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Cintiq Practice

I upgraded my old Bamboo Fun tablet and got a Cintiq 13HD!

It was incredibly awkward to use at first, as expected, but I’ve started to get used to it after only a few hours, so that’s a good start. It feels weird going back to a more natural style of drawing again. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have your hand blocking your drawing, and it’s a shame that the resolution doesn’t match my monitor (I wasn’t ready to splash on the super expensive QHD one). But we’ll see how it goes. I’ll give it a few weeks and let you guys know if it was worth getting or if it’s just an expensive toy.


Business Cards Continued

My business cards arrived today, hurray!

They turned out sliiiightly purpler then I would have liked, but this is partly my fault. I had to change the color mode from RGB to CMYK at the last moment, and after that, every image application showed the colors slightly differently. I assumed Photoshop was showing them correctly, but nope, Windows Photo Viewer was showing them much closer to what they actually printed like.

I also feel like I should have paid a bit extra for rounded corners.

Anyway, printing is complicated!
I’ll do things right with the next batch.

I should also mention that I ordered them from They’re not cheap, but they seem to be pretty good. My cards were pretty nicely packaged too. :P


The colors are wrong again in this photo, cause I used flash.