer, perhaps? Anna and Lance are both perfectly capable of filling DPS roles, as is Matt and to a lesser extent and probably Nolegs too (I, personally, used him for debuffs as much as damage).

    2. Mep

      I thought that in EBF5 Lance has the highest magic attack by default? Or maybe that just somehow happened for me by accident, or some other reason…

      1. HamFantasy

        You get Lance’s best Magic gear earlier on from what I understand. If you had Natz and Lance side by side with no magic-boosting equipment, Natz would have more raw power but Lance could use moves which would deal more damage.
        That said, Natz does benefit from the buff more than Lance, meaning that a +70%Natz is more likely to outdamage a +70% Lance than if the two have no buffs.
        In EBF4 I prefer Lance or Natz because of Lance’s versatility, Medipack (just gave Healmore to Anna. Natz can keep Heal, but I want my resident buff/debuffer to be able to heal everyone) and ability to have more potent skills (not to mention that his 2nd tier moves, Plasmawave and Flameburst, only have ~10ish less power than the Storms while his tier 3 are basically a super useful hybrid of ball/shard/bolt and storm). Not to mention Airstrike, which can deal twice Big Blast’s damage to the whole wave of foes with some luck.

  103. Blood bat

    *sorry if you re addicted to the game but you will need to start again*

    i m not addicted because i don t equip many summons so no effect on me ^^^

  104. Blood bat

    do you bring the beta back faster? i start feeling so bored because of this game :ooo: :ooo: :ooo:

    if you dont bring the beta back faster i will call thoonoose with 9 virus to infect everyone!
    lol haste if you can

  105. Tyler

    I may have found a error. I went into the glitch level in redpine and left after failing to kill the boss. Now all the npcs have blacked out faces, and my items are changed. This has been permanent. Ive tried entering battles, closing and opening the game, and nothings worked. Do I have to actually kill him to fix everything?

  106. Carlos Pineda

    I get your intentions, but couldn’t you’ve just left the old version alone and replaced it after you’ve finished the new one?

  107. Skorpion

    Aaaaw, my favourite game is back. I know EBF5 is a reboot and how it starts but it could be really funny to start it with EBF4 final boss battle (which could work as tutorial) and then move to Matt :yay:

  108. sab200

    aww when i found out that ebf5 beta was out i was soexcited! but i was at a place where i didnt have my computer and when i got back at home my pc was broken now its fixed but now the beta is gone for new update… i wanted to play sooo badly :neutral: :neutral:

  109. EBF killed my social life

    PSA: All of Matt’s web games are on this website, and EBF 3, EBF 4 and BH 2 are available on steam. Lets play those while we wait. Well, that’s what I did anyway.

    I didn’t really expect past games to hold up after experiencing EBF 5, but they’re surprisingly fun to play. In fact, I was a little shocked to find that I found EBF 4 to be least engaging, probably due to these reasons:

    -I’ve played it three times over already.
    -It’s much longer than previous games in the series, and Battle Mountain lengthens this significantly.
    -EBF 5 feels like a direct and significant upgrade to EBF 4, which conversely makes it feel like a downgrade.

    I’ve never returned to EBF 1&2 as I considered them to be inferior in every way to the later games of the series, but was surprised to find they felt like completely different games and had a lot of fun playing them. I didn’t get EBF 3 on steam either as I thought EBF 4 was a direct upgrade, but the difference in mechanics of the two games make for very distinctive playstyles. Of course, there are things that objectively got better as time went on, such as interface, interface and interface.

    It also felt like I was tying up childhood loose ends while playing a lot of these games. I’ve finally found a build that works and defeated Lance/Valkyrie. After playing Touhou games and BH2, I’ve returned to Bullet Heaven and beat Oblivion. Becoming hardened after games like Hollow Knight and Rabi-Ribi, I’ve completed the boss rush in Adventure Story. Also, I’ve let my younger brother have a go at Pyrohydra and secretly enjoyed his suffering (history repeats itself). It’s a funny experience to look back on how much of a noob you used to be.

    I know EBF 3 has a huge following and EBF 4 is a big game on steam, but sometimes it feels as though the other games are ignored. I know I’ve ignored them for the longest time, though they were the games of my childhood. So if you’re totally addicted to the series and itching for some turn based action, remember there are four classic games sitting right on this website. (And two danmaku shooters and a platformer) Also, it’s pretty cool to know that a few pieces of music from the older games have been remixed for EBF 5. I’ve noticed most of them, but wasn’t aware the battle theme was Traverse the Woods from EBF 2.

