Steam Winter Sale

Happy Holidays Folks!

The Steam Winter Sale has just kicked off and that means you can now get EBF Collection for 30% off, EBF5 for 40% off, and EBF4 and BH2 for 65% off until January 5th 10AM Pacific.

This is the last itme you’ll see these games at such a low price. After the Winter Sale in January the prices for all the games will go up by about 25% so make sure to get them now if you intend to!

Hope you all have a lovely and safe holiday period, and a relaxing end of 2022.

EBF5: iOS Pricing

So it turns out I can’t change regional pricing on the App Store, which creates an interesting problem. I’ll use Vietnam as an example.

When EBF5 launched on Steam, a $20 game was đ188K. (still the current price of EBF5)

Today Steam suggests that $20 be localized to đ260K.

Meanwhile… today Apple says that $20 is đ500K (the actual exchange rate), and I can’t change it.

So as a result, in Vietnam EBF5 costs almost 3 times more on iOS than on Steam. To some extent this is true for many countries, but some are hit worse than others. I personally prefer Valve’s pricing model, and would like to make my games affordable for everyone.

Someone on Twitter mentioned that Apple plans to add regional pricing in 2023… so maybe I’ll lower some prices then if that becomes an option. I’m also considering adding an option to buy all the in-app purchases as a bundle with a slight discount (on iOS and Android), but I’ll have to do some more research there first.

Anyway, as I mentioned before, the prices on Steam and Android will be going up from $20 to $25 in 2023. So if you don’t own EBF5 on Steam yet, you should get it in the Christmas sale!

As for iOS and Android sales… I don’t know anything about those yet. I don’t know if those platforms make as big a deal out of sales as Steam does…

People have an expectation that games are priced the same on different platforms… but that doesn’t really work when the platforms are so different. So I’m still learning about this stuff.

Fanart: Merry Christmas

Hi Folks,

EBF5 for iOS is now live!
You can find it listed as Epic Battle Fantasy 5: RPG on the App Store. Please remember to leave us a review 🙂

We’ve been working hard to push out the iOS version of EBF5 as well as getting various other things out of the way before the holidays, and now that Christmas Week is here we’ll be taking it easy with work and focusing on the holidays. We’ll still share some fanart over the holiday period with you, and you should know we won’t be doing a Christmas Key giveaway this year.

PS. If you’ve not played EBF5 in a while, there’s a Holiday Event going on right now, where you can get your mitts on some unique equips. Happy hunting!

Here’s some lovely Christmas fanart we’ve been saving since the start of the year from Ggeishere.

Yogscast Jingle Jam

Hiya Folks,

The Yogscast will be streaming Epic Battle Fantasy 5 today as part of their Jingle Jam charity gaming event. Make sure to tune in to the stream (and donate!) for Kirsty and Lydia playing EBF5 at around 1PM GMT. EBF5 will be happening during the Cutest Chums segment, which begins in about an hour.

You can fin more information about who Yogscast are and what Jingle Jam is on the official Jingle Jam website.