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EBF Collection: Prototypes

Hey guys, the “Prototypes” section of the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection is done. This shows off a bunch of work-in-progress Flash files. This part basically functions like a file browser, and just launches the files in new Flashplayer windows, rather than in the main window. The upside of doing it this way is that the prototypes run totally independent of the launcher, and can lock up without ruining the user experience. The downside is that the Steam Overlay won’t work on them, so no easy screenshot button.

Making an application that launches other applications makes me feel like a powerful hacker.

As for what’s included, it’s basically anything that I think fans of the EBF games will find interesting and noteworthy. You’ll probably remember most of them from the thumbnails.

On top of all that, there’s a hidden folder containing more Flash files that aren’t as noteworthy.

Fanart: At the End of it All

Hey guys. Here’s a big fanart from Troisnyx, who if you recall, also did the vocal versions of two EBF5 songs – one of which is used in a secret battle, and the other in the EBF Fanart Collab video.

We actually met up yesterday for the first time, so I’ve got a print of this for my wall now! She seems cool.

Ronja was sick so she couldn’t be there, and they’re both quite gutted about that. At least none of us has the corona yet.

EBF Collection: Mechs and Apples

Hey guys, I’m almost finished Mecha Dress Up Game v2.

I completely remade the interface, and it almost feels like a new game.
A lot of sounds are new, because the old ones were painful. There’s a couple of new parts and backgrounds. An export to jpeg button. A bunch of pre-made mechs to give you ideas and help you find some cool color schemes. And a new soundtrack with 4 tracks!

EBF1 and 2 have sequels, so there’s not much I wanted to add there, and Brawl Royale is such a simple game that there isn’t much you can change. But Mecha Dress Up definitely had a lot of stuff I’ve wanted to add ever since I first published it.

In other news, Epic Games are suing Apple for having a monopoly on their devices, and not letting developers sell software directly without giving Apple a cut. I’m rather excited about this. No company should be able to dictate what you can install on your computer, and where you’re allowed to buy software from. PC operating systems have been open forever, but for some reason people think smartphones and tablets are an exception – they’re general-purpose computers and should be open just like PCs!

Oh, and I feel the same way about consoles too. They’re all general-purpose computers, and there’s no technical reason that exclusives should exist – only business reasons. When I was a kid, consoles could only play games specifically designed and programmed for that console – but that’s not been the case for a few console generations now. Oh well, at least we’ll always have illegal mods and emulators.

Anyway, if Epic gets better terms for developers and customers, or even just pushes the conversation in that direction, I’m all the way behind them. Let the legal battles begin.

Free your computer.

EBF Collection: EBF2 Done!

Hey guys, I’ve finished updating EBF2, and I’ve put it up on my Patreon if anyone wants to play it a bit early for whatever reason.

Here’s the full list of changes.

To sum it up:
• Tons of minor bugs fixed, including many unreliable descriptions.
• Some major bugs fixed, including defence upgrades doing nothing.
• A handful of completely new skill bonuses; many just for fun, some quite useful.
• Some new sound options, and ability to play the soundtrack in the credits.
• Foe lifebars show HP values.
• Players can use normal attack OR Limit Break.
• Players can choose from 4 bonus skills instead of 3, removing some luck.
• Skeleton minigame scales with difficulty settings and is easier overall.

Overall these changes won’t be hugely noticeable, but they do make the game much more fair and balanced, and a bit easier overall. There’s more viable character builds for Epic mode now.