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Over 100 foes programmed!

I’ve programmed over 100 foes now, but I’ve left the bosses and big enemies for last, so the pace is slowing down a bit now. Here’s some fun stuff I’ve done recently:

Monoliths now start using some new attacks if you block their nuclear strategy (either with syphon or with resistant armor).  Only on hard or epic mode though, I don’t want to torture normal players.

The new man-eating plant enemies are pretty fun, because they’ve got an interesting combination of elements. The lava plant can use fire and water attacks, and the seaweed plant uses water and electric!

Technical Problems!

Hey guys, I had some problems with the website over the last few days. The site went down for a bit, and the database was frozen for a while. If you couldn’t comment, then that’s why.

Everything should be fine now though.

For those curious about the details, a wordpress plugin that I don’t even use anymore filled up the website database, and my hosting provider froze it. Whoops. :/

EBF5: Foe AI

Hey guys, I’m programming the foes and I’m working on some interesting behaviour for some of them. I don’t want them to be smart, just a bit smarter than in previous games, so that more strategies can be opened up. Here’s some behaviours I’ve got so far:

• Smarter-looking foes can target players who are weak against a given element. For example, Frost Wraiths won’t bother using ice magic on players who are resistant to it, which means leaving one player unprotected is very dangerous against them.

• Beast-type foes can be aggroed and will attack whoever hit them last. Normally this wouldn’t be a huge problem, unless you use an attack that hits all enemies and has them all angry at one player.

• Similar to the above, some boss helper foes could target whoever is dealing damage to the boss.

• Sniper-type foes (like Laser Turrets!)  will try to finish off any player that’s at low health, but otherwise act normally.

Most foes will still be pretty dumb, you’ll just have to be careful with your strategy against some groups. And I’ll make sure enemy behaviour is pointed out in the dialogue and bestiary info, so it doesn’t completely catch you off-guard either.