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Fanart: Dark Dress Natalie

Turns out I left a lot of EBF5 work for my future self. Polishing off the world map is turning into a big task. Today I’m working on labelling areas correctly, so their name pops up on screen and you get a little picture of it in the save menu. Also still a few more bugs to fix.

Here’s some cool fanart by Epifex!


EBF5: Art Gallery

Alright, I’ve filled up the mansion with fanart, and left a few spaces for later.
Here’s what one room looks like. There’s also concept art in other rooms.

Now I need to hunt down all the artists and ask how to credit them.
Wish me luck.

And in case anyone’s forgotten, the mansion is the optional area that you unlock by collecting achievements!
gallery room copy

Fanart: Epic Boob Fantasy

I found the best fanart ever made.
It’s by OneWingedParrot.

I’m putting concept art and fanart into the mansion area of EBF5.
But all sorts of complications are coming up. I already can’t fit in all of my favourite fanart, there’s too much. And what about all the art that comes out after the game is released? The gallery will also need to obey the blood and cleavage filters. Will every artist reply when I ask how to credit them? Some of them don’t even speak English, or have vanished off the face of the internet. There’s a lot to consider!

It looks really good so far though.