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EBF5: Puzzle Mechanics done!

All the puzzle mechanics are more or less finished and the test area feels like a solid level.
There’s still a lot of map-related stuff I want to do before I put it out for testing, including NPCs and animals, and maybe the saving system. Doing all the puzzles so far in one go without hints or saving may be a bit hard for most people…

I would have liked to reuse the NPC graphics from EBF4, but alas, I think I have to draw better ones for consistency with the other new sprites. (I didn’t even redraw the equips for the forward facing view, as you can see in the gif)


EBF5: Tipis

Last scene, and it’s one of my favourites!
I think I’ve got enough assets now to build a world.

Next up I’ll port over the EBF4 map code and program some new puzzle mechanics, which hopefully won’t take too long. For the most part the map system is not changing very much.

In other news: As of the end of the Steam sale, Epic Battle Fantasy 4 has sold over 100k units in total! (not counting bundles)

Also EBF5 is 60% done.