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Christmas Giveaway Results

I’ve emailed out 10 Steam keys for EBF5, and the competition is now over.
Enjoy your Holidays, everyone!

Here’s some fanart from Ghostserexi, and the winning comments:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Matt, Ronja and Phyrnna.
I hope you will have wonderful holidays without worrying about work.
My first Christmas as a dad is fast approaching!
I have never played an EBF game, so hey, maybe this’ll be my first?
i love that game than my life
My girlfriend leaves me but I got EBF5 so it’s OK
Plz show Natalie Bobs and vagene.
Sorry for all the spam you’re reading through.
Im currently stuck in a car, please give the key
i like sponge


EBF5: Release Info

Hey guys, here’s some info about the Steam release…

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 will cost $15 on Steam. The release date is “Late 2018″. The soundtrack will be sold separately, probably for $5. It’s DLC, so you can’t buy it on Steam without the game, but you can get it directly from Phyrnna for a little more.

Everyone who owns EBF4 on Steam will get a 20% discount coupon for EBF5. I think Valve sets this up so that coupons are sent out just after launch. This works better for me than a launch discount, because it lets me notify 200,000 Steam users at once. Should make for a decent marketting campaign to get the ball rolling.

Once the coupons expire after a month, I’ll release a Steam bundle of EBF4, EBF5, and Bullet Heaven 2. This bundle gives you 20% off if you “complete the set”. If you only own EBF4, for example, you can buy the other 2 games together for 20% off. This will be a permanent deal going forward, and it works in conjunction with other discounts. It’s basically a scam to make people buy BH2.

Patrons who have given me at least $15 will get Steam keys a few days before official release, so they can double check that everything is working correctly.

The free web version will be released once I’ve had a break from the Steam release. But the beta will most likely stay up on this website until then anyway. Saves between all versions will be compatible, and easily transferable with the save backup feature. Saves from the beta may have a few minor problems – such as permanently missing an equip or two if you save in the wrong place.

Madness: Project Nexus 2

Hay guys. Do you remember Madness Combat?

Well, Krinkles and The Swain are working on a new Madness game, and it looks like a huge step up from their previous one. Check out the trailer:

I usually don’t like promoting Kickstarters, but I make exceptions for developers who have helped me out, and the Madness Combat series has been a huge inspiration when I started animating. If you guys remember, my earlier games and animations were pretty violent, and some of my very early animations copied the whole floating-arms style. So now you know why. Back when I started, Madness was the coolest thing on Newgrounds.

Anyway, if you were ever a fan of the series, or just want a good game to play, you should chuck some coins their way on Kickstarter. They’ve got 2 weeks left and still need a little push. $15 will get you a copy of the game.

Project Nexus 2 has already been Greenlit on Steam, and the guys behind the series have a long history of successful projects, so I’m sure this will turn out awesome too. Either way, I think they deserve something for all of the free content they’ve created over the years, and I’d like to see where they can go with this.