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AI-Generated Fakemon

Hey guys, I spent most of yesterday trying to train an AI to generate new Pokemon sprites. I bought a subscription for Runway ML, gave it thousands of GBA-style Pokemon battle sprites from all the games, including a thousand or so fake Pokemon from DeviantArt, and told it to do its thing. After about 2 hours it started producing blobs that look a little bit like Pokemon – the colors, sizes and linework look about right. But I think it never quite understood that Pokemon are stylized animals, with features like symmetry, limbs, faces, etc. There’s so many radically different Pokemon, that it likely struggled to find out what they had in common. It probably would have worked better on a smaller set of Pokemon, perhaps only dragons, or dogs.

After spending some more time in the oven, perhaps 6 or 7 hours, the final results look a little bit more like Pokemon, but they’re still way off. I doubt the results would improve much past this point, so it’s time to give up for now. Maybe in a couple of years I’ll try again when some new tech is up to the task. But here’s what you get for now…

Behold, Pokemon Nightmare and Acid Trip:

Fanart: At the End of it All

Hey guys. Here’s a big fanart from Troisnyx, who if you recall, also did the vocal versions of two EBF5 songs – one of which is used in a secret battle, and the other in the EBF Fanart Collab video.

We actually met up yesterday for the first time, so I’ve got a print of this for my wall now! She seems cool.

Ronja was sick so she couldn’t be there, and they’re both quite gutted about that. At least none of us has the corona yet.


In more birthday related news, I turned my brother’s dog into Lego. (Amiibos for scale)

It actually turned out pretty accurate to the real thing, and you can probably guess what breed it is.

I should start going out of my way to hunt down more of those rare Lego colors for these mosaics…

Happy Ronja Day

Here’s something I made a few months ago for Ronja, for her birthday.
We’re both 30 now, and it’s all downhill from here. The gradual decay of our bodies and minds begins.

You youngsters better enjoy it while it lasts.

…can you tell that I don’t like celebrating birthdays?

EBF Collection: New Levels

Hey guys, I’m making a lot of progress on the new Adventure Story levels. Here’s some gifs. They’re pretty hard but should still be totally beatable unless you’re playing on Extreme mode. When Adventure Story is done, I’ll have to do a livestream of the whole game to see if Extreme mode is beatable… the hardest part isn’t the super powerful boss attacks, it’s the really weak attacks that surprise you and still kill you in one hit.

Adventure Story is the longest game in the EBF Collection, and it never got a sequel, so it seems fair to give it the most new content. Anyone trying to 100% it will definitely get a decent amount of playtime out of this game.