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EBF5: House

Here’s the style I’m going with for buildings. The traditional “room floating in darkness” thing.
I’ve been drawing a lot of furniture not featured here. A huge improvement over the previous games where houses just contained a few boxes and a cupboard. 

EBF5: Fortress Interior

Continuing on from the previous post, we go inside the castle, and things start to make sense.
A few items are a bit out of place here because – as I’ve mentioned before - I’m testing out assets and these are not final maps.

I dunno if the maps will have multiple layers, but they will have doors for sure. Meaning that you can access other maps without leaving the screen through the edges. This means stuff like basements and tunnels will be a thing, and houses can be much bigger on the inside.

EBF5: Farm

Here’s something I think the previous games were lacking: Farm and market assets!
Someone pointed out they don’t want all the game areas spoiled, and if you feel the same you should avoid my blogs for the next month or so. I might keep some a secret, but I’m not very good at that. I prefer to show off what I’m working on.