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Fanart: Lot of Lance

Hi Folks!

We’ve been working, enjoying the sunshine, and dealing with some minor dog related scares (Ethel is absolutely ok!) these past few days, and are starting to look forward to summer and getting to see friends again. Hope you’re all still staying safe and taking care of yourselves and each other!

Here’s some great fanart of Lance and Lancelot from Meepers.

Fanart: Pixel Gangs

Hiya Folks!

Spring is in full swing and we’re enjoying all the sun we can in between the torrential rain and wind storms. First flowers are doing their thing and the world seems a lot less terrible on sunny days.

Here’s some epic pixel art of the EBF5 gang and their counterparts from Myntz.

Fanart: 7th Heaven / 7th Hell

Hiya Folks,

Our Scottish snow is long gone and we’re seeing some amazingly warm and sunny days lately, so the only conclusion to be drawn in: Spring is here! Time to dust off the garden tools and start making some plans for what we’ll be working on this year. As much as Ethel loved the snow, being the no 1 garden helper and dry leaf chaser on sunny days suits her perfectly.

Here’s some amazing fanart from OriginXYZ of three mages using their illusory powers to boost – or perhaps debuff us as we dive into the new week.