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EBF5: Mobile “Screenshots”

Hey guys, since the Android version of EBF5 is getting more and more promotion on the Google Play Store, I figured it was time to make some catchier “screenshots”. So here they are.

The Android version of the game still crashes a lot, but other than that it’s basically finished, so go check it out. It’s currently getting 2,000 downloads a day (not from my followers, that’s mostly from the Play Store), and if that continues, it’ll do very well!

EBF5 Regional Pricing

Hey guys.
I’ve adjusted the pricing of EBF5 on the Google Play Store so that it’s consistent with the pricing on Steam. The 3 DLCs ($6.66 or £5 each) now add up to the same price as the game on Steam ($20 or £15).

Steam and Google do regional pricing very differently. Google just does a simple currency conversion, where as Steam considers the purchasing power of different regions. So for example, Google’s automatic price in Russian Rubles was almost 5 times higher than Steam’s price – which seems ridiculous to me.

The new prices are live now, and if you already bought some DLC and feel ripped off by the price change, please contact me for a refund, or for some free DLC keys.

In other news, the EBF Discord server has got over 100 new emojis today, for a total of 250.
That’s a lot of emojis!

EBF5: Android Codes

Hey guys, I’ve learned how to give out Play Store codes for the In-App Purchases in Epic Battle Fantasy 5.

It’s a bit clunkier than Steam keys, because there’s a limit on how many I can give out, and the codes expire in one year (if they are not used), but otherwise it’s quite similar to Steam’s system.

So if you’ve given money to my Patreon, or have had some fanart featured, or are a translator or Discord moderator, or have otherwise contributed a lot to the community, and want some codes for yourself or for friends, please let me know.

Using the codes seems to be different on the Play Store website and in the app.
In the Play Store app, you can go into your account settings, then “Offers and Notifications”, then “Redeem Promo Code”.
On the website it’s easier. There’s a “Redeem” button in the main menu on the side.

The In-App Purchases should hopefully be unlocked next time you start up EBF5 (maybe you’ll have to press the “Restore Purchases” button in the game).

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is live on Android!

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is up for Early Access on the Google/Android Play Store!

Languages are temporarily disabled while we finish translations, but otherwise the game is 99.9% finished – there should only be a few obscure bugs left, and most languages should be finished in a week or two.

In-app purchases already work correctly. Even the Game Services achievements work!

Save files should persist as long as you don’t uninstall the app – make sure to always update over the existing version. (The current version is 1.15)

You can also transfer your PC save file by copying the contents of a backup .meow file into the password text box. (you’ll probably need to email the text to your other device)

With some luck the remaining stuff will be done in a few weeks, and I can start work on the iOS version.

Please tell your friends about the game!