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EBF5: Cheats

Hey guys, after I announced the new difficulty options a few days ago, someone mentioned that I should do the opposite of them too, so that casuals have some fun features to play with. I eventually warmed up to the idea, and now I completely agree – a lot more people will enjoy options to make the game easier. (and you can totally mix them, challenges and cheats, to make up your own difficulty settings, like in Bullet Heaven 2)

So here’s a list of cheats coming to Epic Battle Fantasy 5. They will all be unlocked from the beginning, and when enabled, will temporarily disable “Epic” achievements.

Super Effective: Foes’ elemental weaknesses are increased significantly. (for example, +50% becomes +100%)

Super Resistance: Equipment gives more elemental resistance. (you’ll be absorbing a lot)

Feeble Foes: Foes have 25% less HP. (if you want to rush through the game)

Blind Foes: Foes have 20% less accuracy.

Cowardly Foes: Foes surrender much more easily. (maybe useful for pacifist runs?)

Preemptive Strike: Always get the first turn in each wave in battle. (a lot of people want this to be a default feature)

Instant Healing: The party is healed instantly after every battle. (also a requested default feature)

Auto Scan: Foe info is always available in battle, without scanning them. (not in the bestiary though, so there’s no spoilers and no cheating the achievements)

Extra Attacks: Player counter attacks, unleashes, and other “free” skills activate more often. (a bit unfair to equips that don’t have any…)

Unlimited: Limit breaks charge 50% faster.

Summoner: Foes give 30% more SP when defeated, and max SP is also increased by 30%.

The goal with these cheats is to make the game easier, but not necessarily less complicated – good strategy is still rewarded. Also the effects of these cheats must not persist if they are turned off – so “Extra EXP” is not acceptable. Feel free to suggest more ideas if they meet those guidelines.

Here’s another new battle background:
island BG

EBF5: Arena Background

EBF5 is getting 24 new battle backgrounds in the update, but to be honest, most of them aren’t that exciting. You’ve already seen many of them in the foe previews, and the others are mostly recycled (but updated) from the previous games, for the classic foe battles.

So here’s one of the more interesting ones.

Also, EBF5 now contains at least 1306 icons.
arena bg

EBF5: New Medals

31 new medals are coming to EBF5 in the big update, along with 2 new rooms in the Grand Gallery, and 36 pieces of fanart and concept art.

The new medals won’t be harder than what is already in the game, and won’t require you to start again – but you still should, since there’s a lot of new secrets earlier on in the game.

medal preview

More Rollercoasters and EBF5 Challenges

Following on from my earlier post, here’s some more challenge options coming to Epic Battle Fantasy 5. These were all requested by players:

Counter Attack:
 Most foes have a chance of using a unique counter-attack when hit.
(this one’s probably the most interesting of them all, and adds strategy)

Surprise Attack: Foes attack first in battle, and at the start of each wave.
(this is horribly luck-based)

Offensive Foes: Foes have 30% more attack power.
(On Epic that’s 200% x1.3, so a massive 260%)

No Grinding: Foes do not respawn, and backup foes called in battle do not give any EXP or AP.
(the game is balanced around this already, but now it’s official)

No Free Revives: Dead players are not automatically revived after battle. Can be useful for solo play.
(this one’s not much of a challenge on it’s own, but is a useful option if you WANT players to stay dead)

And here’s a video of me and Ronja in the Särkänniemi amusement park in Tampere.
The Hype and Tornado coasters were very cool, but that pendulum ride was insane. There’s some rivalry between Särkänniemi and Linnanmäki about which park is better and more intense, and it’s hard to judge since both parks have completely different rides and are a similar size. Both are definitely worth going to if you’re ever in Finland.

Back from Finland & EBF5: New Difficulty Options

Hey guys, we’re back from Finland!
The trip back was a nightmare – I was really sick, got almost no sleep, and when we got home, the internet was broken, and our electricity somehow turned off, creating a swamp in our fridge.

A technician fixed our internet now, but in the 2 days it was down, I still managed to get some work done.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 will get some new difficulty options in the version 2 update.
Like other difficulty settings, these can be changed at any time, and you can play around with them to make whatever challenges you think will be fun.
Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Resistant Foes: Foes have more resistance to elements and status effects.
(this makes it less likely that all enemies will be weak against the same element, and gives bosses immunity to some cheap status effects)

Evasive Foes: Foes have 10% more evade.
(very simple one, you’ll have to work accuracy into your strategy)

Bulky Foes: Foes have 20% more HP.
(if for some reason you just wanted battles to last longer)

Status Antibody: Foes gain resistance to a status effect after being inflicted with it.
(+10% resistance each time, this will make bosses very hard if you don’t kill them quickly)

Combo Shield: Total damage multiplier from critical hits, buffs and status effects is capped at 5x normal damage. (with elemental multipliers added, this cap is still quite high (around 15x) – but it stops bosses being killed in one hit)

Nerfed Resistance: Equipment gives less elemental and status resistance.
(About 40% less, good luck resisting everything)

Nerfed Revive: Revived players cannot take a turn immediately.
(I don’t know if you can even recover from this…)

Time Limit: You have 30 seconds to take your turn in battle.
(not a lot of time to use Haste – animations don’t count)

Food Ban: Rare food items are banned in battle.
(some people already play like this)

No HP Bars: Foe HP bars are hidden in battle.
(if you want to pretend you’re playing a very old RPG)

Let me know if you can think of anything else that might sound like a fun challenge and isn’t a nightmare to implement!

Also here’s a video of Linnanmäki in Helsinki.
I spent two days alone in the park. It’s actually kind of nice going to theme parks alone, as you get to skip the queues to fill the last seat. And you can talk to random tourists! But I didn’t get any good clips of myself, since I look like a dumbass trying to do a selfie video. Anyway, Linnanmäki has some top-notch rides, with my favourites being: Taiga, Ukko and Kingi. Taiga’s my favourite rollercoaster so far – it’s a long, smooth ride, and the speed is perfect – it throws you out of your seat constantly, and leaves you hanging upside down for what feels like a very long time.

Steam Summer Sale!

Hey guys, the Steam Summer sale has started, and Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is 20% off.
EBF4 and BH2 are also 75% off, but I’m sure all of you already own those by now.

Since all 3 games are bundled together, you get another 20% off if you complete the collection.

I know some people are still waiting for the free version of EBF5 to be released on other platforms, and while I agree that I’m being quite slow with that, you can still play it on this website, and easily transfer your save file later. There’s no need to wait.
ebf bundle