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Pixel Golems

Hey guys, I was wondering if tracing over EBF art would make drawing pixel art faster… but nope, not really. If you set a swf file to low quality and scale it down, you’ve essentially got aliased pixel art, but it’s very messy and requires so much clean up, that I basically ended up redrawing everything. These golems are the biggest pixel creatures I’ve drawn so far, and they took way longer than all the others for sure. I really wonder if pixel artists get much faster with practice, cause what you see below took a little more than a day to do. Animating pixel art of this quality must take a painful amount of time, especially since you often can’t motion tween it like with other 2D art. I can see why most games doing pixel art stick to Terraria levels of detail and animation quality.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll eventually make a game using all the pixel art I’ve been doing, but the foes definitely won’t have more than 2 animation frames.

Anyone tried doing pixel art? How long does it take for you?

Team Fungus

Hey guys. I went for a walk and documented some of the wildlife and plants that I encountered. I’ve also started using GIMP for pixel art, mainly because my incredibly old version of Photoshop does not allow me to change hotkey bindings. It’s a cool app and has all the features an artist needs, but some of the small differences in how tools work compared to Photoshop will take some getting used to. (I miss the hand tool – pan just ain’t the same)


Here’s some more fake Pokemon I gone and done.

In other news, me and Ronja are building a fence. Major mistake. Definitely hiring someone else to do it next time. No need to break your hands and back for such an inconsequential project.

AI-Generated Fakemon

Hey guys, I spent most of yesterday trying to train an AI to generate new Pokemon sprites. I bought a subscription for Runway ML, gave it thousands of GBA-style Pokemon battle sprites from all the games, including a thousand or so fake Pokemon from DeviantArt, and told it to do its thing. After about 2 hours it started producing blobs that look a little bit like Pokemon – the colors, sizes and linework look about right. But I think it never quite understood that Pokemon are stylized animals, with features like symmetry, limbs, faces, etc. There’s so many radically different Pokemon, that it likely struggled to find out what they had in common. It probably would have worked better on a smaller set of Pokemon, perhaps only dragons, or dogs.

After spending some more time in the oven, perhaps 6 or 7 hours, the final results look a little bit more like Pokemon, but they’re still way off. I doubt the results would improve much past this point, so it’s time to give up for now. Maybe in a couple of years I’ll try again when some new tech is up to the task. But here’s what you get for now…

Behold, Pokemon Nightmare and Acid Trip: