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Epic Battle Fantasy Art and Music Contest

Hey guys, me and Tom Fulp from have teamed up to do a fanart and music remix competition!
Here’s Tom’s post about it:

May 1st is the 10 Year Anniversary of Epic Battle Fantasy on Newgrounds and Epic Battle Fantasy 5 recently released on Steam. To celebrate the occasion, we’re hosting a fan art and music remix contest here on NG!

To participate in the art contest, create Epic Battle Fantasy fan art, tag it with “Epic-Battle-Fantasy” and upload it to the Newgrounds Art Portal by May 1st.

To participate in the music contest, remix any of the songs from the Epic Battle Fantasy series 2-5 (when Phyrnna was making the music), tag it “Epic-Battle-Fantasy” and upload it to the Audio Portal by May 1st.

Entries will be judged by Matt, Phyrnna, Ronja, and the NG office.

The ten best fan arts and three best music remixes will receive Steam keys (Windows only) for EBF5, EBF4, Bullet Heaven 2 and the EBF5 soundtrack.

Tom doesn’t mention it in his post, but generally in contests like this you have to make art/music specifically for the contest – otherwise we’d have hundreds of submissions from earlier! So please don’t enter anything made before today!

You can read the original post here.

Also, you should post your work on Newgrounds anyway – it’s a cool site and I want it to make a comeback!

Fanart: Natalia

Hi Folks!

We’ve both managed to slightly injure ourselves in our frenzied gardening, so we’re taking it easy for now. Don’t worry, we’re both ok, just need some rest.

Here’s some fanart from Lynore.


Fanart: Icons

Hi Folks!

Spring is in full swing here and we’re boosting forward with landscaping our garden so that we’ll be ready to enjoy it when summer finally hits.

Here’s cute fanart icons of the party from MikalaMouse.