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EBF Instagram

Hey guys, me and Ronja have made an official Instagram account for Epic Battle Fantasy!

I don’t like anything owned by Facebook, but apparently Instagram is the cool new social network that everyone’s using, so we’ll give it a try. Maybe some of you will find it more convenient to follow us there, especially if you’re a mobile user.

For a while we will be reposting lots of fanart that you may have missed, but eventually the Instagram will simply show the same content as my other social media accounts. So if you think this is a good move, please give us a follow and tell your friends. And if you think we’re just selling out, then feel free to curse Facebook.


Fanart: Pixel EBF5

Here’s some fanart from Brobot_1.

In other exciting news, hi I’m Ronja and I’ll be taking over some of Matt’s social media posting – mostly just fanart for now. You might know me from earlier fanart that I’ve done, armour concepts for EBF5, the art for 7th Heaven, and most recently as the person replying to your bug reports and messages. I’m also Matt’s girlfriend, secretary, cook, maid, and butler. In my spare time I am a part-time artist and full-time plant mum.


Christmas Giveaway Results

I’ve emailed out 10 Steam keys for EBF5, and the competition is now over.
Enjoy your Holidays, everyone!

Here’s some fanart from Ghostserexi, and the winning comments:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Matt, Ronja and Phyrnna.
I hope you will have wonderful holidays without worrying about work.
My first Christmas as a dad is fast approaching!
I have never played an EBF game, so hey, maybe this’ll be my first?
i love that game than my life
My girlfriend leaves me but I got EBF5 so it’s OK
Plz show Natalie Bobs and vagene.
Sorry for all the spam you’re reading through.
Im currently stuck in a car, please give the key
i like sponge


Christmas Steam Key Giveaway 4!


Hey guys, I’m still keeping half an eye on bug reports, but for the most part I’ve already started my holidays, and I’m gaming most of the day.

Every year I do a Christmas giveaway, where I ask people to leave comments on this website for a chance to win Steam keys. This year I don’t feel like reading comments for a whole day, so please keep your comment to one sentence! The prizes this time are obviously keys for Epic Battle Fantasy 5!

 Leave a short, one-sentence comment below.
 The comment must be unique.
 Make sure to fill in the email field so I can email you if you win.
 Winners will be emailed on the 23rd!

EBF5 Coming Soon-ish and Discord Channels

Hey guys, Epic Battle Fantasy 5 now has a “Coming Soon” Steam page!
Please follow the game and add it to your wish-list, so it gets ranked above other stuff. (and obviously buy and review it when it comes out!) EBF5 will *probably* release on Steam first, for $15, with the free web version coming a few weeks later. The steam version adds about 33% more content, in the form of super hard optional dungeons, which includes the evil player battles.

In other news, the EBF Discord server now has new creative channels, including: Misc Art, Lego, and Minecraft. The EBF-Fanart channel has been quite popular so far, so if you’re a creative person and want to chat with others about stuff you’ve made, check it out.