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Bunch of Browser Games

Hey guys, in case you didn’t notice yet, I’m gradually adding more and more Flash games to the browser games section of this website.

I’m collecting classic Flash games by various developers that were somewhat influential either to me or in general. Currently only ActionScript 2 games work in browsers through Ruffle, but gradually more and more games will be compatible and I will be able to host more of my favourites.

I strongly recommend playing Drop Cannon – as that’s a brand new Flash game created in 2021, which shows off what Ruffle can do.

Browser Games and Ruffle

Hey guys, I’ve installed Ruffle on this website, and I’m going to start rebuilding the Web Games section with Flash games that run in Ruffle. Currently Ruffle only supports old ActionScript 2.0 games, but in the future it should be able to run most Flash games. It even works on mobile, though it might be laggy, so it’s best to play on a PC.

Anyway, I’m gonna feature games by other developers too, not just my own games.

Project Roadmap

Hey guys, I figured I’d do an update about what I’ll be working on next. So here’s a list, roughly in order of priority…

Publishing EBF5 on Armor Games – almost done!
Finishing EBF5 version 2.0 – This has been delayed slightly because of several small issues, including Windows 7 being discontinued, Phyrnna being quite busy with exams, and some translations needing a bit of extra time. It may still be finished by the end of the month, but it could take a bit longer. We’ll see.
New PC – My current PC is 8 years old, and I’ve mostly been keeping it around so I can keep using Windows 7. So now that I’ve been forced to upgrade, it’s time for me to do some research and drop some big money on a new workstation (and VR setup).
Publishing EBF5 on more PC stores – When version 2.0 is done, I’ll put EBF5 on more storefronts, probably including GOG and Humble Store. I’d love to do Epic Games Store, but I don’t have much control over that unless they contact me.
Publishing EBF5 on mobile – The game already runs on my phone, just not very well. This one is a question about whether or not I can optimize it enough to run well on most phones. I’ll give it a try, but I’m not promising that this will be successful.
Publishing my old games on Steam – Sometime before Flash is killed off in browsers, I’ll put my old game library up on Steam as a single application. I’ll need to remove some copyrighted content and make a few minor changes, but the games will otherwise be the same as before. This includes: EBF1, EBF2, Adventure Story, Bullet Heaven, Brawl Royale, Mecha Dress Up, The Kitten Game, and Cat Cafe.
YouTube Livestreams – I’m gonna finish up the EBF5 livestreams, and stream other Flash games that I like. I’m not sticking to any sort of schedule since this is just a hobby.

Updated Comment System

So yesterday I updated the EBF5 beta on Steam to v2.0.7… but there’s a couple of big bugs in it that I need to fix ASAP. I’ll try to update it again in the next day or two, so it might not be worth playing until then. It’s getting close to completion, but each update has unwanted side effects!

In other news, I found some more options for this website!
• I changed the site comments to appear in order of newest first, which seems to make more sense than oldest first.
• I’ve disabled the need to enter a name and email when you comment – but it’s still useful if you want to be notified of a response.
• When making a comment there’s also an option to subscribe to the site mailing list.
• You now have the option to like comments! Too bad there’s no dislike button…
• I’ve added infinite scrolling to the main page, so older blog posts load automatically when you reach the bottom.

Let me know what you think of these new features!
I haven’t tested them much.

Maybe it’s time for me to update that very old header image, and figure out how to get those NoLegs emojis working again…

Christmas Steam Key Giveaway 5!

Hey guys, every year I do a Christmas Steam key giveaway, and usually to enter you have to leave a comment on my website – but not this time!

I’m gonna try something different this year – I’m gonna give away a game key at the end of each of my YouTube livestreams! And maybe some during the Stream too – I’ll be giving away keys for all 3 of my Steam games.

Yes, this is indeed a scam to make people subscribe to my YouTube channel.

I have no schedule – I stream at random times of the day, and I do it more often on weekends, so hopefully this means that people from all over the world will have a chance to win. And if this ends up being popular, maybe I’ll keep doing it long after Christmas. And if everyone hates the idea, maybe I’ll cancel it early and do some other type of giveaway.

The clickbaity thumbnails are already working, so maybe giving away free games will boost my views even further!

I truly have no shame.

Anyway, my next stream will be in an hour or so.