I played games all week

Hey guys, I’m back from my gaming binge. I cleared out a lot of games that were on my playlist, and tried to relax a bit in general. It’s been a long time since I played so many video games in a week.

I started off with Shadows of Adam, which is a SNES-like JRPG that had quite a strong nostalgic impact on me. I spent so much of my teenage years playing Final Fantasy, Golden Sun, Chrono Trigger and all that, but it’s been a very long time since I’ve played a traditional JRPG. The newer stuff doesn’t grip me at all, and I haven’t replayed the old games cause I’m sick of random battles and the huge time sink. Maybe I should give the Final Fantasy re-releases a try, since they seem to have some nice convenience features. Final Fantasy 9 in particular, that’s my favourite. Anyway, Shadows of Adam was a mediocre game I guess, but it got me thinking about JRPGs again, which was nice.

I finally got round to finishing The Witness… well, the regular stuff anyway. I’ll probably keep working on the optional puzzles over time, as I’ve already done quite a lot of them. I think this is my favourite puzzle game ever. I’ve never been so captivated by a puzzle game before, I usually get bored of them quite quickly. I’ve played it for 30 hours and I’m still into it, even though it’s a very slow and often frustrating experience. The game just keeps calling me to explore and try to figure everything out. I think it’s the complete lack of instructions that does it for me. It just leaves me alone to wander around and curiously poke things at my own pace. Also, Ronja challenged me to beat the game without taking any notes. I’m quite proud of myself for achieving that, I think it stretched my memory a bit.

And finally, I got into the Shantae games. The music and character animations are so good. I was a bit surprised at how sexual the games are. I thought it was just going to be a sexy main character, but it goes a lot further than that, with tons of innuendo and weird fetish material. Not complaining at all. I started off playing Pirate’s Curse, which I enjoyed a lot until the later levels. It turns out I sabotaged my enjoyment of the game because I didn’t realize you could buy permanent attack upgrades, and all of the enemies had crazy amounts of health as a result. So that sucked. I played it through again on pirate mode, going for most of the achievements and getting 100% of the items. The levels designs are soooo good for speed running. You don’t even realize until you return to the earlier levels with all of your new abilities. So that game made me a fan of the series instantly. I played Half Genie Hero next, which in terms of gameplay and story I think was actually inferior to the previous game. It just wasn’t as gripping. But it was still a good game overall, and totally recommend the series.



I won’t be working on EBF5 in March btw. I’ll be pushing out some maintenance updates to EBF3 and 4 and also just taking time off to catch up on games and stuff.

I’m playing Shadows of Adam on Steam at the moment. It’s worth checking out if you want something like the SNES Final Fantasy games but without random battles.

Monsters 5

I drew some more monsters! which one’s your favourite?

The second page is inspired by “the internet of things”! This is where all of your devices are connected to the internet for no good reason, and hackers can have a great time with them.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is half done!

I think EBF5 is probably around half finished now!

Most of the battle system and animations are done. I’ve still got the bosses and summons to program, and a bit of debugging to do there. Equipment, skills, and most items are done.

What’s left is mostly out-of-battle stuff now: Map art, maps, NPCs, dialogue, battle backgrounds, lots of menus, translations, setting up battles and treasures, and all that. And testing and balancing, of course.

I would have liked to be at this point around 2 months ago, but I guess I’m not very far behind considering all of the stuff that’s slowed me down. I’ve been at it for 14 months, and I’d like to get it done in 24. We’ll see how that goes.

Over 100 foes programmed!

I’ve programmed over 100 foes now, but I’ve left the bosses and big enemies for last, so the pace is slowing down a bit now. Here’s some fun stuff I’ve done recently:

Monoliths now start using some new attacks if you block their nuclear strategy (either with syphon or with resistant armor).  Only on hard or epic mode though, I don’t want to torture normal players.

The new man-eating plant enemies are pretty fun, because they’ve got an interesting combination of elements. The lava plant can use fire and water attacks, and the seaweed plant uses water and electric!

Technical Problems!

Hey guys, I had some problems with the website over the last few days. The site went down for a bit, and the database was frozen for a while. If you couldn’t comment, then that’s why.

Everything should be fine now though.

For those curious about the details, a wordpress plugin that I don’t even use anymore filled up the website database, and my hosting provider froze it. Whoops. :/