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Cool Cars

Here’s some more Lego MOCs.
I’m really happy with how the bone car turned out. I managed to get quite a lot of detail in there without it looking too crazy.

The EBF5 battle demo is on Kongregate for Kong+ members btw. Everyone else will get it in a few days.

Fanart: Anna

Here’s some pretty fanart of Anna from Pineple1.

I did some hardcore runtime resource analysis of EBF5, and I found a surprising source of memory leakage and CPU spikes: The status icons! Apparently they never get deleted correctly and thousands of invisible icons build up over time. This is probably the cause of the memory leak in EBF4 too. Whoops. I should have done this a long time ago. This is the kind of tedious stuff you need to watch out for when making games.


Fanart: Lance

Got some more fanart from Metyuu!
I’ve been getting a lot of fanart lately…  :D

The battle demo is coming soon-ish, I swear!
It’s basically ready but I keep making it better. Also the weather is still nice.

EBF5 things

Hey guys, there’s not been much news on EBF5 because I’ve been working on behind-the-scenes stuff, like debugging and translation infrastructure. I’ve got all the text in the game in neat seperate files now, so this should save me a lot of time doing translations in the long run, and I’ll probably end up doing more languages than before. I’m considering adding Chinese and Russian and maybe others. (I’m not looking for volunteers yet, this is still quite some time away)

The weather’s been unusually nice, so that’s been distracting me. Spending a lot of time at the parents’ house playing with dogs and Lego. Also the EBF Discord server is doing pretty well, there’s over 800 members already and some interesting chat topics.

Anyway, the EBF5 battle system is almost bug free! I’m gonna get Ronja to play it for a while and then I’ll release that battle demo. I’ll be annoyed if you guys find a lot of bugs, I’ve already spent so long on them…

Resting Ninja

I spent most of the weekend on Lego, here’s an original build that I’m quite proud of.

I’m also learning to use a proper camera again just to get decent photos of my Lego. I forgot how much better the lighting looks compared to a phone. 
resting ninja 2
ninja rest