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Cat Cafe Spritesheet

I used Dragon Bones to convert my Cat Cafe animations into a PNG with XML data. Interesting…
Now I need to figure out how to use this in Starling. Hopefully it won’t be too complicated.

This stuff is kind of cool because I’m learning the “proper” way of making game assets. 😛

spritesheet small

Starling Tests

When I was in London, a bunch of people recommended that I check out the Starling framework for making Flash games for mobile platforms. I was already slowly looking into it, but after hearing about the massive advantages and relative ease of implementation, I jumped right into it.

Basically, Starling let’s you use Flash’s Stage3D API and hardware acceleration without having to do any low-level programming.
With hardware acceleration, you get much better performance, which is very important for mobiles.

The limitation is that Flash’s traditional motion-tweened animations don’t really port well; it’s better to use sprite-sheet style animation.
That’s fine for Cat Cafe though, because the animations are very simple, and I can port the tweening required quite easily.

Anyway, here’s some of the tests I did:


Test 1: Stars


Test 2: Cats


Test 3: Tweens






The first test is just a bunch of glowy and transparent objects bouncing around, much like they would in Bullet Heaven.

The second test has a lot more particles and no transparency, which speeds things up a bit.

The final test is just to see what Starling’s built in tweening engine can do. It’s pretty easy to code objects flying around, stretching, rotating and fading. But it would be pretty hard to animate a character with multiple moving parts this way.

All of these tests should run at 60fps on a decent machine. They’re pretty extreme though, and no games that I have planned will need this many objects, not even a potential Bullet Heaven 2. For now I’m just going to use Starling to get Cat Cafe working at 60fps on crappy phones.

Cat Cafe Dress Up Mode

This is pretty much the same thing as that “Cat Maker” I posted earlier, but with a new interface. I’m a bit worried that the buttons might be a bit small on devices with small screens, so if that ends up being the case, I’ll have to rearrange things a bit.

dress up

He looks happy…

Anyway! The main thing to notice here is the “Screenshot” button! Click that and you’ll get a wee JPEG of your cat saved to your device! This is a feature that a lot of my previous games would have benefited from. Unfortunately, it’s a lot harder to implement if the game is running in a web browser. For security reasons, Flashplayer can’t create random files on your computer, without help from some external PHP code (or something like that). So this is a feature that the web version won’t have, but will be available on your mobile device instead.


This image was made by the app.

Cate Cafe Main Menu

Been working on the main menu for Cat Cafe.
It’s nothing too fancy, but I think it looks quite good so far.

I’ve also been playing around with some more Android features.
Turns out that it’s pretty easy to use the “Menu”, “Back”, “Search”, and other buttons. They’re basically treated like keyboard keys.
I shouldn’t rely too much on them though, since different Android devices have different buttons, but it’s still handy to have them.