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EBF5 is live on Kongregate and Newgrounds!

Hey guys, the free version of Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is now live on Kongregate and Newgrounds! If you use either of these sites, please give me some good ratings and reviews! Tell your friends they can play for free now!

Even without all the bonus dungeons, it’s still a massive game that can easily keep you busy for 30 hours.

For anyone wondering what the Steam Deluxe Version adds, here’s a list:

8 new dungeons, including the Battle Arena for 1 player combat, the Library Dungeon with paper-themed foes, and the Temple of Trials.
20+ new bosses, including harder versions of story bosses, bosses from previous games, evil versions of the players, and completely new secret bosses.
60+ new equips, including a bit of everything, but especially flairs with completely new effects. There’s also some new skills, including 2 Limit Breaks!
Collectable monster cards, which look cool and boost your stats.
Custom Game modes, which allow you to replay the game with different settings, such as 1-player mode, or alternative monster encounters.
Newgame+ mode, which allows you to rush through the game again after beating it.
Cheats and Challenges, which allow you to customize the difficulty to an extreme degree.
Higher quality music and graphics, including more screen resolution settings, and an expanded art gallery.
Many balancing changes, that make the game more fair to play.
And plenty of other things I haven’t even mentioned here!

(I should also mention that the Steam version officially only supports Windows, but shoot me an email if you’re a Mac or Linux user, and I’ll send you a .swf file instead of a .exe file)

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is coming to Kongregate!

Hey guys, I’m finally getting round to putting EBF5 on Kongregate, and Newgrounds soon afterwards.

It’s gonna be equivalent to Steam version 1.5.2, minus all of the Deluxe features – which means no bonus dungeons, challenge modes, Newgame+, etc. Also all the recent balancing changes won’t be in there. Which may be good or bad, depending on how you feel about them.

Anyway, it’ll be out some time next week! Maybe Friday! Maybe earlier!
Sorry that it took about 6 months longer than I originally planned!

This is gonna be a pretty rare game – it’ll only work for 11 months before browser Flash is discontinued!

EBF5: Balancing Challenges

Hey guys, here’s an amusing video by areaofmobeus about playing EBF5 with all challenge options enabled. I think he’s one of the first to attempt this, and he’s come pretty close to beating every boss.

I’m using his feedback to make sure the game is actually beatable in this form – some of the stuff in the video has already been changed, such as foes countering the weather!