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EBF5: Balancing

Hey guys, I’ve done a ton of game balancing for EBF5. Here’s some of the notable changes:

• Most of Natalie’s spells are noticably stronger.
• Lance’s 2nd stage shot spells can now do focused damage.
• NoLegs is better at berserking.
• Many Limit Breaks’ buffs now affect backup party members.
• Many less viable equips have been improved, and a few overpowered ones have been nerfed.
• Some equips and upgrades have been moved slightly so you get them when they’re more useful.
• Some bosses have had some of their major weaknesses made less exploitable.
• Overall player stats have been reduced slightly, since most of the other changes make the game easier.

Big thanks to the regulars on the EBF Discord that helped with this stuff. They made the recommended list of changes (I didn’t implement all of them), and I’m sure they’ll tidy that list up and share it with the public at some point. (though I’m sure I’ll make even more changes by the time everything is 100% done)

See ya.

EBF5: Gallery Upgrade & Beta Info

The Grand Gallery area has been updated with 2 new rooms and tons of new art. The game now features a whopping 71 pieces of fanart, and 31 bits of concept art. If you follow my blogs closely, you’ll have already seen all of that art, but there’s also some new dialogue to go along with it.

Also, EBF5 version 2 is now 80% complete!
All that’s left to do is:
• Finish the Equip Remix mode.
• Misc Quality of Life improvements.
• Some (but not all) debugging and balancing.
• A quick playthrough or two of the game by me.
• Version 2 trailer.

After those it’ll be beta testing time, which should be by the end of November, in time for the anniversary of EBF5’s Steam launch. Patrons should get it a week or two earlier than that, and everyone else can opt-into the beta on Steam.

Beta testing will likely take a long time, since due to the nature of the update, players will have to play through the game several times with different options to try everything out. And there’s tons of new content to balance too. And finally, translations will also be happening at the same time – so the beta will be only in English at first. If you’re waiting for the 100% finished version, it’ll probably be soon after Christmas.

That’s all, folks!

EBF5: Pumpkins

Hey guys, I think the site update is done now.
Let me know if you notice any accidental changes to the site – it should look exactly the same. The only difference I’ve noticed so far is that the emoticons look a bit different, so maybe I can fix that later.

The software running the website has been updated by a few years, so I’ll have to play around with it and see what new features it has. Maybe I’ll add more stuff at the right side of the site.

Anyway, since Halloween is coming up, here’s some EBF5 pumpkins.
I’m getting close to a lot of milestones, so that progress bar is gonna jump up a lot soon.

EBF5: Foe Remix

I’m working on the Custom Quest option that I like to call “Foe Remix”.
What it does is replace most of the foes in the game with different foes. This also effects what monsters bosses can summon.

It’s not random – so it won’t be crazy hard, and each area still has a “theme”, so the foes won’t feel excessively out-of-place. The hope is that it mixes things up enough so that you end up using different equips and summons in new playthroughs.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got hundreds of battles to edit manually…

EBF5: Dialogue and Treasure

I’m making good progress on the new dialogue, but I can’t share much of it without spoiling the gags.
Treasure has also been distributed, with all of the chests being filled. To spread equips out better, 14 old equips have been moved to new areas, and their original spot has been replaced with a Monster Card. Like I mentioned before, you won’t miss out on anything if you use your old saved game, but you’ll have a slightly better experience if you play from the beginning.

Version 2 is 70% done, btw. It’s likely that it will be ready for beta testing and translating within a month or two.

EBF5: Battle Arena Done

Hey guys, I’ve finished and tested the 1vsMany battles in the Battle Arena.
They’re pretty interesting – at least on Epic difficulty – every battle is like a combat puzzle where you need figure out a specific setup to avoid being wiped out immediately.

The rules of the Battle Arena are:
Each player must win 10 battles without leaving.
Each battle is one wave.
Summons are not allowed.
There’s no Game Overs – you can retry immediately if you lose.