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Aspect Ratios

Implemented GUI scaling in Cat Cafe! That’s a first for me.
The game now automatically moves stuff around depending on the aspect ratio of your device, for anything between 5:4 to 16:10.
I’ve also been playing around with graphics optimization, and have got the game running quite fast, even on slightly older devices. Hurray!

aspect ratioes

Cat Cafe Progress

I’ve implemented the basic mechanics in Cat Cafe.
It’s basically like whack-a-mole and a matching game at the same time. Cats pop up and you drag the correct drink over to them.

Now I just need to work on the scoring system, frenzy mode, menus, upgrades and achievements, and hopefully I’ll have a fun game when that’s all done.

Development’s going swiftly so far, but I haven’t had anyone test it yet, and I’ve only tested it on one type of phone, so there’s obviously going to be a lot of extra work when it gets to that point. But so far so good!