    (btw I’ll beat Brawl Royale one day. One day…)

    1. HamFantasy

      It took me forever to realize that Whitemage Dress was actually useful. I was so fixated on resistances that I didn’t notice that there were random castings being added in after level 5.
      Also my first playthrough of EBF3 was before I knew that Matt has almost no magical attacks XD. May have had too much of a balanced party.

  110. Pingback: EBF5: Public Beta | Kupo Games

  111. Vigorswig

    Hey just a question, If you were doing a NG+ run and gave Matt the Max attack outfit (soul eater, samurai outfit, etc,) Could you SoftLock the game via killing Lances Tank in the first surprise encounter? :wut:

  112. gimmethegepgun

    An issue with the wording of healing items: they say they heal some amount of health, AND some percentage of your health, but it’s actually OR a percentage of your health. For instance, if you have 1000 max health, Pumpkin heals 300, but with the wording it should heal 300 + 0.2 * 1000 = 500 health.

  113. EBF killed my social life

    Final boss, so spoilers I guess.

    Almost 6 hours straight. Can’t remember if Godcat took longer than that, but I didn’t use any rares for Godcat. Overall a challenging fight. The boss itself lacked the immediate impact of Akron and Godcat, but the fight is structured to be very intense. It’s very easy to feel like all you can do is respond to the boss’s actions, even with five characters available. The last bit of the fight is quite mentally straining,. It was also fun to see the ridiculous, totally out of scale attacks.

    A lot of new mechanics feel like they truly shine at this boss; I’ve never had a problem with the Stuffed effect before this boss, and almost never encountered Scorched. Enemies that use Enchanted are pretty limited, and are sometimes paired in a way that it disrupts other foes. Confuse was annoying when afflicted, but didn’t have that many significant enemies that used it.

    Not the biggest fan of the first wave though. It feels too long to be a setup phase and too easy to be an actual boss. The concept itself is cool, but most of it just seems to extend the fight without any real sense of danger. Maybe lowering its health and instead adding powerful summons like the Cosmic Monoliths could make it more interesting.

    Well, as I’m way overdue on my sleep, I’ll check out the other changes later. I’ll probably write a bunch more on the final boss as well.

  114. Shadow_The_Worm

    We also need Epic Battle Fantasy X, a multiplayer game based on your series. Even with the fact that I am a huge fan of your RPG series, playing only single-player games will tire me after a while. And, no, BH2 is not included as a multiplayer, since I am looking for a Network Multiplayer game, not a Local Multiplayer game. Worms feature clear multiplayer, so why not EBF? :smirk:

    1. IPufosenia

      i figured it out. I used all of my save slots at the same point and that was the reason. it also didnt let me save while i used all the save slots

  115. RavenRed

    Hey Matt? I found a bug that might be present in all the main party member fights but definitely in the Anna fight.
    When i got Anna down to low health and weakened, she surrendered and her turn ended so i got the achievement but then the weather blew her up.Ha ha. still it kind of annoys me because well, yeah guilty complex an all that. Anyways other than that the games been perfect so far but, maybe you could end the fight forcefully when the achievement is “achieved”?

  116. Knokke

    It does say v0.7
    I do have a question if it hasn’t been answered yet. When upgrading Anna’s Bow Whack from level 2 toward level 3, its power drops from 20 to 10. Is this a typo, correct? In the Battle Demo, Bow Whack has a power of 100 (level not shown). :?:

  117. Raven

    Love these games, super excited that #5 is in open beta finally. Would there be any way to swap fullscreen while in combat? Sometimes I need to esc out of fullscreen to pause or swap out youtube music or whatnot, and then I’m stuck in the smaller player until the end of combat. It’s rough due to poor eyesight. It would be convenient to be able to go back and forth outside the options menu.

  118. Fanboy#3

    Don’t know if it’s bug, but almost every bear drop meat (the perma magic stat up item for matt). Isn’t it supposed to be something like 2% drop rate?

  119. EBF killed my social life

    I just cross-checked my two playthroughs, and both of them seem to be missing the same two equipment: the staff above the Knife and to the right of Alchemy Set, and the toy to the right of Power Paw and below Godly Book. I believe the update arranged items in a way that puts all the non-deluxe edition equipment together, and those two missing spots are in the area that should contain the standard set of equipment. If anyone knows what those two items are and where they were found, I’d be happy to know.

