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Pixel Foes 2

Here’s some more pixel monsters. You might remember these from my pencil sketches from a few years ago.

In other news, I’m now fit enough to play Beat Saber for 4 hours at a time, with only a few breaks. Progress!

Pixel Foes

Oh, I guess I did more pixel art after all.
I gave it another try and it’s much easier when I base it on existing designs, rather than trying to invent new monsters in this style.

Which one’s your favourite?

Fakermon 3

And here’s the final batch of fake Pokemon from a while ago.
I enjoyed making pixel art for a while, but I think I’ve had enough of it now. It’s even more slow and tedious to do than vector art!

In other news, I’m still playing video games full-time, and the EBF games are still on sale on Steam.

Fakermon 2

Here’s another batch of fake Pokemon that I made a while ago.

In other news I’ve finished Half Life: Alyx, and immediately started playing it again on hard mode. Apparently there’s also a lot of cool mods to check out, which is nice since the game’s a bit short. I’m also approaching 200 hours in Age of Empires 2: DE, and finally feel like I’m somewhat competent at the game.

The UK continues to be awful at handling coronavirus, so we’re not going outside anytime soon. Every government measure seems to be 2 months too late.

Stay safe!


Yo. Here’s some more fake Pokemon I drew a while back. I dunno if I’ll ever use them for anything or not.

I showed these to Patrons a bit early, but since I don’t have any plans for them, I figured they don’t need to stay secret. Btw, the entire EBF3 source code and assets are available on my Patreon for personal use, so if you have an old version of Adobe Flash (CS3, CS4, CS5 or CS6), you can try making some changes to it for fun, or just take a look at how the programming and animations are done. It’s ActionScript 2, so it’ll be a blast from the past, and it’s not my tidiest work. If people find that interesting, I’ll share the source files for the other EBF games.

My Valve Index VR headset finally arrived, so whenever I’m not playing Age of Empires 2, I’m playing Half Life Alyx and Beat Saber. Cool stuff. I’m really spoiling myself during this lockdown.