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EBF5: Foe Remix

I’m working on the Custom Quest option that I like to call “Foe Remix”.
What it does is replace most of the foes in the game with different foes. This also effects what monsters bosses can summon.

It’s not random – so it won’t be crazy hard, and each area still has a “theme”, so the foes won’t feel excessively out-of-place. The hope is that it mixes things up enough so that you end up using different equips and summons in new playthroughs.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got hundreds of battles to edit manually…

EBF5: Dialogue and Treasure

I’m making good progress on the new dialogue, but I can’t share much of it without spoiling the gags.
Treasure has also been distributed, with all of the chests being filled. To spread equips out better, 14 old equips have been moved to new areas, and their original spot has been replaced with a Monster Card. Like I mentioned before, you won’t miss out on anything if you use your old saved game, but you’ll have a slightly better experience if you play from the beginning.

Version 2 is 70% done, btw. It’s likely that it will be ready for beta testing and translating within a month or two.

EBF5: Battle Arena Done

Hey guys, I’ve finished and tested the 1vsMany battles in the Battle Arena.
They’re pretty interesting – at least on Epic difficulty – every battle is like a combat puzzle where you need figure out a specific setup to avoid being wiped out immediately.

The rules of the Battle Arena are:
Each player must win 10 battles without leaving.
Each battle is one wave.
Summons are not allowed.
There’s no Game Overs – you can retry immediately if you lose.


EBF5: New Map Sprites


Here’s some new map sprites for the new foes that need ’em.
I was lazier with some of these than others.
No, I’m not gonna draw a whole bone golem from scratch that will be visible for a whole 3 seconds.
new map foes

And here’s some new icons.
leftover icons
In other news, I rescued a stupid bird today. It got stuck inside our roof for hours and wouldn’t let us sleep.

EBF5: Booklearning

I just noticed a stream of EBF5 starting, so I figured I’d share it.

In other news, the library dungeon is mostly done, and I’ve got some more books to fill with tips. So let me know if there’s any mechanics that aren’t explained in enough detail, and I’ll explain them there. So far I’ve mentioned double/triple critical hits and some upcoming nerfs to the bless status.

EBF5: Equip Stat Remix

Hey guys, as I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m adding some options to EBF5 to make 2nd playthroughs more interesing. Something I’ve been thinking about for a while is an alternative set of stats for all equipment. This should make collecting equips exciting again, and will give you a lot of new builds and strategies to play around with. And since this option is not for newbies, I can make the stats a bit more spicy – for example, more weapons with high stats but with major downsides. There’s a lot of skills, summons, and perks that are currently not activated by any equips, so there’s plenty of possibilities to work with.

Let me know if you like this idea or not, and feel free to suggest stuff you’d like to see in the comments. Or better yet, come chat on the EBF Discord, where I’ll be somewhat active over the next few days.

EBF5: New Foes Done

Hey guys. That’s all of the new foes programmed and tested a little bit. I don’t want to spoil them any more than I already have, so I won’t say much about them for now.

I’m now programming all of their summon effects. Since the most useful summons turned out to be those that buff and use rare effects, a lot of the new ones will be doing that sort of stuff – but usually at a fair SP cost. A few examples of new summon effects include:

Buff accuracy of all active allies by 50%.
Heal all allies, including those in backup.
Give haste to an ally. (Encore skill, basically)

There’s also a lot of silly effects that may or may not be useful, depending on the situation, and I’m interested to see what people will think of them.

EBF5: Arcade Foes

Hey guys, I’ve finished programming 10 out of 12 arcade foes so far.
They’re all quite interesting to fight, pushing various gimmicks to the extreme, and many of them are as hard as bosses. I’m trying to balance them so they’re hard, but still beatable, whether you fight them early on, or at level 36. So you should have a challenge whether you start from the beginning or not.

There’s also gonna be a boss rush for them, but I think I’ll reduce their HP for that, or you’ll be fighting for over 2 hours on Epic.


Oh, and most of the new skills already work too.

EBF5: Version 2 Progress Report!

Hey guys, the big “Version 2” update for Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is about 50% done!
That sounds like it’s taking a long time, but I’ve not been working on it full-time until recently, so it should progress quite quickly from now on. Here’s a progress report of what’s already confirmed for the update…

52 “new” foes, with 24 of them being bosses or mini-bosses. I say “new” because about half of them are returning from previous EBF games. All of them will be catch-able.

31 new achievements. They’re of similar difficulty to what’s already in the game – nothing crazy is being added, and you won’t have to start from the beginning if you don’t want to.

16 new Flair equips, many of which have completely new types of effects. There’s also a lot of references to popular browser games in there.

14 new skills, including 2 limit breaks. Like other skills, these will be learned from NPCs and can be used by different players.

50 monster cards to collect. These are a new type of one-of-a-kind item that give you small perks, and are found in hard-to-reach treasure chests.

A new biome, 3 new dungeons, and a bunch of secret areas. These areas are quite small, but they’ve got some unique battle gimmicks. For example, in the Battle Arena, you can only use one player in battle. Most of the new battles will be unique and challenging, with very few of them being “filler” battles.

A “Cheats and Challenges” menu, which adds 30 options for customizing the game difficulty. You can mess around with overpowered players, make the foes unbeatable, or come up with some mix of the two. These can be changed at any time.

A “Custom Quest” menu, which will allow you to start a new game with some major changes. Some options include: Randomized equipment locations, alternative weather, and alternative foes in filler battles.

Of course I’ll also be making some balancing and quality-of-life changes. But I haven’t started on those yet, and I’m not making any promises about those yet.

Old saved games will be completely compatible with the updated version, but I recommend playing from the beginning for the best experience. A lot of the new stuff will be hidden earlier on in the game, and the Cheats, Challenges and Custom Quest settings will make a second playthrough much more interesting.

Steam users who own EBF5 will be able to opt-in to the Version 2 beta when it is around 90% complete, and my Patreon supporters will have access to it a bit earlier. If you want more information and previews, you can browse the posts on my website, but they contain a lot of spoilers!

If you’ve enjoyed EBF5 so far, please leave a Steam review – and if you didn’t, please let me know, so that maybe I can fix it in the update.

And finally, I’ll be raising the price of the game to $20 once the update is released.

That is all.