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Flashplayer is Kill

Flashplayer is kill – Flash games will (in most cases) no longer run in browsers starting yesterday. In case you haven’t heard yet, some alternatives include BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint Infinity app (I’ve tested it, my games work on there), the Supernova plugin for Chrome, or the Pale Moon browser. I do think Flashpoint Infinity is the simplest solution though – once you set it up it’s really easy to use. I think it’s Windows-only though.

Ruffle can already play a lot of ActionScript 2 games in browsers, including Epic Battle Fantasy 1, The Kitten Game, and Mecha Dress Up Game. The games actually run much smoother than they did in Flash! Newgrounds has Ruffle enabled for games that work with it. I’m excited to see the day when Ruffle can run ActionScript 3 games – a lot more people could potentially play Epic Battle Fantasy 5 in HD without lag! If you have any spare money lying around and want to preserve Flash games, I really encourage you to donate to the project. (you can also donate your time by reporting bugs and stuff)

You’ve also got the option to buy my latest games on Steam and, which include a lot more content than the free versions. And in a few months, the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection will be available to purchase too, which will include ALL of my older games with slight updates.

Anyway, here’s some EBF5 art that Ronja made. Very cool.

EBF Collection: Checkpoints!

Hey guys, after doing my livestream yesterday, I remembered just how incredibly hard and punishing Epic Battle Fantasy 1 was. So I’ve taken everyone’s request and added a checkpoint system to the game.

It’s not a saving system – you still have to beat the game in one session. But every time you get a Game Over, you now only go back to just after the previous boss. If a player was dead when you reached the checkpoint, they will be saved as if they had 1 HP.

I’ve also made sure that you no longer have to play the game multiple times to get the different difficulty achievements, and I’ve increased the power of the TV Boy and Calamity summons, because I want to see them get used a little bit more.

EBF Collection: New Bullet Heaven Players

Hey guys, I’ve finished updating Bullet Heaven for the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection. The biggest new change is 4 new playable characters, but there’s also some new options, and some cryptic achievements have been made more fair.

You can watch me livestreaming the game here, and you can play this version of the game early on my Patreon. It’ll be out on Steam in a month or two.

EBF Collection: Cat Cafe Done

Hey guys, I’ve finished updating Cat Cafe. This game was lost for a while since it was only published on Android, and has been removed a few years ago for not being kept up to date. I’ve made it much less grindy so you can complete it in under an hour, as it’s not really a game you want to be playing on a PC for too long. Also there was a bug that deleted your upgrades after a few sessions, so I doubt it was even possible to complete the original version unless you did it all in one go!

Next up, and last one: Bullet Heaven

EBF Collection: The Kitten Game

Hey guys, I’m doing a quick update on The Kitten Game. Here’s what’s new:

• A soundtrack by Phyrnna, made up from old, unused tracks, including a couple of very silly ones.
• 12 new achievements – nothing challenging, but they should add a tiny bit of extra gameplay.
• An auto-clicker option that’s enabled by default – no more hand pain!
• Volume controls and quieter sound effects – no more ear pain!
• Copyrighted characters have been replaced with look-a-likes, as usual.

That’s all. This stuff shouldn’t take very long. I just need to carefully consider how powerful that auto-clicker is going to be, so it doesn’t change the original pace of the game too much.