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Tinkering with things

Yesterday I spent the day fiddling with EBF3 on Steam to see if I can get in all the features I want (mainly adding stage quality). Turns out AS2 is just too old, and trying to update it is probably a lost cause. Each way I package the game has different trade-offs, so I trade some options for others. (I can get stage quality working at the expense of game speed and full screen resolutions) Not good.

I also thought a bit about Mac versions of my Steam games. It looks like technically it wouldn’t be much work, only problem is that I have to compile the games from a Mac, and I don’t have one and don’t want to get one. I spent a few hours installing a Mac virtual machine under Windows to try it out. That was a fun exercise but I don’t think anything of value came out of it, it wasn’t very usable in the end.

Maybe someday I’ll pick up a Mac mini or something. I wonder if I even have any Mac users left in my audience at this rate. Sorry guys! I haven’t ruled it out but it’s not a high priority.

Anyway, I’m going to revisit EBF4 next, with some luck I’ll get the game running nicely in Adobe AIR. I’d finally add that Steam overlay, “windowed” full screen, and reduce the amount of compatibility issues users have. This is important to figure out early since EBF5 will be running on the same tech.

EBF3: Updated version on Kongregate!

I updated Epic Battle Fantasy 3 with some major usability features for 2016!

The Kongregate version is now almost the same as the Steam version.
(Pros: Quality setting means it runs better.  Cons: Browsers might delete your saves.)

Anyway, here’s the changes:
• There’s a little options menu which includes sound, frame-skip, and quality.
• There’s a wave counter in battle now!
• Scanned foes’ information can now be viewed at any time during your turn.
• Minigame achievements are noticeably easier.
• Text pops up when a status effect is inflicted.
• The party heals faster when walking around later in the game.
• There’s more useful tips scattered around the menus.
• Bitmaps are higher resolution and the game should look better in cinematic mode.
• There’s more fanart in the gallery now.
• Some links and credits have been updated.
• Little interface improvements here and there
• Lance’s general defence buffed by 10%!


EBF3: final new features list!

Hey guys, I thought I’d make a detailed list of the changes in the Steam version of EBF3.
Se here it goes:

New Options:
• There’s a new options menu which includes sound, game speed, fullscreen, and window size/resolution.
• The new resolutions are a bit higher than the original one, but they’re not quite HD.
• Game speed let’s you play at double speed if your computer is fast enough – useful for backtracking or grinding.
• There’s also a “Frameskip” setting for slow computers – this will always run the game at normal speed, and skip a lot of frames if it has to.

New Features:
• There’s Steam achievements!
• The Steam overlay works! (You can easily take funny screenshots with F12)
• There’s a foe wave counter in battle now!
• Scanned foes’ information can now be viewed at any time during your turn – like in EBF4.
• Minigame achievements are noticeably easier.
• Text pops up when a status effect is inflicted – like in EBF4.
• The party heals faster when walking around later in the game.
• There’s more useful tips scattered around the menus and tutorial.
• Jpgs and music are uncompressed now, and the battle backgrounds have a higher resolution – so some things should look a bit better.
• There’s more fanart in the gallery now.
• There’s no ads or links during gameplay.
• Tiny interface improvements here and there.
• Lance’s general defence buffed by 10% – he died too much and I don’t think this was intentional.

New Content:
• None.

Misc stuff:
• Steam doesn’t even need to be running to play the game – it’s completely offline and standalone. (But you’ll have to turn Steam on later to upload your achievements.)
• The links and credits on the main menu and ending and have been updated – EBF3 is just a big ad for EBF4!
• The old graphics quality option is gone, because Adobe are stupid – I’ll add this back later if they make it possible.
• The game is Windows only for now – but I’m considering Mac support (and for my other games too). I’ll just need to get a Mac first, and I really don’t want one.

EBF3 Testers Needed

Who has time over the next few days to test EBF3 on Steam?
I’m ready to give out some early keys.

Leave a comment and I’ll email you a key. (I’ve got a limited number though)

The game should be 100% ready for release, unless you guys find something that doesn’t work.

Make sure the achievements and Steam overlay work, play a while, check the links, comment on any of the new features you notice, etc.

EBF3 Greenlit!

Hey guys, Epic Battle Fantasy 3 has been Greenlit on Steam!
This means I just have to add the Steam achievements, quickly fill in the store page,  test it a little more and it should be good to go.

Thanks for voting and sharing!

I didn’t realize this earlier, but September 1st will be EBF3’s 6th birthday!
So that’s when I’m going to publish the game on Steam – 9 days from now.

Here’s my Greenlight stats for anyone who might be interested. I didn’t do any promotion except for some blog posts on the first day.

EBF3 New Features!

At first I wasn’t going to tamper with the gameplay of EBF3, but I made the changes that were most requested:

• There’s a wave counter now!
• Scanned foes’ information can now be viewed at any time during your turn.
• Minigame achievements are noticeably easier.

You can also see the new options menu, which is available most of the time.
Oh, and it looks like I’ll be able to get Steam achievements working!
Still not sure about cloud saving though – but your saves shouldn’t be deleted anymore since the game is not in a browser now.

I should be able to start recording a new trailer for it soon, and then it’s time for Steam Greenlight.

EBF3 Changes

Hey guys, I’m working on Epic Battle Fantasy 3 at the moment.
I’m thinking about what changes to make, and here’s my plan so far:

• Ads removed – except for links to EBF4 and BH2.
• Small options menu somewhere, with mute, quality, fullscreen, fast forward, and window size buttons. Can’t promise all of those but I’ll try.
• Less file compression on jpegs and music.

That’s probably it to be honest. The game is made in ActionScript 2 (which is like 8 years out of date) so it’s unlikely that I’ll get any of the Steam features working. But I will see if it’s possible.

I’m also not going to change stuff like spelling and grammar mistakes – because they’re everywhere and it would be a slippery slope to rewriting the whole thing. It’s an old game and it’s very poorly made by my current standards. I don’t want to waste any time fixing stuff I’m not happy with – because that’s most of the game.

Anyway, I’ve got the game compiling and running correctly at the moment – which was tough actually, because a lot of the files were missing chunks for some reason. Luckily I managed to find backups. I was very stingy with Dropbox usage when I was on the free version back then.

I’d like to think shipping this on Steam will only take a few days, but problems and distractions always come up, so we will see.
new ebf3 title