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Livestreaming EBF5

Hey guys, here’s a reminder to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

I’ve started streaming a playthrough of EBF5 with some of the new challenge options enabled. If you catch the stream live, it’s a good chance to jump into the chat and ask me some questions about whatever.

I don’t have any sort of schedule, but it’s a very long game, so you’ll have plenty of chances to see the stream live, especially if you follow me on YouTube.

EBF5: Refund Report

Hey guys, I finally got round to doing something that I’ve been avoiding for a whole year, and that’s reading through people’s reasons for refunding Epic Battle Fantasy 5.

Steam asks users to select a reason for their refund, and also gives them the option to leave a comment. 3.5% of EBF5 units were refunded, and 0.3% were cancelled due to payment issues. Let’s take a look at the reasons for refunds, starting with the most common…

By far the biggest reason for refunds was that the game was “not fun” – this was roughly 50% of the refunds. Some examples include:
“I just found it boring and repetetive.”
“Some parts appealed to me, but others did not.” (puzzles, graphics, music, story, difficulty level, etc)
“The other games in the series are free and more or less just as good.”
“It’s decent but I don’t like it enough for $15.”
“Bought it ’cause it had good reviews but it wasn’t fun or what I expected.”
“I liked the other games but I guess my tastes have changed or I’ve just had enough of it.”

I’m alright with those. I much prefer users admitting that the game isn’t for them and getting a refund, rather than trying to get their money’s worth and leaving a bad review after a few hours of boredom.

Quite a lot of people bought the game before getting their launch-day discount coupon, and wished to purchase it again later. Totally fair.

There was a surprising amount of accidental purchases:
“I don’t really want to play it now, but maybe later.”
“I meant to buy it as a gift for someone.”
“My friend bought it on my account as a joke.”

Many of these accidental purchases were also people not realising that the game was only for Windows.

Altogether, around 20% of the refunds were due to various accidental purchases.

Poor performance was the main refund reason that I expected to see, but it wasn’t that common after all. Maybe around 15-20% of the refunds were due to “low framerate”, “system requirements not met”, “game crashes”, etc. Very few people specified that they could not run the game at all, which was nice to see.

A handful of people said that a lack of controller support was the reason that they refunded the game – but not enough for me to consider adding it. Similarly, a handful of people mentioned a lack of 4k support, or fullscreen mode not working for whatever reason. I can’t support every type of hardware, especially cutting-edge stuff, so I’m not gonna beat myself up about that – and some of these issues could have been resolved by sending me a message anyway.

Overall, I think things went very well, and this feedback was more positive than I expected. A high refund rate is not always a bad thing – it may mean a lot of people are impulse buying your game because it looks good. EBF5’s refund rate is a little bit below the average, from what I recall.

Lego: Big Hampture

Hey guys. A few months ago I showed you a little underwater hamster habitat that I built – and I’ve been slowly expanding it ever since. Here’s the bigger, finished version!

This is the first time that I bought individual parts to finish a build – I ordered 3 extra hamsters and a dome window.

Shout-out to YouTube channel I Chose Hampture for inspiring this build with his real-life underwater hamsters.

Discord Server Update

Hey guys, I’m trying something new with the EBF Discord Server.
I’ve created a new channel, “ebf5_casual”, which is mainly for beginners who are just getting into the game. Experts who have beaten the game on the hardest difficulty are not allowed there. It’s also spoiler-free, while some of the other channels are not.

The aim is to give newer players a chance to chat about EBF5 without experts immediately telling them how to play properly.

I’m interested to see how it goes.
It’s hard to balance a chatroom.

EBF5: Balancing

Hey guys, I’ve done a ton of game balancing for EBF5. Here’s some of the notable changes:

• Most of Natalie’s spells are noticably stronger.
• Lance’s 2nd stage shot spells can now do focused damage.
• NoLegs is better at berserking.
• Many Limit Breaks’ buffs now affect backup party members.
• Many less viable equips have been improved, and a few overpowered ones have been nerfed.
• Some equips and upgrades have been moved slightly so you get them when they’re more useful.
• Some bosses have had some of their major weaknesses made less exploitable.
• Overall player stats have been reduced slightly, since most of the other changes make the game easier.

Big thanks to the regulars on the EBF Discord that helped with this stuff. They made the recommended list of changes (I didn’t implement all of them), and I’m sure they’ll tidy that list up and share it with the public at some point. (though I’m sure I’ll make even more changes by the time everything is 100% done)

See ya.

Happy Halloween

Really big halloween this year.
Bought 23kg of pumpkins and squashes, and spent yesterday and today decorating the place. We cooked about 6kg pumpkin, which gets us cupcakes, and a ton of soup. Also lots of seeds to snack on for days.

111 kids showed up at the door! Many of them ran off crying. Even scared some dogs. Good result.

We’re off to a big Halloween party tomorrow.
I’m going as a pro-democracy protestor for that one.