Fanart: Matt

Hiya Folks!

Exactly a year ago we were crunching out the final touches to EBF5 getting it ready for release, and now here we are again smoothing out v2. We’ve both been varying degrees of sick recently, but we’ve managed to power through and keep up a good pace with work to keep v2 moving along.

Here’s a cute fanart of Matt from hkbk-camb.

Icons and Stream

Hi Folks!

EBF5v2 is getting close to the finish line and this week we’ve been testing it together with the Patreon supporters. In the midst of bug fixes Matt made these mini icons for the new custom game modes.

We also had some excitement on Monday night when Matt decided to stream himself plying EBF5 to showcase some of the new content coming in the v2 update. The stream was quite laggy at times, but it was Matt’s first ever stream and we definitely learned a lot in addition to having blast! In case you missed it, you can watch the stream here (this will obviously contain some spoilers for EBF5v2).

Discord Server Update

Hey guys, I’m trying something new with the EBF Discord Server.
I’ve created a new channel, “ebf5_casual”, which is mainly for beginners who are just getting into the game. Experts who have beaten the game on the hardest difficulty are not allowed there. It’s also spoiler-free, while some of the other channels are not.

The aim is to give newer players a chance to chat about EBF5 without experts immediately telling them how to play properly.

I’m interested to see how it goes.
It’s hard to balance a chatroom.

EBF5: Balancing

Hey guys, I’ve done a ton of game balancing for EBF5. Here’s some of the notable changes:

• Most of Natalie’s spells are noticably stronger.
• Lance’s 2nd stage shot spells can now do focused damage.
• NoLegs is better at berserking.
• Many Limit Breaks’ buffs now affect backup party members.
• Many less viable equips have been improved, and a few overpowered ones have been nerfed.
• Some equips and upgrades have been moved slightly so you get them when they’re more useful.
• Some bosses have had some of their major weaknesses made less exploitable.
• Overall player stats have been reduced slightly, since most of the other changes make the game easier.

Big thanks to the regulars on the EBF Discord that helped with this stuff. They made the recommended list of changes (I didn’t implement all of them), and I’m sure they’ll tidy that list up and share it with the public at some point. (though I’m sure I’ll make even more changes by the time everything is 100% done)

See ya.

Fanart: Natalia

Hi Folks!

After a great Halloween we’re left with lots of pumpkin soup, cupcakes, tubs of candy and a spooky weekend to look forward to. While we continue to eat way too many sweets and prep our costumes for tonight, enjoy this spooktacular fanart of Natalia by Hana-Pong.

Happy Halloween

Really big halloween this year.
Bought 23kg of pumpkins and squashes, and spent yesterday and today decorating the place. We cooked about 6kg pumpkin, which gets us cupcakes, and a ton of soup. Also lots of seeds to snack on for days.

111 kids showed up at the door! Many of them ran off crying. Even scared some dogs. Good result.

We’re off to a big Halloween party tomorrow.
I’m going as a pro-democracy protestor for that one.