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Fanart: Triple Natalie & EBF5 Release Date

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 will officially be released on Steam on November 30th!
(I reserve the right to delay it if anything catastrophic happens before then.)

The price is $15, and everyone who owns EBF4 will receive a coupon for 20% shortly after launch.
The free web version will probably be out sometime early 2019, whenever I’ve fully recovered from the Steam launch.

Also, here’s another group of fanart, by ghostserexi, MikalaMouse and SunnyTheSunFlower.




Fanart and Progress

I’m still polishing off the rough edges on EBF5. Even though the game is basically finished, every day someone finds some new problems for me to fix. Some recent issues include: naming captured foes certain things could break your saved files, the Flashplayer Plugin was required for the Steam version to run when it shouldn’t be needed, and 2 treasure chests were still bugged. Better to fix stuff like this before launch rather than after, I suppose.

Anyway, here’s some older fanarts that haven’t been featured yet.

By mario2980.


By capaligm.


By drakemcswaggleswag.


Fanart: EBF5 Coming Soon

Here’s some fanart from SnowyDot.

I’ve finished all of the Steam features for EBF5, so the game will be ready to ship once the translations are done, and once I’ve had a few people test the final build for me. I’ll be announcing the release date very soon, but for now I’ll just say it’ll be before Christmas.

10,241 people so far have EBF5 on their Steam wishlist. Let’s try to beat EBF4′s Greenlight votes, and aim for over 15K. Please add it to your wishlist!