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Here’s another biome from my probably-never-to-be-finished NES game, running on an emulator.
It does indeed look a bit like Adventure Story.

In other news, I went back to Doom 2016 and beat it on Nightmare difficulty. When I first played it, Hurt Me Plenty was quite challenging, so I’ve made a lot of progress. I used to totally suck at FPS games, but these new Dooms and Doom-likes are pretty fun.

Also, big shout out to DUSK and HROT – two great indie games that play a lot like Doom.
Lots of fun.

Mysterious NES Game

Hey guys, a few months ago I started messing around in NES Maker, which, as you may have guessed, is a game engine for making NES games. I didn’t get much done on the programming side, and mostly stuck to the platformer game template, but I’m pretty happy with the graphics I made. Here’s my very first NES tileset and level – this is a screenshot of the game running in an emulator.

I’m not actively working on this at the moment – but maybe I’ll get back to it someday.