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AI-Generated Fakemon

Hey guys, I spent most of yesterday trying to train an AI to generate new Pokemon sprites. I bought a subscription for Runway ML, gave it thousands of GBA-style Pokemon battle sprites from all the games, including a thousand or so fake Pokemon from DeviantArt, and told it to do its thing. After about 2 hours it started producing blobs that look a little bit like Pokemon – the colors, sizes and linework look about right. But I think it never quite understood that Pokemon are stylized animals, with features like symmetry, limbs, faces, etc. There’s so many radically different Pokemon, that it likely struggled to find out what they had in common. It probably would have worked better on a smaller set of Pokemon, perhaps only dragons, or dogs.

After spending some more time in the oven, perhaps 6 or 7 hours, the final results look a little bit more like Pokemon, but they’re still way off. I doubt the results would improve much past this point, so it’s time to give up for now. Maybe in a couple of years I’ll try again when some new tech is up to the task. But here’s what you get for now…

Behold, Pokemon Nightmare and Acid Trip:

Happy Ronja Day

Here’s something I made a few months ago for Ronja, for her birthday.
We’re both 30 now, and it’s all downhill from here. The gradual decay of our bodies and minds begins.

You youngsters better enjoy it while it lasts.

…can you tell that I don’t like celebrating birthdays?

Pixel Foes 2

Here’s some more pixel monsters. You might remember these from my pencil sketches from a few years ago.

In other news, I’m now fit enough to play Beat Saber for 4 hours at a time, with only a few breaks. Progress!

Pixel Foes

Oh, I guess I did more pixel art after all.
I gave it another try and it’s much easier when I base it on existing designs, rather than trying to invent new monsters in this style.

Which one’s your favourite?

Fakermon 3

And here’s the final batch of fake Pokemon from a while ago.
I enjoyed making pixel art for a while, but I think I’ve had enough of it now. It’s even more slow and tedious to do than vector art!

In other news, I’m still playing video games full-time, and the EBF games are still on sale on Steam.