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EBF5: Weird Maps

I’m gradually improving the performance of EBF5 on mobile devices. It’s still noticeably laggy, but totally playable on higher-end devices. Hard to say exactly what causes the slowdowns, since the game was never designed for phones, and is not particularly optimized in any way. It’s going to take some time, and some trial and error.

Also… graphics filters aren’t supported by Flash in GPU mode on mobile, which is the mode I want to be using for graphics to render much faster. (even vector graphics are handled by the GPU on mobile – something that Flash on PC never did!)

It turns out that I used a LOT of filters for scenery hue changes. This is going to take some time to remedy – I’m gonna have to recolour a ton of scenery. Chances are I won’t bother making it identical to the PC version – some maps will look a little different, and others may have totally different colour schemes.

Here’s a tool I made if you want to see what the maps look like currently, it shows the maps with and without filters:

Famous Guns

And here’s the last batch of weapons: a bunch of well-known video game guns, plus their accompanying sidearm, in the style of Epic Battle Fantasy 5.

I think this is my favourite set of the bunch.
Which guns can you identify?