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Christmas Steam Key Givaway 2!

This competition is now closed!

Hey guys, it’s time for another giveaway!
I’m giving away free Steam keys for Epic Battle Fantasy 4 and Bullet Heaven 2.

If you’re interested, leave a comment about why you like the Epic Battle Fantasy series and what you’d like to see in the next game. How winners are chosen will be a secret again, but honesty is quite important. You should also mention which of the two games you want.

Make sure to fill in the email field correctly so I can email you the prize if you win.

Last year I got 722 entries and I think I gave out around 30 games. The more people that enter, the more I’ll give out, so get your friends involved!

This giveaway will probably run until the 26th, so you have until then!

EBF5: Equipment Effects

I’ve finished programming new equipment effects, here’s some of them:

• Some equips boost the effect of buff or debuff skills by 10%, and this is stackable – having a dedicated buffer might be a good strategy on higher difficulties.
• Some armor gives extra effects to the defend action.
• Some equips steal items when you attack with melee attacks.
• Some weapons now scare certain enemies. The spear with a slime impaled on it makes small slimes flee, and makes big slimes angry.
• And there’s some more that are secret for now.

EBF5: Status Icons

Hey peeps, here’s all the new status and element icons I’ve made for EBF5.
All of the status effects have been implemented now – there’s quite a lot of new ones. I won’t spoil them all, I’ll just let you guess what they are from the icons. I think many of the new effects are really interesting. :D

I haven’t made the resistance system any more complicated – there’s still only 12 status resistance types. Similar effects like Wet and Dry are grouped together now.

status icons

EBBF5: Armor Icons

And here’s the armor icons!

I’m gonna have to come up with a lot more special effects for these to make them all viable. There’s so many now.

Also I should mention this at some point so here it is: Around a quarter of the equips will only be in the paid version of EBF5 – so the free version will still have more than the previous games did.

armor icons

EBF5:Hat Icons

Here’s all of the icons for the hats in EBF5.
Much more “HD” lookin’ than in the previous games. I put more effort into the bobble icons this time round so you can actually see what they are.

I think I understand now what people meant when they said that the male armor was more interesting in previous games. I wanted to make unisex hats a thing, but all the characters have very different hair so it would be tough to get them to fit everyone. Maybe in some future update.

hat icons