  120. JPx0999

    gente eu acho otimo q ebf5 esta proximo

    kupo me faz o favor de colocar as traduçoes logo mas eu quero q vc lance ebf5 logo

    gente confere meu amino sobre ebf4 epic battle fantasy 4 pt-br amino
    palavra chave:ebf4

  121. HamFantasy

    You know how you can often get a rough idea of how long a game is by the intro/loading screen?
    Looking at these slimes, there’s a loooong game ahead of us :smirk: :smirk:

  122. Alexandrite

    Could you consider raising boss capture chance on epic? Been trying to capture Jotun for a few hours but even at <1000 health with poison it fails, and then he kills me because I'm faffing about.

      1. Alexandrite

        Hah, I can’t wait for the other bosses then, because I tried to capture him 15 times while he was poisoned and it always failed.

        I don’t really have many debuffs or statuses to hit him with, he’s immune to freeze/stun/syphon so that only leaves poison and burn. And virus, but that gets a little out of hand :bleh:

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying the game a lot despite my complaining :tongue: but this kind of difficulty is wearing me out.

  123. ya boi

    can’t wait for full version on steam! i love this series and i could care less about the little changes you’ve made, i don’t complain. keep up the amazing work, matt! <3 :love2: :love2:

  124. Per Åsfjäll

    Found some sort of bug while fighting Lance with his beloved tank, for some reason when NoLegs became confused and used the berserk skill it never stopped applying the berserk status on Lance. Forcing me to refresh the page.

  125. Shishir Sangaru

    Just so you know I was in greenwood village but when I activated a battle the greenwood music kept playing. I don’t know if this is one of the missing tracks but Im not sure because the battle music was working fine when I was in other places :?:

  126. gimmethegepgun

    When using the door to move to the space with the chests in the Mystic Woods canopy screen with the protestors (coordinates 7,1 on the world map) the screen got stuck in the fade-in animation and I couldn’t move. I could still save, and loading the save I made caused me to be where I was supposed to be, and able to function properly.

  127. EBF killed my social life

    Second run comment: Knife is overpowered for the final boss. Potentially on other things as well. It just seems to take out everything in one hit quite reliably when given appropriate supporting equipment + good luck. I haven’t seen it fail to kill a tentacle, and even if it does, trying again with Encore will probably do it. There seems to be a spawn order, so the eyeballs that have a higher death resistance don’t ever spawn if you take out the tentacles in first turn. As the boss itself has limited array of elements and cannot purge its own debuffs, you can reliably drag down the boss. I even managed to take it out immediately into fatigue, and probably could do it faster if I had switched to Soul Eater. The fact that you get 10% extra stats on Seventh Heaven is just a bonus.

    Don’t really know what the best balance change would be, as nerfing the Knife would probably just make it useless, and giving more death resistance to enemies could potentially make them overly difficult to kill. Adding a cooldown for Spectrum could work I think. Another potential solution would be giving the minions a Bless equivalent (using the standard bless status may be thematically off) for one/two turns when spawning. (if only for high difficulties)

    Another idea is to punish instant kills with a threshold; every time a certain amount of enemies are instantly killed, spawns all four minions with buffs on the next turn. (Potentially with bless effect)

    I feel like I’m suggesting too much, so I’ll stop now. I just like to provide potential solutions when I raise issues.

  128. Bison

    So I beat the glitch in the 5th special zone but my menu is still stuck being glitched. Am I meant to do something to remove it or is it just stuck like that forever, cus reloading doesn’t work, and I’m not sure how I can play properly with the menu like that for the rest of the game.

  129. Reshirana

    Bug. I don’t know why, but the data won’t save from one point on, won’t create backup files, or even get deleted. I don’t know if I should just erase my history to reset the Flash datas.

  130. Ferrium

    This bug occurred on the Yellow Flybot fight on the screen of the prisoner of Matt’s castle. At first only one error message popped up and things continued with the player’s turns being skipped (I don’t think I was stunned, might have not noticed though). I reloaded the save and I’m pretty sure the bunch of error messages popped up when I was changing armor, I only noticed them after I finished customizing. Entering the fight caused the Error 2025 and trying to attack caused the second.

    1. Ferrium

      Alright, reloading the save now doesn’t have any problems and I can get through the fight safely. I’m not sure what the “rare battle bug” was so I might just be wrong or repeating information but I think it might have something to do with debuffs, particularly stun and confuse, as that was the main difference between the bugged fight and the one that went normally.


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