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Happy Ronja Day

Here’s something I made a few months ago for Ronja, for her birthday.
We’re both 30 now, and it’s all downhill from here. The gradual decay of our bodies and minds begins.

You youngsters better enjoy it while it lasts.

…can you tell that I don’t like celebrating birthdays?

Beating My Saber

Hey guys, I made my first attempt at recording VR games.
This is the hardest Beat Saber level I’ve managed to beat so far, at 6.18 notes per second.

On one of my earlier attempts, my Valve Index controller got snagged on my shorts’ pocket, and the joystick was completely ripped out.

Expensive mistake to make.

Valve said they’ll replace it, but they don’t have any stock at the moment. Oh well. Now the only VR game I can play is Beat Saber, as everything else requires two joysticks.

Anyway, this is how I’m staying fit during lockdown.

Newgrounds Podcast

Hey guys, a few days ago I was on the Newgrounds Podcast with three other Flash game developers: Psycho Goldfish, Tyler Glaiel and Steve Castro. We talked a bit about how our careers started, how cool Flash was in the 2000s, and how Adobe dropped the ball in recent years.

Give it a listen, and maybe some of the other episodes too, if you’re interested in the history of Newgrounds. Being on the podcast actually motivated me to stop playing video games and get back to work making them.

15 months of progress!

I thought I’d share some progress photos of our garden. Here’s how different it looks compared to Spring of last year.

Currently we’re shopping around for more garden furniture. Lights, barbecue accessories, and all that. Quarantine would have been quite depressing without the outdoor space.

It’s also time to learn how to replace that old fence in the background of the first photo…

Fakermon 2

Here’s another batch of fake Pokemon that I made a while ago.

In other news I’ve finished Half Life: Alyx, and immediately started playing it again on hard mode. Apparently there’s also a lot of cool mods to check out, which is nice since the game’s a bit short. I’m also approaching 200 hours in Age of Empires 2: DE, and finally feel like I’m somewhat competent at the game.

The UK continues to be awful at handling coronavirus, so we’re not going outside anytime soon. Every government measure seems to be 2 months too late.

Stay safe!