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Ads are bad

Hey guys, I recently took down all ads off this website and closed my Google AdSense account in protest against Google and the ad model in general. I only made a few hundred dollars per year off ads, so it’s not a massive sacrifice, but I feel like I’m doing my part.

Lately I’ve strongly felt that the ad model is doing serious harm to the content that is produced on the internet. It encourages safe, mainstream click-bait instead of high-quality, honest content. Some examples include:

• YouTube is de-monitizing any videos that could be considered controversial to appease advertisers, including video-game violence, swearing, and discussions about the news or politics. A lot of videos are also flagged falsely. For example a video providing help for suicidal people would be flagged as controversial as it’s related to a controversial topic. I’ve noticed that even harmless fail videos are censoring swearing. This is a bad direction to be going if you want a diversity of content to be produced (which I’m assuming YouTube is no longer interested in, despite this being a major advantage it had over TV).

• News websites are printing any garbage that will get clicks. They produce the most addictive headlines and site layouts, keep users outraged over petty nonsense, and do whatever it takes to keep users on the site longer to see more ads. I feel like this is doing major harm to public discourse as the most outrageous articles will always get the most exposure.

• Many ads are just outright scams or otherwise malicious. There’s obviously no quality control going on when ad space is being purchased. I often see ads like “Get Minecraft for free!” or “Try this new bullshit health supplement!” and other obvious scams. I’m assuming these are effective otherwise they wouldn’t be appearing.

So my recommendation would be to use an Ad Blocker (like uBlock Origin) for your own safety, but also to discourage platforms like YouTube and Facebook from bending over to the demands of advertisers. F.B. Purity is also a good chrome extension to block most of the garbage on Facebook.

If you can afford it, throwing a few dollars at your favourite creators on Patreon will do them more good than watching hundreds of ads will. Free stuff is great, but I feel like a couple of dollars isn’t a high price to fight back against the harm that ads are doing – and also to save you the time wasted on them.

And a final note: Short, high-quality content in particular doesn’t do well under the ad model. Stuff like animation or well-researched videos. Those don’t get a lot of clicks relative to the amount of work put into them, and it’s most important to support the creators of works like these through donations.

That is all. Thoughts?

Technical Problems!

Hey guys, I had some problems with the website over the last few days. The site went down for a bit, and the database was frozen for a while. If you couldn’t comment, then that’s why.

Everything should be fine now though.

For those curious about the details, a wordpress plugin that I don’t even use anymore filled up the website database, and my hosting provider froze it. Whoops. :/

Site Updates and Armor

Hey ya’ll. I’ve updated the right side of the site a bit with a link to my Tumblr blog and also a progress bar for Epic Battle Fantasy 5.

On Tumblr I pretty much post the same things as I do here, but if you would prefer to follow me on there instead, you can. Or if you have any friends on Tumblr, you can let them know about it too.

The EBF5 progress bar is just what it sounds like. It shows you roughly how complete EBF5 is. So you can keep an eye on that instead of asking me endlessly. Well, unless you’re on mobile, then you might not be able to see it cause the site layout is different…

Also, I think I really nailed the equipment design in Epic Battle Fantasy 5.

Christmas Stuff

Hey guys, hope ya’ll had a good Christmas. Mine was better than usual – everyone behaved, and I got Lego! Scottish weather is terrible though, it’s just been raining heavily the whole time.

I’ve contacted the winners of the Christmas key giveaway – I ended up giving away 40 copies of my games.

Steam had a major security malfunction last night and leaked a few personal details about some users, but it doesn’t look like it ended up being too serious.  I may have overreacted when I destroyed my credit card, but I wasn’t the only one. Steam seems to be back to normal now.

Finally, Ronja drew a hot Christmas picture of Rosalina, if you’re into that.


Christmas Steam Key Givaway!

(This competition is over now)

Hey guys, I haven’t done any giveaways in a while, so I thought this would be a good occasion to do one. I’m giving away free Steam keys for Epic Battle Fantasy 4 and Bullet Heaven 2.

If you’re interested leave a comment about which game you want and why. Make sure to fill in the email field correctly so I can send you the prize if you win, and let me know if you would prefer a Kongregate version instead.

I’ll give out 10 copies of each, maybe more if a lot of people are interested.
This giveaway will probably run until the 26th, so you have until then!

nolegs2 is now wider!

Hey guys, I made the website wider, and I’ve probably broken a lot of pages as a result, so let me know if anything looks incredibly wonky. You might have to hit F5 to do a hard refresh to see the change. I did this in preparation for EBF5 previews, which are going to be quite wide. The first teaser will be coming out near Christmas!

By the way, Bullet Heaven 2 could use some more reviews on Steam. If you’ve played the game on there, let others know what you think. It helps me out a lot, thanks.


My Official Accounts

There’s a lot of fake Epic Battle Fantasy pages out there, and I thought I’d make this post just so people know exactly which pages are official and run by me. Pages that I made but aren’t updated anymore aren’t listed.

I don’t mind fan pages and stuff like that, but a lot of these pages pretend to be run by me, and that’s not cool.

So here’s a list of accounts and pages that I control and regularly update:
(you can also contact me on most of these accounts, and I read most comments)

My Website: (posts about my games and personal life)
My Facebook: Epic Battle Fantasy series (posts about my games)
My Twitter: KupoGames (very frequent posts about everything, great place to contact me)

My DeviantArt: KupoGames (posts about my games and personal life)
My Kongregate: kupo707 (my games)
My Armor Games: Kupo707 (my games)
My Newgrounds: matt-likes-swords (my games, my older animations, also some news posts)
My Google Play: Kupo Games (Cat Cafe, mostly abandoned, do not contact me here)

My Crappy YouTube Channel (updated very rarely, do not contact me here)
EBF4 Steam Store Page & Forums
 (great place to discuss EBF)

If you’re following “me” anywhere else, it’s either a fake page or an abandoned page.
Obviously my games and work appear on a lot of websites, and that’s fine. But I only personally post them on the ones mentioned above.