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Chinese Bootlegs

I was talking to Phyrnna about translating Bullet Heaven 2, and she mentioned I could translate it into Chinese. I told her that a Chinese version would probably appear magically on its own anyway, and then I went Googling to see if Epic Battle Fantasy 4 had been translated.

And I found it quite easily! A hacked Chinese version!
So that’s a thing that exists.


Big Steam Update!

Hey guys, for those of you who use Steam, you’ll have noticed that they rolled out a lot of updates recently, and some of them are pretty cool!

The new music player let’s you listen to game soundtracks for whichever games include those. EBF4 includes the soundtrack, for anyone who hasn’t noticed yet. :P
The Steam store has also been changed a lot, and uses different methods for showcasing games now. User review scores are now featured more, which is great for me, because EBF4′s reviews are 98% positive! (almost 99% actually, but they’re rounded down. :P )

Developers have new stats pages, so we can track where store-page traffic is coming from. Pretty cool, and Valve even say that they’re okay with sharing these stats publicly. Here’s my stats for the first 3 days after the update, for any developers who may be interested in comparing:
tarffic statsThe update’s resulted in a little boost in sales so far, so hopefully that keeps up.

Oh yeah, one more thing. A lot of people still have EBF4 on their wishlists, and I’d like to do a discount soon-ish. What sort of discount are you guys waiting for?

EBF4: Steam Sale Results

Yesterday, Epic Battle Fantasy 4′s group won the Community’s Choice vote on Steam, meaning that EBF4 and the other games in it’s group were selected for a huge discount lasting 8 hours, and featured on Steam’s front page. It was smart of Valve to bundle EBF4 with Final Fantasy 7, as fans of FF are very likely to enjoy EBF too, so I got a chance to leech some players from a very popular game series! :D
votechoice1This little bit of luck turned out to be huge for me, because in just 8 hours, the total number of people who had bought the game on Steam had almost quadrupled!

So I’ve got a huge number of new players, many of which probably won’t even have heard of EBF before, and the response from them has been pretty good. Besides a few technical problems, no one’s told me that they hate the game. So that’s cool.

Sure, many players who buy games in Steam sales won’t actually end up playing those games, but that’s fine, it still works out to a lot of extra fans (and cash!) that I wasn’t expecting.

I’m not sure how Valve decides what games get featured, but I do know that not all of them get a chance, so I must be doing something right. (EBF4 was also featured on the front page in Europe, the day after launch)

So it looks like I’ve got a good future ahead of me on Steam, and hopefully getting a game through Greenlight won’t take 6 months next time! :P

Steam is now my primary source of income (with Kongregate premium sales being second), and what this means is that I’ll definitely be focusing on larger games with paid content, rather than completely free web games. But I’ll continue to make free web versions too.

And yeah, I’ll probably make EBF5… someday.