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Fanart: Anna

Hiya Folks!

We’re enjoying summer and won’t be posting much else than fanart for a while. We’re also taking a short break for about a week after which more fanart will return. Hope you’re having a good summer!

Here’s a fanart of Anna by Akacchan.


Fanart: NoLegs

Hi Folks!

We’ve just gotten back home from a weekend away at the Scottish Borders with a big group of pals. Getting away from the city is wonderful and being outside of the reach of internet reception is very relaxing. We’ve definitely had a busy week in terms of holidaying, and we’ve still got more to look forward to after a short break.

The Steam sale is ending soon so you should make all your desired purchases while you still can!

Here’s a fanart of NoLegs from Once Drakynwyrm from the EBF Discord channel.