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EBF5 Writing & Matt Fanart

I’ve written some 12,000 words of dialogue for the main characters so far.
When that’s finished, adding in NPCs and item descriptions will get you enough words to fill a small novel. I won’t have much to show until I put all the text into the game and test it out in context though. I’ve got some new triggers planned for battle text this time, including reactions to enemies running away, silly equipment, and capturing foes.

Also here’s some fanart by Generic-Heroine.

EBF5: Writing Notes

I got a ton of responses to my last blog about EBF5′s writing, so here’s a summary of what I’ve heard:

• A reasonable amount of Flanderization/character quirks is good
• Character personalities shouldn’t change much (they won’t)
• People like the writing silly, but a few serious moments are good
• Hint at relationships forming, but not too much
• More backstory and motivations for each character
• More world building and lore – characters should figure it out, not already know it all
• Some internal conflicts between the characters, but also give reasons for each pair to get along
• People like the sound of multiple endings, so I’ll give that a go (to a minor extent)
• People like the in-battle dialogue/reactions, are sad that it eventually runs out (will do more)
• Don’t forget about things established in previous games (the universe is almost the same)
• Try to tie in some continuity with previous games (alternate universes, yo?)

Your concerns have been noted.

EBF5: Writing Feedback plz

Hey guys, I’ve started writing the main character/story dialogue for EBF5, and now’s your chance to to tell me what you want to see there.

Some criticisms of my writing in the past include:
• EBF4 took existing character quirks and focused a bit too much on those. (see Flanderization)
• Bullet Heaven 2′s dialogue was a bit too silly in general and didn’t have a real plot – people seem to actually like a concrete plot, even if it’s quite shallow.
• A lack of character development in general, especially when it comes to relationships.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but EBF5′s story is not a continuation of previous games. All the characters are starting at level 1 and meeting each other for the first time, and they’ve all got homes now. So I think that already guarantees there’s going to be more character development than before. Whether everyone likes how it turns out, who knows? But I’m aiming to have all of the characters grow and act a lot different by the end of the game. (Maybe also some small variations on the ending depending on how you play the game.)

Thoughts and expectations?

EBF5: Rapture Gif & EBF Team Meetup

Phyrnna came over to Scotland, and we met up for a day to do some sightseeing and other tourist stuff. We rushed through a lot of museums and art galleries, and went on a tour of the Tennent’s brewery (some of you might recognise that brand from somewhere…). We’ve been working together for almost 10 years and this is the first time we’ve met, so that was fun.

Also here’s a leftover gif of the Rapture area. It’s a bit alien looking.
crater gif

EBF5: Map Menu

The map menu is finished! And it only took about a day!
I’m really glad I put in the effort to make the map segments line up, and to make the paths very clear. Now it all shows up very well on these tiny screenshots, and there’s not a lot of tearing visible. All looks pretty natural.

Completed sidequests and the location of the next plot goal or key item are also marked on the map.
So no more excuses for getting lost. It’s not too hand-holdy though, since the goal is usually a few tiles into the fog and you have to figure out how to get there.

I started off drawing the map like in EBF4, before realising that it looks terrible and that screenshots work better – and are also much faster to do.

EBF5: Achievements

Usually I leave achievements for last, but I’m doing them slightly earlier this time. I can’t implement all of the achievements until everything else is done, but I’m doing the ones that I can for now. Here’s a selection of some of the icons. They’re designed more for the HD version of the game this time, but should still look okay in the tiny 50x50px versions.

There’s probably going to be 100 achievements in total.

EBF5: World Demo

The EBF5 World Demo is up on my Patreon for anyone’s who’s thrown more than $1 at me there. That should keep you busy for at least 5 hours if you want to explore everything. Testing is going well so far with not a lot of bugs being found, but maybe that’s just because the test group is only around 200 people this time. Hopefully I can move onto filling up those treasure chests now and then writing some story dialogue.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is 80% done now!
cult gif

EBF5: Art Gallery

Alright, I’ve filled up the mansion with fanart, and left a few spaces for later.
Here’s what one room looks like. There’s also concept art in other rooms.

Now I need to hunt down all the artists and ask how to credit them.
Wish me luck.

And in case anyone’s forgotten, the mansion is the optional area that you unlock by collecting achievements!
gallery room copy

Fanart: Epic Boob Fantasy

I found the best fanart ever made.
It’s by OneWingedParrot.

I’m putting concept art and fanart into the mansion area of EBF5.
But all sorts of complications are coming up. I already can’t fit in all of my favourite fanart, there’s too much. And what about all the art that comes out after the game is released? The gallery will also need to obey the blood and cleavage filters. Will every artist reply when I ask how to credit them? Some of them don’t even speak English, or have vanished off the face of the internet. There’s a lot to consider!

It looks really good so far though.